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  1. Jonn

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Lol people do act like sheep, what do you think fanboys are ? A lot of people in this forum have a sheep like mentality and BIS is their sheep herder, I'm not that type of person, I refuse to follow anything or anyone, thats why I don't believe in brand loyalty or dev loyalty. BIS has a good track record but that doesn't mean that they can't F-up, Hell the first thing that came to mind when I first saw ArmA 3 was GRAW, And I don't think I was the only one because when I came to the forum people were compering A3 to GRAW (And so did my fiends). Funny thing is I've seen all this before, I was called a troll over at the SOCOM:confrontation forums because I didn't go with the flow, I told them that the game was heading in the wrong direction and they all went nuts, long story short the game came out and the forum went from blind fanboy love to RAGE!! lol
  2. So far A3 doesn't look like my type of game, So I'm sticking with A2 for a while, Or till Red Orchestra 2 comes out.
  3. Jonn

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Lol I feel sorry for the sheep that voted for "Of course and even all DLC's & Expansions for It!", you guys are no different than the COD sheep. Anyways.......I'm not sold on GRAW oh, I mean ArmA3 yet, I need to see a lot more gameplay before I even think about buying it.
  4. Jonn

    Opfor discussion?

    Well if you're into the sci-fi/futuristic stuff that cool, But you have to understand that I don't play ArmA for the futuristic warfare, I play ArmA because it's the only game that offers realism in a modern/current warfare setting.
  5. Jonn

    Opfor discussion?

    Yeah I don't think they get it.
  6. Jonn

    Opfor discussion?

    Yeah I was super excited till I saw the new "futuristic" look they are going for, The screenshots look more like GRAW than ArmA.
  7. Jonn

    Player Leveling

    Lol I can see that 5leven is a new guy, so maybe his very confused about the type of game ArmA is. 5leven, ArmA is not about kill streaks and getting prestige, This is a Simulator so stop trying to turn it into a COD clone, the only thing you're ideas are good for is inviting stat padders to this game.
  8. Jonn

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Man this is torture, I want some A3 videos! BIS.
  9. Need to save this thread for updates :)
  10. Thanks for the new missions BIS, Have a Merry Christmas :D
  11. Jonn

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Can't wait to try the BAF sounds this weekend, Thanks for all the hard work LJ :D
  12. Jonn

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Do we still need to remove the Stryker.pbo ? Thanks for all you're work LJ :)
  13. I think you're forgetting that PMC's have better gear than the regular GI, PMC's can buy there own gear so most of them use SF gear. The guys in this DLC look like broke airsoft players :D
  14. So we don't get SP scenarios this time ? Or am I missing something :confused:
  15. Nice job, No problems so far. Oh and Is BAF working with ACE now ?