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  1. there should be no problem if you put them all in one addon folder. just copy all *.pbo and *.sign file in one addon folder and load that one. but i still recommend to use a *.bat file or a proper launcher to run A2 with all the addons.
  2. the-f

    OA Pbo's for mapping

    run from the same place as convertp3d.exe rem change OA v49 p3d Tag back to v48, so binarize can process them dir /b /S p:\ca\*.p3d >listdir.txt FOR /F "tokens=1* usebackq delims=" %%A in (listdir.txt) do ( convertp3d -48 "%%A" if errorlevel 1 goto err ) del listdir.txt exit /b 0 :err echo failed at v49->v48 pause exit /b 1
  3. right now there are 2 addon sync server OPFIP Yoma Addon Sync Server autocfg: http://ofpip.arma-creations.com/yas/ofpip/ofpip.7z it contains: -CAA1 -OFPIP_base -OFPIP_cwc -OFPIP_custom -OAC full pack is ~ 3,8 GB 2,1 GB OPFIP (cwc-only) Sync Server autocfg: http://ofpip.arma-creations.com/yas/ofpip/ofpip_cwc.7z it contains: -CAA1 -OFPIP_base -OFPIP_cwc -OAC pack is ~ 3 GB 1,4 GB --- CAA1+OAC+OFPIP_base are core files and are needed not matter what island you want to play OFPIP_cwc: Everon,Malden,Kongujev and OFP World OFPIP_custom: 30 user made islands if you only have the CWC pack you can still use the modline from the post above. --- for a full release there will be *.7z downloads
  4. A new version is online on the yoma server. major changes: ~ Added: Scandrova island. ~ Added: Novajev island. ~ Added: Lipovac island. ~ Replaced: the mapfact dummy addons with the real models. ~ Changed: separated the CWC+Res islands and the custom island. (There is a "full pack" and a "CWC only pack" ~ Added: needed OAC to the yas server. ~ Added: needed CAA1 to the yas server. an some other small fixes and changes correct mod line for CO+beta -mod=Expansion;Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;x\ofpip_base;x\ofpip_custom_isl;x\ofpip_cwc;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\oac\oac_core for CO -mod=Expansion;x\ofpip_base;x\ofpip_custom_isl;x\ofpip_cwc;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\oac\oac_core for ArmA 2 -mod=x\ofpip_base;x\ofpip_custom_isl;x\ofpip_cwc;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\oac\oac_core
  5. the-f

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    there will be a new version online of the OFP Island Pack the next week.
  6. the-f

