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    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Hi Blackpixel, Thanks for your exciting MOD TF47 Launchers, MAAWS is used frequently by Kellys Heroes for our various activitys!. We note that the MOD is WIP, and we thought you may like some feedback as such to enable you to make this MOD more accessible and useable for all out there in the Community. Tonight we added TF47 to our repo but unfortuantely we had a conflict with @CUP MOD, there appears to be a dependancy in the CUP MOD that overides TF47, removing the CUP .pbo produces an error that does not allow the Mission to load. I hope this information is of use to you as you improve this MOD going forward, Please thank [KH]Jman for the info and of course if you require any further detailed info please contact us. Regards, Grinder.