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  1. Sterlingarcherz101

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Is that a boat engine problem not hearing the incoming fire or a sound problem in general ? I thought All weapon sounds are being worked on. Hence why you only hear the splash from a kajman cannon not the actual cannon. Or why the battlefield as is, sounds mostly of snaps and cracks.
  2. Sterlingarcherz101

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Brukhar what did you do? Have some snakes in my neighbourhood. Want them to move too. Cheers for fix.
  3. Sterlingarcherz101

    Very old blood bug

    This be really nice.
  4. Sterlingarcherz101

    Very old blood bug

    As much as I admire bis devs work, love the game( probably my favourite game and I have played the witcher 3)and their interaction with players via forums. If anything arma needs a bit more. Limping animations, blood. No need for missing limbs but face it. It's a war sim/ war game. Based on war times. Don't pretend it's something else. Don't slap a mature rating on it.then try get all lollypop gum drop like you're ashamed to be making a war game or glorifying war .To be honest it just comes across as self righteous. It's not some dirty secret the company as a whole profits from real war ie vbs3.
  5. Sterlingarcherz101

    New update - 1.48 - Experience? FPS loss

    Dna when I was on beta test rc build 1.48, i was trying to join test servers that were online. everytime without fail it crashed like this arma exe failed as soon as I tried to connect to multiplayer test server. If you can get another test sever organised. Might help.
  6. Sterlingarcherz101

    AI can see through tree tops?

    EXE rev. 131612 (game) Tweaked: Wood material to try to improve AI visibility tests on tree trunks. Dev branch change as of today. ---------- Post added at 16:28 ---------- Previous post was at 16:21 ---------- One would assume with the new expansion being set in a jungle environment.that they're working on the AI as we speak.. And from dev updates looks to be the case.
  7. Sterlingarcherz101

    AI can see through tree tops?

    From what I seen at nearly 1200 hours playing arma. ai can see through smoke and trees and pretty much foliage except the tall elephant grass.
  8. Sterlingarcherz101

    New update - 1.48 - Experience? FPS loss

    Sorry for off topic, but has there been any headway on the crashes. Example the instruction at 076e01 referecnced memory at 0x00000000. the memory could not be read. and on desktop arma 3 has quit in an unusual manner. Info: exit code :0xC0000005 / -1073741819 time running: ~00:02:22.8 Had about 7 other day. I know a few people have been getting these.
  9. Sterlingarcherz101

    AI much tougher since update

    Haha I was playing rc 1.48 on campaign testing out. And was telling myself it was the hangover. Was crawling up a hillside trying my best to stay low.But I had AI spotting and shooting me from all around I got recked everytime. It's mission at first campaign section after guy walks on mine in forest and brit squad gets in contact.
  10. Sterlingarcherz101

    Odd heli behavior

    I have seen this before. Have you remapped your keys?
  11. Sterlingarcherz101

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Noted this when trying to join rc branch. Pm'd dwarden. It has been happening the last two patches probably even 3. have not heard anything from devs about it.
  12. Sterlingarcherz101

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Think I'd be a bit disappointed if the new expansion island was another step sideways . From the video released at e3. at the airport it looks same as now .Hopefully they can pull it out of the bag. I know the AI crew have their work cut out.
  13. Sterlingarcherz101

    The Campaign is unplayable

    Maybe play again. I have recently due to deleted files had to play again. Think I know where he is coming from.
  14. Sterlingarcherz101

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    The difference in the terrain that it has.really looks awesome , makes arma 3 vanilla look ofp esc. Honestly I'd be willing to sacrifice some fps for it. Ans yet people here saying it is barely noticeable? Whats the deal with this. I'm guessing its only for single player usage. or dedicated servers. should be standard. gonna download it when I home. Cheers for the pics reminder. ---------- Post added at 13:02 ---------- Previous post was at 12:58 ---------- a lot of posts. Not going to go through. But has any dev given a solid reason why this is still as is. Breaks AI, messes with something important. has to be some reason it's a pretty big improvement to just ignore.
  15. Sterlingarcherz101

    Arma 3 crash bug.

    Since about 1 or two patches. I have been getting crashes related to Arma, but it is coming up a graphics issue and change driver suggestion. This only happens with arma so its not an actual driver issue. Has been noted on steam. several people getting this and its not confined to NVidia or amd specific gpus. My most recent crash relating to this was on the rc branch 1.48. it had happened a few times before then on stable 1.46 and possibly the patch before. From what I have read on steam it's still on 1.48 stable. Can I get confirmation from others here. It does not happen all the time and is not mod related as I have been on vanilla.