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    buldozer keeps crashing plz help

    ah many thanks worked a treat
  2. Hi all plz can some help or point me in the right direction plz I am trying to learn to use oxygen 2 PE which i think i have set up right but when i try to launch buldozer i keep getting the following error message No entry bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/Regular/Flags.VonID I just dont know what i should be doing to fix this
  3. Hey all was hoping that some one can help me with this problem i am renting a server and decided to make a Porto co-op mission...My problem is this I used BAs-F to make the map and I made the file into a pbo file....I uploaded the map to the server MPmissions folder restarted the server then loaded Arma I can see the mission under Porto but when i click it nothing happens the load screen just starts to load then i get kicked back to pick a mission again......Has anyone any ideas as too what is happening Many thanks in advance Warden
  4. ahhhhh thats what might be the problem cheers
  5. Plz Plz can someone help....I was wanting to make a server on my PC but after reading through the forum and banging my head of the  im none the wiser were do i start i have the server icon in my arma folder but dont know were to go from there... if anyone could point me in the right area for a noob to follow i would be gratefull many thanks
  6. warden29

    First time trying to make a server

    wow Mosh helps again many thanks for ur responses m8