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  1. @RCA3 Thank you. Yes, I'm evaluating the screen position on the server before it sends the remoteExec. Problem solved.
  2. Hi!. In a mission I am using the BIS_fnc_dynamicText function to create notifications of completed tasks. When I do the test in SP, the notification appears in the place I want, but when I test it in the dedicated server it appears in another position. Does anyone know what this could be? Thank you! Trigger Task_torre1 = ["<img size='7' image='imagenes\aviso_torre1.paa' shadow='0'/>",safeZoneX-0.15, safeZoneY+safeZoneH-1.50, 15, 1, 0, 892] remoteExec ["bis_fnc_dynamicText", 0]; On SP On Dedi Server
  3. When it appears in the scroll menu you must also hold down the space bar. Cheers
  4. @icebreakr Hi! I don't know if you were already aware of this but I want to report the bug in these buildings where enemies can shoot through walls. It can be seen in the video from minute 3:51:28 to 3:54:00 The buildings are in the town of Boh Bristrica (064-037). I hope this problem can be solved although I understand that being a port it is difficult to solve it. Regards.
  5. Hi. On my mission I put some notifications with BIS_fnc_dynamicText function as tasks are accomplished, i.e., Kill the officer. Init.sqf if (isserver) then { officer_down = false; publicVariable "officer_down"; }; I have created a task with the module and named it "kill_officer" and a trigger. Trigger Condition: !alive officer On Activation: ["kill_officer","succeeded", false] call bis_fnc_tasksetstate; Task_Kill = ["<t font='PuristaBold' t size='0.90' t align='left'>The officer is dead!</t>",safeZoneX+0.10, safeZoneY+safeZoneH-0.15, 20, 1, 0, 888] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; officer_down = true; publicVariable "officer_down"; Notifications work perfectly when tasks are accomplished. The problem is when a player goes offline and reconnects in the middle of the mission, all the notifications together that have been completed so far appear again. It is clear that it is something related to JIP, but for more I look for information and read, I cannot understand how JIP really works The mission was played on a dedicated server. I would appreciate any help to fix this problem.

    Force AI running formation

    @Melody_Mike Here is the solution courtesy of the @RickOShay YT channel Take a look from minute 4:00 of his video below. I downloaded his mission and it works perfect.


    Thanks for your answer @wogz187 How would this method be used if, for example, I want to spawn a group of Ai's and stalk a team of players that enter a certain area. It is for a cooperative mission for 40 players on a Dedi server and anyone can enter the area. Therefore I would not specify the name of the group. Could this method be used or should another be used?


    Regards. I am interested in this code. What would be the final script and how should I use it? Thank you
  9. Thanks for answering Maff. It still doesn't work. The AI's remain in the position of the abandoned vehicle and do not update the location of the player on foot, as seen in the image below:
  10. Greetings to all. I usually use this script to spawn (on trigger position) hunters to hunt the players (on foot) in my multiplayer mission (dedi) and its works perfect. But updating the mission and adding vehicles for the players I realized that when a player is inside a vehicle and activates the trigger and then gets off the vehicle and continues on foot, the hunters reach the position of the abandoned vehicle and stop there, do not continue chasing the player on foot. Any help or advice is welcome. Thank You! Trigger size: 390 x 390 Activation: Any Player ActType: Present Server Only: yes Cond: this OnAct: null = [thistrigger,thislist] execvm "4hunters.sqf"; 4hunters.sqf _PosTrigger = _this select 0; _objetives = _this select 1; _objetive = _objetives select 0; if (isserver) then { private ["_hunters", "_leaderhunters"]; _CountEnemies = {alive _x && side _x == independent} count allUnits; //Spawn hunters if less than 100 enemies on the map if (_CountEnemies < 100) then { _SpawnPos = position _PosTrigger ; _hunters = createGroup independent; _hunters = [_SpawnPos, independent, ["I_C_Soldier_Para_2_F","I_C_Soldier_Para_1_F","I_C_Soldier_Para_2_F","I_C_Soldier_Para_1_F"],[],[],[],[],[],260] call BIS_fnc_SpawnGroup; //Move to player position _leaderhunters = leader _hunters; _leaderhunters move (position _objetive); _hunters setCombatMode "RED"; _hunters setBehaviour "AWARE"; _hunters allowFleeing 0; 0 = [_hunters,_objetive] spawn { while {true} do { params ["_hunters","_objetive"]; sleep 3; //If the player who activates the trigger moves more than 400 meters away, the hunters are deleted if ((_objetive distance (leader _hunters)) > 400) exitWith { {deleteVehicle _x} forEach units _hunters; }; }; }; //When the hunters reach the position where the trigger is activated (and the player is not there) wait 3 sec and update the player's new position. while {true} do { // _leaderhunters = leader _hunters; if ((unitReady _leaderhunters) && {(alive _leaderhunters)}) then { sleep 3; if (({ alive _x} count (units _hunters)) != 0) then { _leaderhunters = leader _hunters; _leaderhunters move (position _objetive); _hunters setCombatMode "RED"; _hunters setBehaviour "AWARE"; _hunters allowFleeing 0;};};}; }; };
  11. TURCO_AR


    As far as I know you can only change the color of the subtitle, not the color of the Speaker: [["Speaker1", '<t color="#ffff00">' + "Subtitle1" + '</t>',0] ] spawn BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_playSubtitles;
  12. Try in Cond: "Any Player" instead of "Anybody". With Anybody objects counts...
  13. TURCO_AR

    Diary Record

    Using CBA addon you can use the option on the below video. It's in spanish but you can see the idea.
  14. TURCO_AR

    Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    Hi, I am trying to spawn a group or unit via script that contains the USPS line in the init of that group / unit, but I can not figure out how to do it. Is it possible to use the SpawnGroup with USPS? I'm using it on a Dedi Server. This is my line: _PatrBase1 = createGroup east; "O_G_Soldier_SL_F" createUnit [ getMarkerPos "SpawnPos", _PatruBase1, null = [this, 100, 200, "Patrol_Mkr", "Patrol_Mkr", 200, true, "SAFE", "RED", "LIMITED", "FILE", 0, 30, 0, [true,35,25,3,1]] execVM "USPS.sqf"; _PatrBase1 = group this, 0.5, "LIEUTENANT" ]; Thank You