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  1. Go to Steam workshop for mod and ask for update.
  2. There's that friendly Arma community.
  3. Bruce King

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    Ok so, need ACEX for dane moves I assume. fair Enough. Simple heal disabled when using ACE. OK, got it! Reserved wepaon all good. Everything else especially survival stuff works about 5% of the time, maybe, if that.
  4. Thanks for all you do Shay_Gman! Btw, been using the UnderCover module and its awesome!
  5. Bruce King

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    The Weapon reserved system, looks a little funny on the back but IDC. It works GREAT! Trying to checkout that Simple Para Jump module now, Not sure how to get that to work. - Fixed the VIEW GEO on Ceiling Fan. What is this? A simple How to what to press for the modules may cut down on dummy posts like mine. Thanks for the MOD. I like mods like these that have multiple functions. I used to use Cup Asians, and Cup Africans, and Double Primary Weapons. This just saved me from 3 mods.
  6. Bruce King

    [Release] Injured Ai script/Mod

    Love this script, but it really makes the Arsenal painfully slow to load up for the first time.
  7. Bruce King

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    Love this MOD!
  8. Bruce King

    Using TADST to create Headless Client

    I'm interested in this as well.
  9. Awesome Stuff, thanks for all your work. Looking forward to getting deeper into it.
  10. Bruce King

    Startup Problems 241Hz

    I have the same problem. My monitor is just says unsupported mode and its all black.
  11. Bruce King

    6 Players in a team

    I'm logged into the forums here, but it says I cannot make a new post. So I am doing it here. Installed and I get a black screen and my monitor says Unsupported mode. Tried many different resolutions none work? Any suggestions??
  12. MCC is LIFE! Best Mod ever! However, I am having a issue when using the MOCAP mod. It all works fine actually, its just all the MCC error messages popping up that is really bothersome and lame. Can those be turned off? Again the Mocap works with MCC just the annoying error messgaes. Actually this is one of those mods that should be incorporated into MCC along with Extended Movements IMO. Thanks GMAN