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  1. This mod has been deleted on the workshop?
  2. How easy is it to use this for modded units? Say, Unsung mod or the IFA3 mod. Does it need a lot of config changes? Or will HETMAN identify the units automatically?
  3. Georilla

    Cold War mods?

    Thanks, those look great.
  4. Georilla

    Cold War mods?

    Until Project '85 is finished, I am looking for the best collection/combination of mods to tide me over until then. Do they exist? Currently I already have all the RHS/CUP mods installed. But that's just modern and/or general stuff converted over. Looking for that "OFP-era" fix. Anything Cold War around the mid 80's. Basically US army and/or marines of that area, the Soviet Union, and something to pass as Resistance forces.
  5. I was wondering about the AI commanders. I don't suppose they are really 'there' on the battlefield? It would not be possible to, for example, kill the commander?
  6. Ah cool, you mean in the next release? If so: great! Because I tested this one out this afternoon in the Delta + small patch version.
  7. I suppose this has probably been mentioned before, but the helicopter AI is not working correctly. I tried to let the AI drop me off (with the support module) at a certain place with the Huey. With the vanilla helicopters it works fine, but with any of the helicopters in Unsung the helicopter is being very awkward. They won't push the nose down, meaning that the helicopter is in a perfectly horizontal direction while flying, practically no speed. Other than that, I love this mod. Hope that could be fixed sometime.
  8. I have a static radio which I would like to play music I added. I searched around, but I can't find anything that works in Arma 3. What is the best way? -I have 13 .ogg files (music) -I would prefer an option to turn the radio on or off. -Music should sound only from the static object.
  9. Georilla


    I can confirm this problem on my side too. Rented a private dedicated server with a couple of friends, and we played on the Escape Tanoa mission (slightly customized, but only the spawn location), and we never saw any weapons in the loot. Only equipment, food, and sometimes a bit of ammo (rarely). Only way to get weapons is by killing other people.
  10. Georilla


    I've been fiddling around with the factions and sides in the editor. It's a pity that Bohemia always had a hardcoded limit of 4 sides ever since OFP. My hope is that someday they will have an unlimited amount of possible sides, or at least, a lot more than 4. Then I could really do what I would find the most exciting, having numerous factions battling it out for control, like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R which had like 9 sides or so. But, until then, that seems like an impossible thing to achieve, if I am assuming that correctly? I mentioned above that I'd like to add the military remnant kind of thing for now. Haleks pointed out I could try making one side the "civilian side", and making everyone else enemy to civilian, and making civilian enemy to everyone else. Not the most ideal situation though, so I decided just to put them on the independent side. Which means that they are still friendly to some bandits, but I decided to create a roleplay justification for it in my head: the military that is left are full of scumbags, so they could still strike deals with bad types for their own benefit. My main question is: has anyone actually had any success in trying these things before me? I'm mostly just experimenting now to see what is possible. I was thinking that creating several safe zones, and creating the military bases there is the right way to go?
  11. Georilla


    I see, thanks for the info. Will take a look and try this out, just as a test. Although, maybe it isn´t so weird to have AI shoot down birds and rabbits, after all they are hungry too, haha.
  12. Georilla


    Hi there, excellent mod. Been trying this out for the first time in the editor. Really suits what I had in mind to play with some friends. I like editing my own missions, and I had an idea to integrate into my mission together with the Ravage mod. But I could use a little insight if my plan is feasible. From what I understood, there are traders, survivors, bandits (and renegades? not entirely sure what the difference is). The bandits also fight each other (different factions), that is correct right? At least, that's what I read in the description. But I am not entirely sure how you managed that, because there are after all only 3 sides (and civilians). Anyway, to get to what I would like to achieve: I want to add another side into the mix: the military. I want to create a military force that is active in some strategic locations, with its sole objective to contain the threat on the island/map. Their rules of engagement are simple: Kill anyone who goes near them, a bit similar to what you had in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl is what I had in mind. Would this technically be possible? I was thinking of using DAC or Alive to achieve this, probably DAC. My issue is, because you have 3 sides, there can normally only ever be 3 seperate sides fighting eachother, unless you somehow managed to bypass that? I want everything as-is, bandits fighting survivors, zombies, traders and other bandits. But also fighting military, and the military fighting everything and anything they see. Exterminate everyone.
  13. Georilla

    Predator Mod

    A shame this isn't converted and/or updated to ArmA 3. Such a good mod.
  14. I am messing around with Alive. And I am trying something, but I don't know if it is possible. I would like to create an Alive scenario where I have one or more AI combat planes (or multiple planes) as support starting from the Nimitz, and when I use the CAS Support module to call them in, they take off from the Nimitz and after that, land again. Now I was trying to work it out, but I failed. I have a feeling this is not (yet) plausible?
  15. Georilla

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Nevermind, my bad