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  1. Where did the "terrain" tabs go?

    1. Gunter Severloh

      Gunter Severloh

      My list here:

      is not gone, anytime i update the list be it change, adjust, fix, and or add new terrains too it, the forum hides

      the list because of all the links, its a security thing.  

         So when i update the list i have to report the list to the moderators so they can approve and unhide the list,

      when they do the list will show up again, that could take a day, a few days or a week that depends on

      whos on and when they see it, its out of my hands and i have no control over it.


          So please understand that when the list disappears then i have updated it, im sorry it works that way but

      that just forum security doing its job wish it could change as all the links are from the same place but

      it is what it is, i have no control over it.


      My suggestion is to follow the thread, and favorite the collections, as the thread is linked

      to the collections itself seen here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2623772517