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  1. paragraphic l

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    VIDGUIDE: Publish and manage your mods withSIX.com WithSIX.com would be nothing without the amazing community of modders and your mind-blowing content. We share your enthusiasm, as our team members have all been involved with mod development too. This is how we also understand your grieves when it comes to distributing your mods. Spending a lot of time to ensure that your latest content is available to everyone can be frustrating. Read more for our video guide to publishing and managing your mods
  2. paragraphic l

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It was 6 or 7 years ago at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, so I don't remember his name actually. Pretty sure he's still a team member though. Was standing there in a ghillie suite or some other military outfit that caught my attention and as part of his graduation assignment he made a cool short video of a tank driving through a war torn city if I recall correctly. The second he said he worked on RHS I went into full fan-boy mode, being amazed as I figured the entire team was based in Russia. Showed some cool models that where already damn detailed back then.
  3. paragraphic l

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Little facepalm moment for myself here... I remember seeing the update pop-up in my Facebook feed and thinking how smart it was to use 'facebook milestones' for such things, and still I totally missed reporting it to Sonsalt, our mod manager. Thanks for the tweet, we're working on it. Including the release of the new faction. I've always been a major fan of RHS, remember meeting one of the guys at his graduation exposition at the same place I studied all those years without even knowing. Really top notch team and the dedication over all these years keeps amazing me. The changelogs look amazing! We will post here when the update is out on our system too
  4. paragraphic l

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    We have build our platform to add support for other games in a reasonably easy fashion, most of the work would be to find and add the content :) The installation of mods and launching them with the games is mostly prepared already B) Right now we're mainly focusing on releasing a stable product for current games. We prioritize games with a large player-base that is active online and obviously with modding support. It's a effort vs reward kind of thing. We also want to support games AND be part of their community like we've always been for ARMA. If you have more suggestions for different games or features, let us know at https://community.withsix.com/category/2/feedback-ideas
  5. paragraphic l

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    After months of silence, it is time to finally reveal what we've been working on! Our first major update to our website in a long time and the first true implementation of our new Sync software approach. Watch our video introduction, to see for your self, what we're so excited about! --- We've always wanted to improve the way you interact with mods. Starting by how you discover them all up to how you get ready to launch and play them together with friends and teammates. Because of this, we focused our existing solutions and where we could innovate and enhance them. We also looked at what has changed since we started 5 years ago in the modding scene and how the content is supported nowadays. The result of this, is a new approach, that combines modern web technology with a small client. This allows you to directly interact with the content from our website. With a minor update to the websites interface and a major change for our software solutions. This is the new withSIX.com! --- We're really excited to release this update near the end of this month. Until then we're still tweaking and improving some elements before that. We want to release something new, unique and way more user-friendly than what we've released so far. To help us, please share your questions, feedback and ideas. Contact us if you like to get early access. Help us to test and make sure we've accounted for all situations and release as bug-free as possible. To participate contact us at support@sixnetworks.net https://withsix.com/blog/meet-the-new-withsix-com
  6. paragraphic l

    WIP - Esseker - post apocalyptic map

    Done, removed AiA Terrains and added CUP Terrains - Core as dependency. Thanks for reporting
  7. paragraphic l

    Arma 3 Dedicated Server and Workshop

    Sickboy just released a simply tool that should help you setup your server so that A3 Launcher can recognize which Steam Workshop mods you're using. The new update is nice, in that it brings back the download mods on server join feature we've had since SIX Updater, but lost gradually due to the switch to Steam, but to actually use this feature there is still quite some manual work required. Sickboy's tool should help getting your server setup right. Try it out and let us know if it works for you: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188490-withsix-gsd-game-server-daemon-released/
  8. Working on the web elements it became very clear on how much work has been put in PwS over the years by our little team. The first goal was to have a properly working system where all elements communicate correctly and quick. The library is one of the latest additions and will definitely grow over the coming months in functionality and usability thanks to feedback like yours. The biggest and most important chunk of work is mostly done, now the slowest part starts where we add the remaining details and improvements.
  9. paragraphic l

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    @Orcinus: I need to double check this before I'm the cause of exploding your data plan, but the client should not actually download the full 70GB, instead it should compare the files on your system to the ones on our server based on small parts of the full files lets say 5kb each to confirm they are the same. I'd suggest to try this with one or two mods first and monitor the total download size. @Guttersnipe: No this sadly doesn't work yet. The system uses only one of the selected locations at a time and moves everything else to there. But what might help is moving all your sync files to a different drive to save space. You can set this in the game settings menu and PwS will offer to move all existing files for you. Sync files can fill up your drives quite fast but are needed to delta-patch (only download changes in the update, instead of entire mod again) and to revert and fix your mods fast. It is possible to remove them all at cost of slower proces time of the things I just mentioned.
  10. Sorry for the late reply @Mirek: zsync isn't a virus but a tool used to download and install the files to your system. Your AV might not trust it, but it's nothing harmful and an important part of our client!
  11. paragraphic l

    6thsense Community

    Just saying Hi! as I always love a reunion with the cool guys I used to play with during the 6thSense days :) Sadly never found a group I enjoyed playing with as much after, but happily got a nice collaboration with Sickboy and Sonsalt out of it, developing on Play withSIX :) Always in for a nice old-fashioned coop if more of the old community appears in here.
  12. paragraphic l

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    Starting strong in 2015 we focused our efforts on polishing the client and adding new goodies for community players. Following the successful launch of moderated collections, many communities have been asking for a better integration of their custom repositories with our collection system. So, wait no more! WithSIX now supports moderated collections with custom repo content. This means you are now able to publish and share your collections with mod version control like you used to, but with the new feature of being able to add custom repository content to your collections. Read more...
  13. paragraphic l

    Discover, Play, Promote missions and mods withSIX

    To remove single mods from a collection; - Activate the collection - Move your mouse far right to the Folder+ icon -- The icon will change in FolderX -- Click to remove the mod from your active collection
  14. paragraphic l

    The Phone

    Awesome idea, would be interesting as an actual (webpage-)app for phones as well, with addition to use it as bomb trigger and such as suggested above. Like the simplicity of the concept and how it can change ingame chat drastically! EDIT: Whoops, only just noticed this being fairly old tread, sorry for the bump :o - it only just appeared on PwS: http://play.withsix.com/Arma-3/mods/EO_s7iEo6kOvlNawttiZdA/The-Phone
  15. Fresh from the roast, update v1.52 is now available, get ready to share your collections directly with friends, clans and the world. Read on to check out all the new goodies. ---------- Post added at 12:18 ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 ---------- Sorry for the late response Mirek, I've forwarded your issue to our team but we probably will need some additional info. Best to make a ticket on our support site: http://getsatisfaction.withsix.com/withsix