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  1. This isn't working, unfortunately.
  2. I did that. Not respond yet! Thanks. I'll try it and I'm also waiting for your friend if there is more than one solution.
  3. Does anyone have a solution for this. I'm also trying to figure it out
  4. A simple script that allow you to load any vehicle in a near airplane/helicopter and then drop it from the sky via add actions. Drop option will be appear after you reach to altitude more then 20 meters, which you can change it. For any vehicle you load in dropper, you will get a separate add-actions to drop that vehicle and you must be the pilot. Tested on sp and mp. How to use: Just copy files from demo mission into your mission folder. Add this code to init any vehicle you want to load this addaction ["<t color=""#ff0000"">Load in airDroper</t>","tfi_load.sqf",[0],1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this) < 10"]; Download from Google Drive Steam Workshop Download from Armaholic Thanks to KK for parachute function
  5. Persian MO

    [Release] Injured Ai script/Mod

    did you try it from init.sqf?
  6. Persian MO

    [Release] Injured Ai script/Mod

    :D My English isn't good. Because of codes that I used in this mod, it's not possible to add something like that to the mod. It needs whole new codes to make this happen. Already there are a lot of scripts that do something like that you want to revive your ais. Thanks for reports bugs and using the mod. I'm aware of drag glitch but it was the best thing I get when it comes to animations in arma. about the dragger, I put some codes so dragger should regroup again. not sure why this not working. about the ais revive player or vice versa in the mod, there isn't room for such things. it needs new codes that perhaps not fit in there. some guys shared some idea about that bandages, but it needs some free time to make it happen. I hope to fix it soon or somebody try to fix it.
  7. Persian MO

    [Release] Injured Ai script/Mod

    No.Its just for AI's.
  8. Persian MO

    Injured Ai Mod

  9. I'm trying to download and install the terrain map on the dedicated server. downloaded from armaholic 2.01 GB. I downloaded the mod from the workshop for myself and the file size is 3.58 GB. I see some pbos like cup_terrains_maps_abel.pbo which I don't have it on armaholic version. so is there the problem with workshop version or armaholic ?
  10. Persian MO

    [Release] Injured Ai script/Mod

    It's based on last version but reduced features like war voice or smoke drops.
  11. Persian MO

    Injured Ai Mod

    yes if you disable ai unconscious chance via ace medical module.
  12. Injured Ai mod provide a little more realistic fight against Ais for the player. When player shot ais , there is a chance that ais fall down with ragdoll and injured and unconscious with animations and begging for help. - Ais unconscious with animations and sounds - Ais teammate will try to help by dragging injured guy and heal him - Injured Ais will die if not get help in 2 minutes The mod can run only on the server but if you want to hear injured ais pain and hit sounds, clients must have the mod too. Download Injured Ai Mod How to use: Just move injured ai mod to your mod folder. ******************************************* Disable the mod for a mission: init.sqf dam_injured_ai = false; publicVariable "dam_injured_ai"; exclude a unit from mod: put this code in unit init this setVariable ["dam_ignore_injured",true]; **************************************
  13. Persian MO

    [Release] Injured Ai script/Mod

    Mod Version Here is a mod version of injured ai.The mod can run only on the server but if you want to hear injured ais pain and hit sounds, clients must have the mod too. also, check out the first post for more info Download Injured Ai Mod
  14. Thanks, the mod working finally.
  15. This script will give players pre-defined ranks by their player ids.Its include a server-side script (rank.sqf) which checks player id and gives him a rank. the script working ok but I don't know how to convert it to mod so mission maker doesn't need to add it to all missions. if you know modding please help me out. here is the script with mission sample: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b6a2bczjhd02c35/0_AutoRank.VR.rar rank.sqf for server-side: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kb1w6j6zkc91yky/Rank.rar