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    Educated in 'Media & communication' as well as 'Media design'.

    If you're wondering about where I am, since I'm not active at the moment - I am fine! Graphics card got broken, I met someone lovely, and I had to move far away from where I came from. I also got got a whole lot of work and school these days, so no time for ArmA-gaming these days either way. So there it is. That is my current status and story. Haven't really been paying attention to BI since summer of 2015. I reaaaally hope I can get back on the saddle sooner or later, but think might be the start of that scary adulthood everyone is afraid of. God have mercy on my soul, for I seriously want to keep seeing this baby (BI) grow up to be a evil mega corp.


    I got into Operation Flashpoint kinda early. I must admit I didn't get exposed to OPF/OFP until the GOTY version came out. I loved it and have loved the series every since.
    I think I know quite enough about this series to write a book - well, maybe not, I don't know much about the inner works of it (codes and modding), but I do know a lot about the history and what addons/mods and some of the important members of the community to make something up.

    1. Made the current banner for the ArmedAssault.info and their FB site.
    2. Contributed in the care package to Ivan and Martin while they were jailed in Greece. Giving them news updates on addons/mods releases ..and sudoku. (This was probably a boring read, but contributing is contributing I guess) - http://www.helpivanmartin.org/index.html

    Jupp.. This is what I've done. Don't know if anyone recognize any of it though. Still, nice to have done something, even while hidden in the back.
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  1. Colossus

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Sweet, can't wait* A nice surprise to see Malden rising again, would be even greater to see Everon as well, but any OFP map is a good one, either way. :D I would reeeeeally would like to see them looking a little bit on injuries and the medical aspect of ArmA. Perhaps for another time :rolleyes: *(even though I don't have a proper computer at the moment <_<)
  2. Had issues logging in, but it worked when I went through my BI profile some how. Either way, it looks good. No big issues, but missing a few features I see. My most missed feature is the button to quickly see BI dev replies. Looking forward to seeing this through.
  3. Rejoice! The day has finally arrived! Can't wait to see this baby at work. Hell yes!
  4. Colossus

    Russia General

    What Russia needs to do is to cool its aggressive foreign policies which has ever so slightly lead to physical annexing of foreign soil - claimed or not, it has been foreign soil in the post-Soviet era, if not within the late-Soviet era SSR/CP administration borders. I don't mind a 'strong Russia', as you say, but rather as a economically strong and stable entity with growing living standards (like PRC), rather than some pseudo American jingoism.
  5. Colossus

    Google Earth Pro is now available for free

    Now it works. Thank for the tip! :D Shame it doesn't work. Maybe within the day it will be possible to get a key.
  6. Colossus

    Russia General

    God almighty. Settle down, America. Blocking such services doesn't help the cause at all. That being said, I'm not pro-Russian government, but these blockades Valve is doing are a bit silly. I don't like Putin, his government or his oligarchs for that matter. I did actually like the guy up until 2003-2004 - cause it seemed like the type of person Russia needed at the time, after what the not-so-sober Jeltsin contributed with - which by then things started to get little worrying.
  7. Colossus

    Ukraine General

    Hehe, not sure I'd call a Grad a "return fire only" action type of weapon, but fair enough. :rolleyes:
  8. Colossus

    Ukraine General

    Say, I haven't heard much from the UN about this matter, only that they "condemn" and "worries" about the situation. But is the UN just sitting there, scratching their ass, or are there actual attempts to take action against it only to be vetoed every step of the way?
  9. I do miss our dear Dentist. Possible to get this going through a internet archive maybe? Could OFP.info/ArmedAssault.info or OFPEC.com perhaps have something in their archive? They are after all the oldest living sites I can think of.
  10. Colossus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Awesome, guys! Congratulations on the release. This is something A3 desperately needed :D I've noticed the rotor shaft animation on the Mi-8s are bugged. This is something BI never got around to fix, but I hope you guys can. (Case: https://dev.withsix.com/issues/15286 & https://dev.withsix.com/issues/7275)
  11. This relic of the past. The action menu. It's annoying, it's ancient, it limits ArmA. That and the AI column driving, which was previously mentioned.
  12. I think it's about high time Tonal gets a reboot, yes :) If there's anything I played more on than Nogova in OFP, it has to be Tonal. Although a whole new BAS mod would be mindblowing, Tonal map only is of course most welcomed!
  13. This is really cool, would have loved to see something like this outside the mission editor of any ArmA game. Especially rotating markers and having a quickbar for markers. :)
  14. Colossus

    Ukraine General

    That location wasn't actually too difficult to find. It's easier to see it in Google Earth, but here's the Google Maps version (although not with the correct angle) - https://goo.gl/maps/HXcOh (48°22'13.06" N 39°42'35.54" E)