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  1. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Love the update Delta Hawk, you make my Arma dreams come true every update lol! I have a question about the helmet with the rhino mount and strap, is it just for looks or do you plan on adding nvgs that mount on it? Anyhow keep up the good work!
  2. Will there be a option to pick what door gun you want like a m240 for example, or is the mini gun all it will come with? Keep up the good work cant wait to get my hands on this bad boy!
  3. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Like red_spring said its not game breaking or anything I was just pointing it out, didn't know if you planned it that way or you missed it. Looks good ether way
  4. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I'm not use his USM mod, I was using his alice webbing vest(Load Bearing Equipment) in DHI 😉
  5. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I noticed when you use the grenadier vest with the M65 jackets it clips in the back (https://imgur.com/ITdPjFi) other then that I'm still loving the M65's! I've also been wondering if you have thought of adding the netting fabric to the helmets, I think it would look really good with your 4k uniforms. ( here's some examples: https://imgur.com/a/RTjycUp)
  6. I don't know if this has been though of or if its even possible given arma's physics, but It would be cool for the Soar birds to have the option to carry a zodiac like this (go to 2:15 to see what im talking about) I couldn't find any pictures (probably looked up the wrong thing lol)
  7. Awesome good to here! I just wanted to ask because the Black Hawks look retarted when the wheels are stiff and stuck in one place in arma lol
  8. will the wheels sit lower when your in flight or will it stay like it is in the picture? Keep up the good work!
  9. why did VTN get taken down off the steam workshop? love this mod hope nothing bad happen!
  10. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    like Ltf said its from the VTN mod, hope they add more variants they did a amazing on it, full interior and everything! Works so well with Delta Hawks Uniforms, so much detail in the two makes everything worth while.
  11. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Little something I did with your uniform, noticed you snuck in 4k USMC uniforms lol
  12. payne2010

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    The m65 looks beautiful, not going to lie the 4k looks way better then the 2k. The file size wasn't bad for me I think it wouldn't effect anything if the rest of the uniforms were 4k. But then again some people can run the game at its highest point, other then that I love it keep up the good work!
  13. Do you guys plan to add more Humvee and LAV variants like yawl are doing with the KamAZ?
  14. payne2010

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have a editor question, how do you save the look of the Humvees when they respawn so they don't go back to the vanilla way they look?
  15. payne2010

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't want this to seem like a requested but could you guys bring back the old woodland/tan camo. I loved it back in the day when you guys had it sense the tanks didn't have tan camo. Here is a picture of what I mean