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  1. Spartan0536

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Regarding the BTHP in 6.8SPC, it was using one of my earlier ways of calculating ballistics in ArmA and has sense with NIArms been tweaked to reflect more realistic parameters. As for body armor penetration, there is no such thing in ArmA unfortunately, body armor in ArmA III only mitigates damage based on the level of protection it provides, simply put it works like this... 6.8 SPC BTHP bullet = 12 damage Center Mass kit to incapacitate = 6 damage Target body armor level IV = -50% damage Shot hit target center mass = 6 damage = target incapacitated. this is not exactly how it works but it's close enough to give you the gist. This makes for an interesting anomaly where hollow point bullets do more damage than AP even when wearing body armor. Quite honestly as the base game sits the only useful purpose of AP rounds is to go through barriers and POTENTIALLY light armored vehicles to hit occupants inside albeit with reduced impact force. When I started looking into this paradox I figured out why BI's values are "all over the place" they were making general purpose rounds that do everything equally well because of how they simulate personal protection and barrier performance. I have considered going down that same route but what I came to conclude by popular vote was that people wanted options in their loadout even if that meant that body armor would make things less realistic than they might be.
  2. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Update: Toadie2k and I have looked over all of the config data, only a few issues have been detected, mainly dealing with .300 Blackout's TAC-TX round and 5.45x39's 7u1 subsonic round. These have since been corrected and should be updated accordingly, I believe Toadie2k has already pushed the necessary "patch" through.
  3. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Ok so I figured I would report in here before some people end up noticing... There are some errors with the ballistics, the code gets really messy in those configs and you start to see things and mess up.... Some of the ballistic values are not correct, I am working with Toadie2K to evaluate what changes need to be made to remedy this, NO ETA given on a fix at this time. Not all of the ballistics are affected just a few, when I have more details I will let you know.
  4. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Ok since Toadie2k has now cried havoc and let slip those Sig's, here is what you are in for..... *Special Note: The Geneva Convention never specified the use of or ban thereof expanding ammunition, it was the Hague Convention, to which the USA never signed or ratified. However the USA does follow the guidelines despite this with 1 major caveat, in the 1990's due to the advent of modern terrorism the Geneva Convention approved and acknowledges that USSOCOM (All US Special Operations) have an exclusion to the Hague Convention Parameters providing that they are engaged with forces that are non-standard (ie. Terrorists, Insurgents, and other non-national non-recognized uniformed forces). This allows them the use of any ammunition deemed mission critical including the use of explosive, expanding, fragmenting, bursting, ect... ammunition as the opposing forces are acting outside of Geneva guidelines. 9x19 M882 Ball - US Current mil spec ball, anyone that has shot this can tell you it's good for nothing better than plinking (target practice), if you are out of ammo in your rifle, I suppose it's better than throwing rocks. (Supersonic Loaded) Mk243 Mod 0 - US Current mil spec JHP (yes, this is legitimate, used by USCG and DOD), actually a decent bullet based on the Winchester USA9JHP2 bullet, yes it is that cheap Whitebox Winchester JHP I have more than quadruple checked this, it's an ok round way better than that ball crap, see SPOILER for a picture reference. (Subsonic Loaded) .357 Sig FMJ-FN - Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose, based on DoubleTap Ammunition FMJ-FN loading, used for reduced ricochet and helps it do better (slightly) against soft targets, not a bad bullet if you need to use FMJ to meet certain restrictions, and .357 Sig's high velocity makes this FMJ considerably deadlier than it's 9mm counterpart. (Supersonic Loaded). JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point, based on the Hornady Critical Duty LE (pretty much the same as the public Critical Duty, just sold to LE and is FBI approved). This JHP uses what Hornady calls their "FlexLock" design, a very soft plastic "plug" to stop it from getting clogged when going through barriers, due to .357 Sig's high velocity this round is the only one that consistently meets FBI test spec, and it's deadly, one of the most damaging rounds of the new pistols, see the SPOILER for a picture reference. (Supersonic Loaded) .40 S&W MK309 Mod 0 Ball - US Current Mil Spec ball, based on the Federal American Eagle AE40R2. Yes this is for real, again used by USCG and DOD. This is actually a Total Metal Jacket (jacket entirely encapsulates the bullet, not just the front) and it features a flat nose for reduced ricochet, it also helps with soft target performance (slightly). Considerably better than M882 ball in every way, and is a good choice if wanting to meet Hague Convention guidelines. (Supersonic Loaded) MK308 Mod 0 JHP - US Current Mil Spec JHP, based on the Federal Tactical HST P40HST2. Again yes this is for real, used by USCG and DOD. This is one of my personal favorite JHP's in just about any handgun caliber, the wound channels these bullets make is just astonishing, and it does well through barriers, it's only real competition