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    A&S ProMode Trailer (High Quality) do-kJf5MoYQ - Trailer - by MassRefuge = Video Format - mp4 Codec - h.264 Resolution - 1680x1050 Framerate - 30 Bitrate - 10000 bps = Audio Format - AAC Samplerate - 44.100 Hz Bitrate - 320.00 bps Coding mode - Stereo = Download A&S_Pro_Mode_Trailer_MQ.rar A&S_Pro_Mode_Trailer_HQ.rar - Special Thanks to - Actors # the-f # kju # eos # georg www.getskilld.de.vu PvPscene - The ArmA II multiplayer community
  7. Greetings BI community! we'd like to catch your interest for the A&S ProMode ladder at ClanBase now open! To get you in the right mood, check out this awesome four minute promo trailer by massrefuge: Did you like it? Read on! The main intention is to provide a platform for teams to get into contact and get some good matches going. Therefore a key part is to give teams the ability to agree on settings you like to play with most. Finally teams and every individual are most welcome to voice their opinion and contribute to constantly improve this project. For hardcore competitive play we plan to run mini cup tourneys in the future at http://pvpscene.tourney.cc. This depends both on team's interest and people willing to join in to organize em. Being a ladder you can play as much as you want as well as not play for a while. It's all up to you. To give teams most flexibility, you can play from 4on4 up to 12on12 (default is 5on5). The missions range from TINY, SMALL to MEDIUM and LARGE. Any size has 12 playable lots on both sides, but you get the idea. ;) This means teams from all around the world can join. This includes for example teams from the US or Australia. It is up to teams themselves to see if they can find suitable daytime and acceptable ping (< 250) for both parties for cross continent play. If not, teams can just cancel the match. In general trying to play vs teams from the same area is recommended. A&S ProMode is the game mode of choice. You can read extensively about it in our wiki. The missions offer both: Small CQB to large scale combat. From infantry only to all assets ArmA has to offer. Very different landscape and atmosphere. You have various missions to choose from with new mission available each week. Mid term new missions on community made worlds to offer variety, different gameplay and a new atmosphere will be made available. While there are rules to follow, at the same teams can agree various aspects like difficulty settings, mission length and several mission parameters. Mid term the plan is to offer clientside only addon packs again. These will be completely optional - you will be able to continue to play without! Various sound replacements to choose from. Visual: Look, UI design, special effects. FPS: More fluid gaming. Gameplay: Better animations, crosshair to name a few. Finally a bullet point summary of what we offer you: 4on4 to 12on12. Ladder type league. One mission per match. Lower ranked team chooses the mission. The higher ranked is attacker first. And decides which side to play first (East/West). Both rounds together make the end result. 2x 10min for TINY, 2x 20min for SMALL, 2x30 min for MEDIUM and LARGE. Teams can agree on different mission length. Mission schedule to offer a set of different missions each week. Killmessage and scoreboard disabled, unless both teams agree otherwise. By default the crosshair is active and third person disabled. In the mid term new missions on beautiful Community Made Worlds. Active improvement and support of the league, missions and addon pack. You find all important information in great detail on the ClanBase ladder overview page. To simplify communication please add your team to the Contact of teams playing A&S ProMode, no matter if you play to join ClanBase or not. Please leave your thoughts in the forum. See you on the battlefield! best regards [CB] kju
  8. @[TPC]InSaNe it seems you don't load the caa1 files correctly check if you have spaces in the mod file path, there should be non can you post a "clear" arma.rpt ? (remove it, start ofpip, upload it) right now only the needed files for the ofpip pack are on the YAS server if you want the ArmA1 island you have to load caa1 and add the caa1 command line parameters. eg. ofpip with all caa1 files -mod=x\ofpip_base;x\ofpip_custom_isl;x\ofpip_cwc;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\caa1\ArmA_Campaign_Animation;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_ObjectsCTI;x\caa1\ArmA_VehicleFeatures;x\caa1\ArmA_Vehicles;x\caa1\ArmA_WorldIntros;x\caa1\ArmA_Worlds;x\caa1\Extra_Worlds;x\caa1\QG_Objects;x\caa1\QG_Worlds;x\oac\oac_core Check the full link when pasting, it seems BIF adds some random spaces :/ there should be no spaces in the loaded mod pathes
  9. -there are plan for different vegetation packs -lipovac is a known bug -avignon too (if its the "unknown.paa") updated the yas server with a new structure !! you now need this commandline -mod=x\ofpip_base;x\ofpip_custom_isl;x\ofpip_cwc;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\oac\oac_core to have the full pack if you only want the cwc+res islands (nogova,malden,everon,kolgujev and ofpworld) you need -mod=x\ofpip_base;x\ofpip_cwc;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\oac\oac_core
  10. new yas version online. only some small improvements and some fixes.
  11. please check yas server if all addons are correctly downloaded as it seems some where not correctly uploaded to the server. after that please check again if you have crashes.
  12. new yas version online major changes: added novajev added lipovac added needed CAA1 addons into the server needed startparameter -mod=x\ofpip;x\caa1\ArmA_Objects;x\caa1\ArmA_PlantsClassic;x\oac\oac_core please check the issue tracker @DH before posting bugs. some are already known ... have fun :)
  13. yeah, updated yas and saw that lipo is buggy so i removed the pbos, but forgot the entry in the world list ... expect an update soon :(
  14. you might have not seen it, but kju is not the man behind OFPIP i'm (the-f) the moder of the whole project, kju only helped with public relation The project is no dead either i have exams coming so no big progress, had problems with binarize the weekend so there was no new version, but you can expect a new version in the coming days as i found the problem !
  15. conversion done. expect a new yas version this week.