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  1. warden29

    buldozer keeps crashing plz help

    ah many thanks worked a treat
  2. Hi all plz can some help or point me in the right direction plz I am trying to learn to use oxygen 2 PE which i think i have set up right but when i try to launch buldozer i keep getting the following error message No entry bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/Regular/Flags.VonID I just dont know what i should be doing to fix this
  3. ahhhhh thats what might be the problem cheers
  4. Hey all was hoping that some one can help me with this problem i am renting a server and decided to make a Porto co-op mission...My problem is this I used BAs-F to make the map and I made the file into a pbo file....I uploaded the map to the server MPmissions folder restarted the server then loaded Arma I can see the mission under Porto but when i click it nothing happens the load screen just starts to load then i get kicked back to pick a mission again......Has anyone any ideas as too what is happening Many thanks in advance Warden
  5. warden29

    First time trying to make a server

    wow Mosh helps again many thanks for ur responses m8
  6. Plz Plz can someone help....I was wanting to make a server on my PC but after reading through the forum and banging my head of the  im none the wiser were do i start i have the server icon in my arma folder but dont know were to go from there... if anyone could point me in the right area for a noob to follow i would be gratefull many thanks