is the Hornady Critical Duty LE, this is easily one of the deadliest rounds in the pack, and it packs one hell of a punch. (Supersonic Loaded) XTP JHP - Civilian loaded Jacketed Hollow Point using the reliable Hornady XTP bullet, ammunition loaded by HPR HyperClean. This round is a follow up to MK308 Mod 0 but it designed for use when noise abatement restrictions dictate the use of special ammunition, see the SPOILER for a picture reference. (Subsonic Loaded) .45 ACP M1911 Ball - WW2 to Modern Production Full Metal Jacket round nose, rather limited in performance and it's age shows, but it is Mil Spec as produced by Winchester as per DODIC ordinance reports dictate. (Subsonic Loaded) JHP - Civilian/LE Loaded JHP based on the Federal Tactical HST in +P loading, yep, now this is where .45 ACP gets deadly. This is one of the best rounds to use if it meets your units specific ROE, great for when noise abatement restrictions are in place. See SPOILER for a picture reference. (Subsonic Loaded) BONUS! H&K 10mm AUTO (Submachine Gun ONLY) FMJ-FN - Civilian/LE loaded, Based on Buffalo Bore's HEAVY 10mm Auto Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose offering. If you are looking for enhanced lethality from an MP5 but looking to meet Hague restrictions, this is definitely an appealing option to consider. (Supersonic Loaded) JHP - Civilian/LE loaded, Based on Buffalo Barnes TACTICAL Low Flash & Low Recoil Barnes TAX-XP JHP bullet. This round is the single most devastating round out of all the Pistol caliber JHP's, it's high velocity and weight allows for massive expansion and it still defeats most FBI barriers, if you are not bound by Hague restrictions this round is an easy choice, however this is like walking into a firefight blasting Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture finale, sure you have a cannon but it also sounds like one even with a suppressor, not recommended when noise abatement restrictions are in place. See SPOILER for a picture reference. (Supersonic Loaded) I have also re-worked and added new bullets for other NIArms Core weapons such as .300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC II, 5.45x39, and 7.62x39, I would take up the entire forum writing this stuff out, if people have questions regarding the changes to these calibers/bullets I will be happy to reply.
  5. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Thanks to Toadie2k for giving me access to the private testing version of his new Sig Sauer Pistol Pack. Test results are in. There are a TON of P226's and P229's as well as the M11A1 and the MK25 P226 for you Navy SEAL fans. The reload animations are as you would expect from Toadie to be absolutely top notch, with the correct slide racking technique. Multiple interchangeable front and rear sights INCLUDING raised sights for suppressor use. Suppressor list is good and carries both my favorite pistol suppressors the AAC Ti-Rant and Ti-Rant shorty Recoil mechanism seems to be realistic, recoil especially in terms of pistols varies by shooter, stance, and situation so getting recoil "perfect" is literally impossible, either way it fits correctly IMHO. Ballistics, yes there is a difference and you can tell, subsonic rounds confirmed to emit no sonic crack and when used with a suppressor is extremely quiet, great for noise abatement for clandestine operations. Laser modules are here, and yes there are IR laser and Visible lasers Overall the level of customization that has gone into this pack shows the hard work and dedication that the NIArms team has put into this project FOR FREE, this is easily payware quality and takes weapon customization to a whole new level for ArmA regarding pistols, it out does everything BI has done to date. You guys are in for a nice treat when it releases and it should be released.....
  6. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Ah ok, those weapons are done by NIArms at their discretion, and USUALLY involve working with another mod group to produce the weapon system. If you wish to become a patreon NIArms is always welcoming of that.
  7. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    All pistol/SMG rounds will feature Full Metal Jacket/Total Metal Jacket as well as Hollow Points and even in MOST cases (NOT ALL) Subsonic rounds comprised of Hollow Points to retain maximum effectiveness against soft targets. .357 Sig & 10mm Auto (10mm Auto is only in the MP5A/10) will NOT have Subsonic rounds, however they do have hollow points and full metal jacket/total metal jacket rounds.
  8. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    I am confused as to your question?
  9. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    No problem, it's what I do, besides pester developers..... Now if only BI would let me use if = then arguments in their code I could really get a nice project going!
  10. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Well it's done, I have sent of my latest batch of ballistics to the NIArms team as of this morning, it's now entirely in their hands for release. Ballistics list includes.. 9x19mm Parabellum .357 Sig .40 S&W H&K 10mm Auto (SMG ONLY) .45 ACP 5.45x39 Russian 5.56x45mm NATO 6.8x43mm SPC II (yes SPC II, better SAAMI pressures and enhanced performance over the original 6.8 SPC) .300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm) 7.62x39mm Russian 7.62x51mm NATO .300 Winchester Magnum (updated some values) Please note that due to popular demand and talks with multiple developers it has been agreed that multiple barrel lengths only make ammunition sharing impossible, so outside of any documented cases all barrel lengths will be uniform to ensure magazine interoperability for field swapping.
  11. Spartan0536

