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  1. PTV-Jobo

    Damen LST collection

    It looks great so far! Also happy to hear you are on the upswing and feeling better. I don't know of anyone personally that had such a procedure, but can imagine it is not a pleasant experience to undergo. But....seeing you posting and starting to feel better is certainly a testament of your inners strength and willpower. All the best to you and hope you continue to feel better and better. 🙂
  2. PTV-Jobo

    3CB Factions

    We've just added your mod to the PTV Dev Server and according to Armahost's logs, our server booted right up and connected fine so far. I'll keep an eye out for that particular error, as so far I just wanted to see if the mod prevented the server from running as well.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so maybe they might know what triggers it or how to fix it: But as of late my group and I have been dealing with this weird issue where suddenly the advanced throwing system doesn't want to work properly and bugs out. For example, if you have a few frag's and smokes on you, you press the key to cycle between the grenade types. But suddenly you can only pick 1 type and are unable to switch to another type. Resulting in a brief red hand icon appearing and vanishing for a split second every time you try to cycle. Usually, we could cycle and throw fragmentation grenades but not smokes. Today I had the opposite where I could only throw the smoke grenade I was carrying and after that, I would try to prep a frag, but couldn't at all. Every time I tried to, there was that brief millisecond glimpse of a red hand-like icon. I tried swapping my weapons, tried putting all my grenades on the ground or inside a vehicle, and picking them back up, but nothing. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this with the advanced throwing system and could offer some insight on how to maybe fix it? The only thing so far that seems to fix it for a short while is rejoining the server currently. We are currently playing Antistasi Plus 2.1, not sure if it could even be something from that currently. But so far we've not had this issue before and our modset hasn't changed, with Antistasi Plus being ACE compatible as well. I thought maybe a key on my keyboard is getting stuck or dying, but others have also noticed this as well suddenly. So I figured I would take a chance and post in case if anyone else ever had this phenomenon present itself and what they did to fix it.
  4. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Greetings all, it's that time again for another sneak peek at things to come! We're still swamped working away at our next update phase. Quite a lot going on, but we're trying to get as much done as we can with such a teeny, tiny team nowadays. Aside from the core of Project True Viking becoming overhauled and updated to reflect all of the changes with our lore, we're going also to be trying to introduce as well little "DLC's" so to speak that will consist of official retextures of equipment Askeland will or has in the past used according to our established lore. These will be completely optional for our community to choose whether or not they want to download and use, since depending on what and how much we do over time, they will have various mod dependencies--and that can add up for some. So again, completely optional and will not be forced through our core mode. Right well, speaking of which....a little look into of one such optional addition to Project True Viking - a WIP texture for Firewill's F-16. The F-16 is officially the RAsAF's current bird of prey until around 2025 when it will see its final flight and Askeland's next-gen choice being introduced: We have already been in discussion with the awesome and talented BWMod team and given their official blessing so to speak for also putting together an official retexture pack that will require the BWMod. This is probably what will take the longest to do in the future, but one that makes sense since both Germany and Askeland share a lot of the same vehicles according to our lore layout. The task both scares the living crap out of me, but equally excites me since if done will be the biggest boost ever for playability since that would mean Askeland won't have to hitchhike to their battles anymore. 🤣 Well, that about covers things currently as it stands. We just wanted to make sure our community knows we haven't died or vanished, just busy pecking away at a very, very long To-Do list still! 😉
  5. Many a time building FOB's I kept thinking, "Man, if only this spot was nice and flat, I could have built here" and now.....after years of wishing, I can. Looking forward to this for sure. Thanks for putting it together for the community to check out! 🙂
  6. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    WIP Update #2 - Desert Alternate Patterns (click for bigger)
  7. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    New WIP of Askeland's new current and future patterns: Current: Future pattern under Askeland's HÆR 20 soldier modernization program: Special Thanks • Krogar and AMF for helping us out big time by granting us use of their awesome uniform model as a stopgap until we can finally do the NCU for Askeland. • Folkward, for creating what would eventually become our new "Trollskinn" pattern, freeing me from the unholy bondage to our old pattern that I have been dying to finally replace for many years now, but could not find a suitable replacement I could be happy with. 😛
  8. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Hey all, we're still slowly busy at work and trying our best. Thus, why things have been kind of quiet. In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment and let our friends and followers know that we have a new Discord server setup reflecting the new PTV, so we can interact directly with you--our fans--in real-time. Seeing how everyone uses Discord these days more than the forum and it gets tricky having to monitor several things at the same time, I think it's better to place a more direct focus on our Discord through the development and release process. So feel free to click below and join in for a chat while we push forward with development!
  9. I'm actually getting pretty excited about this. For the longest time I have been using Ace, then Ace Advanced, then using all the super-advanced stuff like KAT.....don't get me wrong, it was okay and all, but medic systems in Arma always just end up being boring menu games. Go into a menu, then a sub-menu, then a sub-sub-sub menu and click on that. It got to the point I either got too bored or too frustrated and stopped playing as a medic. I always use to think, "man, too bad we couldn't have animations where you see a medic holding the bandage or something like you see in games like Tarkov or Squad". And now you managed to put together a really visually fun medic system that feels less like a boring game of endless menus, and more fun visually. I can't wait to try it when it's all done! 🙂
  10. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Let's get a bit started with some WIP of our Galvion Viper P4 High Cut done by Tom Sanders for PTV:
  11. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Hey all. It's been a while. Just wanted to swing by and mention....oh, I don't know, maybe something like: Indeed, you read that right. Project True Viking is back! Truth be told, PTV was absolutely down for good and was going to stay that way. However, out of nowhere some very, very kind folks and fans of the project approached me and tried to offer to help out the best they good in their own ways to try and help me revive this project and try to take it as far as I can. So here we are--giving it one last major go at it and see what we can do! So at this point, you might be one of the few actually pleasantly surprised and happy to see we're coming back. But equally, you are noticing already something is a bit......different. The most obvious being the new colors and flag we're raising. So what gives? Well, the real brutally honest truth is for the longest time, I absolutely hated PTV. Yeah, really....its project creator hated his own project, crazy right? Let's just say my focus was less on nailing down the vision and project I wanted and ended up more focused on trying to make everyone else happy. So what you all saw and were given was PTV and Askeland, but they just didn't feel like my PTV and the Askeland I wanted. So seeing how this opportunity fell into my lap could potentially help me revive PTV, I took some time to really consider for a while if I even wanted to try again or leave it dead. But hey, who am I kidding--PTV means still too much and equally, has so, so much untapped potential. I knew I wanted to try one more time, but if I was going to--I needed to make sure PTV and Askeland that I was coming back with, was going to be the proper Askeland and PTV. So I went to my lore guy and good friend, Wessex, and said point-blank--if we do this, I want you to come back and we do this finally right and the way it needs to be.....redone from the ground up. So I decided that while the community thought we were dead for good, use that opportunity to my advantage. I spent the past year working in peace and quiet with Wessex---who really needs some sort of Sainthood granted for putting up with me for all those months, lol--secretly under the radar and he helped me finally get out of this blockhead of mine that was rattling around for so long. And so I achieved that goal. I finally found myself staring at the crystal clear vision we lacked for so long, and couldn't be happier! Now unfortunately that means there has been a lot of changes--some of which some might not understand or like. And there are quite a few questions, especially in regards to lore. Have no fear--we gotchu fam! I am pleased to announce the first release of our OFFICIAL Project True Viking Lore Guide -2021! Basically a culmination of an entire year's worth of relentless blood, sweat, and tears (with a lot of swearing in between) in order to provide the user with a pretty good starting point into both the vision and lore of the new (and proper) Askeland and its forces. It's not 100% complete and exhaustive.....yet! Eventually, it'll have more added to it and will hopefully expand into a complete encyclopedia of sorts of Project True Viking and its lore. But even so, hopefully, you will find it insightful and also help clarify a lot of the vision for you, continuing to do so as it expands over time in the future. We are still too few people and can't promise huge things. But what I can only say is that I am super excited to bring PTV back and will certainly try out utmost best to do what we can, when we can to take PTV from the pages of the lore guide and bring it to life. So stay tuned and look to the shores for our arrival! 😉
  12. PTV-Jobo


