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  1. colossusking

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    I want to build a computer. So i need your guys help to get the best parts for under 500 USD. I am pretty new at this so I dont know the best places to look. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. colossusking

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    So guys I need a new computer for ArmA 3 my laptop will not run it. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I have a budget of 500 USD. What ever I can get that will run ArmA 3 and other similar games will be fine. Thanks.
  3. colossusking

    ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)

    This may happen because you need to have the mods available and everyone or a lot of people have to use it. This happens to me as well.
  4. colossusking

    ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)

    Great job keep it up
  5. colossusking

    [CO] [06] [USMC] Sweepers

    Sounds and looks pretty good when i get home I will download it Good Job and Keep up the good work!
  6. Nice Job man looks cool. Can't wait Keep up the good work!
  7. ArmA's PvP is attractive to many people. A lot of people are in Tactical Regiments and they have servers that recruit and run 24 hours. Players from all around the world can play on them. We are a community that enables new mods. We welcome new players and help them. COD and BF are for people who don't have a lot of skill and don't want to be a community that is helping. Lots of COD and BF players rage and get all mad when they die. We are better than that. ArmA's PvP is amazing and the Multiplayer is one of the best parts of it.
  8. colossusking

    SQF Encryptor

    This does not make any sense just say don't take credit and if they do you can tell them to put your name up. It is so easy to get the code even if you try to hide it. Good Luck though,
  9. Is it possible to get this from Six Updater? Keep up the good work!
  10. colossusking

    AH-64 Pack

    I cant wait for this its going to be really cool and detailed. You are great keep up the good work!
  11. Hey great mod have only had a limited time to play but this weekend I will be playing love it keep up the good work
  12. Really cool and does it work with ace and acre or no? Great job looks cool will download it.
  13. colossusking

    ArmA, view distance and the curvature of Earth

    I mean if they added this to ArmA 3 that would be great but if they dont they dont. It would make it more realistic and a lot cooler but if they have to give this up for a better graphic or a better multiplayer/singleplayer aspect then leave this out.
  14. colossusking

    80s, 90s, early 2000 US Military

    This looks really cool I will most likely download this mod when you are finished keep up the good work