    Night's M8 Weapon Pack

    I am so glad this did not become the next US Service Rifle.... That being said, your models look good, and I know there are a number of fans that love the XM8, for reasons I can't fathom. If you need ballistics let me know, I just got done helping NIArms with their upcoming release.
  12. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Ok so I figure I will need to break the news to you sooner rather than later as a shock... When revising my data for the 7.62x51mm NATO Mk319 Mod 0 (the 7.62x51mm version of the MK318 Mod 0 SOST) it seems that Crane (the developer of the round) failed to produce results and funding was terminated and the project cancelled in 2011 via SOF-SOC McDill AFB in Tampa Florida. The data I received from a member of the US Armed Forces that did a write up on the round stated the following details about Mk 316 Mod 0... Manufacturer: Federal Cartridge Company Designation: MK319 Mod 0 DODIC: AB50 Caliber: 7.62mm x 51mm Instrumental Velocity: 2,920 feet per second (ft/sec) plus or minus (+/-) 30 ft/sec @ 78 feet from the muzzle of a standard 22" 7.62mm Small Caliber Ammunition Test Procedure (SCATP) test barrel. Their goal as marked back in 2009 was 2900 ft/s from a 16 inch carbine barrel and they MASSIVELY FAILED to achieve this. Chamber Pressure: The average chamber pressure of the sample cartridges, conditioned at 70 degrees plus or minus 5 degrees F, shall not exceed 60,000 psi. Max. Effective Range: 600 yards (550 meters) Maximum Range: 4,482 yards (4,098 meters) @ 30 deg. elevation Bullet Weight: 130 grains G1 BC = .277 LAT Accuracy Req.: The extreme spread of any individual ten-shot (10-shot) group shall not exceed 6.0 inches at 200 yards. The average extreme spread of all ten 10-shot groups shall not exceed 4.75 inches at 200 yards. What does this mean? Mk319 Mod 0 SOST is a total CRAP ROUND, and it failed testing for some very obvious ballistic reasons. M80A1 EPR craps all over Mk319 Mod 0 in every single way, and not just by marginal numbers, it literally takes a steamy dump on it. Therefore Mk319 Mod 0 WILL NOT be included in any future update for any modder, it's just such a crap round it's not even worth the selection.
  13. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    I have updated my ballistic parameters for all PISTOL based HOLLOW POINTS, this is following 100% FBI spec testing protocols. ALL available JHP/HP bullets in the coming update will be affected by these protocols, this includes both pistols and SMG's alike. REQUIRED PERFORMANCE MANDATE No less than 12 inches of penetration in gelatin test media (under performing) No greater than 18 inches of penetration in gelatin test media (over penetration) *NOTE: All tests have the gelatin in them, the bullet must pass the "barrier" and meet the test requirements within the test media. Any test outside of the bare gelatin and heavy clothing all have LIGHT clothing comprised of 1 layer of cotton t-shirt covering the gelatin. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bare Gelatin - 10% ORGANIC (porcine gelatin @ 10% concentration) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heavy Clothing - 4 Layers of clothing (1 layer of IBA spec heavy denim, 1 layer of Polartec 200 fleece, 1 layer of cotton dress shirt, 1 layer of cotton t-shirt) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steel - 20 gauge MILD STEEL (0.0375 inches / 0.9525 millimeters) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wallboard - 2x 0.5 inch thick gypsum board spaced 6 inches apart, total combined thickness is 1 inch of gypsum wallboard --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plywood - 3/4 inch thick AA grade Douglas Fir plywood panel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Automotive Glass - Glass panel to be comprised of AS1 laminated safety glass @ 0.25 inch thickness The following calibers have these specifications applied 9x19mm Parabellum .357 Sig .40 S&W H&K 10mm Auto .45 ACP Please note that FULL METAL JACKET/TOTAL METAL JACKET rounds are EXCLUDED from these protocols as they will inherently over penetrate in all tests. This does NOT mean this is how they will perform in ArmA as their material densities are different from real life plus you have to contend with the very rudimentary damage system that is in place in ArmA. These were just the guidelines I used when selecting what bullet for each caliber to ensure a loadout that would likely be used by professional units.
  14. Spartan0536