    Absolutely beautiful job as always! 🙂
  13. I set everything to zero during testing to see if the different value changes were actually applying and not bugged on my end. When in doubt--set to zero, lol. I tried with default settings then tested different values for the recoil (makes sense since there is a slider to do so, no? Otherwise, it's of no use. 🙂). Weirdly, I didn't see much of a difference between the values (e.g. going from your default and then setting to 0 which I was guessing would turn it off since it's...well....0. And if so, then slowly increase from there. Perhaps just a bug on my end. Because in your video with the AK it seemed a tiny bit less of what I was getting, and that's why I was trying to test and tweak different values. Again, perhaps just an error on my end with my setup is all. 🙂 Ah. I didn't know it's built around animations. I wasn't asking for or expect separate animations. I was thinking more of instead of one single universal slide bar, perhaps some way a user can choose X amount value for 7.62 and X value for 5.56 weapons. But now you explained there are actual animations, etc. I understand now such a thing can't be done, which is understandable. 👍 Nice! Loving the mod so far, it was just a little weird when I deployed my bipod or rested my weapon--no matter the caliber--and had no recoil at all. It was pretty fun though firing an mg3 with no recoil, I must admit--haha. 😄
  14. Really enjoying the animated recoil mod! Visual recoil animations was definitely one of those things that annoyed me for years, especially when comparing with other games like Squad, Tarkov, Ground Branch, etc. Really nice step forward with this mod! A few things I certainly hope to see (if possible with Arma and this mod): • Maybe settings depending on caliber? Right now, no matter what settings I choose (e.g 0 for both settings) and firing 5.56 feels like firing 7.62. But not sure if this is even possible with Arma limitations • Applying also to rested weapons. Right now if you rest your weapon you have absolutely no visual recoil, so you feel like you are firing lasers. But when you unrest your rifle/mg's, you get recoil back. • Someday seeing also a future update also including sidearms Fantastic mod and certainly hope to see it grow and get better in the future! 🙂