    RH Pistol pack

    The biggest issue with Armaholic is the download speeds, where Steam Workshop is extremely fast and scales with your download speeds from your ISP, also the workshop installs the mods for you, this allows people whom are less technically inclined to have easier access to mods. That being said if you don't want your work on Steam Workshop then that is the end of the argument, it's your work, you decide how it gets distributed.
  15. Spartan0536

    NIArms Release Thread

    Regarding the new update to roll out when it's ready All weapons will be getting updated with new ballistics code. The new variables will NOT be based on different barrel lengths, they will all be based on maximum effective barrel lengths for magazine interchangeability in the field, with the noted exceptions below... Pistols - most do not have interchangeable magazines Most Submachine Guns - most do not have interchangeable magazines (MP5's will reflect this with 9mm ammo, I have the ballistics for the different lengths, the MP5K will be getting the same ballistics as a full size MP5 however) Light/Medium Machine Guns - Most machine guns have their own box mags that attach via a proprietary system, yes the M249 SAW can use Stanag, however it's very rare that you see that. Sniper Weapon Systems - This is because of the same reasons as previous firearms, usually proprietary magazines, and this will also help ensure the most accurate ballistics I can provide since sniping is a precise science. In regards to the pistols here is what I have worked on.... 9x19mm Parabellum - Using ONLY US Mil Spec ammunition which includes hollow points (we use them against non-conventional forces like terrorists, Hague rules do not apply) .357 Sig - This will NOT come with a subsonic round, as it defeats the purpose of the round, kicks like a 9mm +P+ hits as hard as a .45 ACP .40 S&W - Great general purpose round, has supersonic and subsonic loads based off of my favorite bullets including Federal Tactical HST hollow points .45 ACP - Using the most modern milspec production ammunition and will also feature hollow points from the civilian market These will be the 4 "flavors" you will have the various pistols chambered in, some are great with suppressors, and some not so much *cough* *cough* .357 Sig. H&K 10mm Auto will only be featured in the H&K MP5/10.