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    i'm a long range shooting addict! a big fan of Todd Hodnett, Carlos Hathcock, and Advanced Ballistics mod ;)

    please go check out Sniper 101 series on youtube to master the art of precision shooting!
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  1. TiborasaurusRex

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Splendid! :bounce3: thank you so much BADJuJu! ;) i've tried to test them myself on Stratis and they seem dead-on I haven't done it on other maps too coz all links to 360° Course v1.2 have expired sadly :( I'm still using v1.36 as well...anybody has tried the v1.38 yet?
  2. TiborasaurusRex

    [SP] 360 Degree Training Course

    Unfortunately the Armaholic's only includes Altis, Stratis, Chernarus, Takistan, & Zargabad :( i need Clafghan, Thirsk, Hazar Kot, Reshmaan, etc....
  3. TiborasaurusRex

    [SP] 360 Degree Training Course

    Yo Ruthberg, i think these links are expired :( 360_Degree_Training_Course.Altis.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Stratis.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Chernarus.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Takistan.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Zargabad.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.fata.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Bornholm.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.clafghan.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.esbekistan.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.everon2014.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Imrali.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.MCN_HazarKot.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.reshmaan.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.sfp_sturko.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.sfp_wamako.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.Thirsk.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.villa_afgana.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.lingor.pbo 360_Degree_Training_Course.VR.pbo the packed missions still contain v1.1 :( i need the 360° Training Course v1.2 (which features the Steel Plate target and the truck with the .50 BMG) Would you kindly re-upload the v1.2? :) thanks in advance
  4. TiborasaurusRex

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    @BADJuJu308: Thank God my calibration seems to work! :bounce3: Thank you so much for giving it a try It' s working best especially for the v1.36. I calibrated those bullets only on Altis' beach (at sea level, 1013.25 hpa) but hopefully it'll work on any other map as well :) Would you mind testing all the updated BC/MV just to make sure they all work perfectly fine (especially on low-pressure map like Chernarus, Takistan, Clafghan, etc)? and it'd be nice if we could just put it to the test using the latest v1.38 update & the upcoming AB release...i'd be most grateful if it really worked for the v1.38 :) i hope this calibration will help you guys shoot better and more accurately :) just plug all the parameters right into the AtragMX and dial whatever firing solution it produces...if it's still off, just the tweak the BC a lil bit (if your shot's still low, just lower the BC. if your shot's still high, just higher the BC) this is such a badass idea, we could just plug our loadout data and the game would simulate whatever guns & bullets we like to use :bounce3: Ruthberg once came up with this Sandbox Mission which allows us to modify the muzzle velocity, drag model, ballistic coefficient, etc. But i haven't dug this mission yet coz i still don't know how to run it properly :(
  5. TiborasaurusRex

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    You're most welcome Ruthberg :) i'm the one who should thank you so much for creating such a wonderful shooting simulation :D i just can't stop loving it :) AB is way too awesome \m/ But i'm really worried the latest devbranch update will mess things up again >_< Will it affect your ballistics again? :'( OMFG is this for real? I just done calibrated all AB ammo parameters and BI already messed AB up with the latest update again?! Damn, i'm gonna end up having to re-calibrate the BC's all over again >_< Seriously guys i'm quite sure everytime a devbranch update shows up, i get a feeling that the ballistics (especially the BC/AirFriction value) gets affected somehow :'( Don't u feel it too, Ruthberg? Forgive me for my OCD but i just want my shots to be accurate :') Is there any possible way to maintain the current ballistics so i don't need to re-calibrate the BC's over and over again? :( hmm i think i'm gonna stick to v1.36 for a while...when you come up with new AB, i'm gonna try to check out the trajectory whether my calibration still works or not. If it doesn't work, damn i'm gonna re-calibrate again! Yihaa!!! :D
  6. TiborasaurusRex

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Dear Ruthberg :) As i promised before, i've calibrated all your long range bullets parameters and managed to obtain the Actual (in-game) BC's & Mv's i literally spent last two weeks busting my b*tt pretty hard on this calibration and now i proudly present this: AB Calibrated Ammo Parameters (Actual BC & MV) Please Ruthberg, i'm hoping you don't mind posting it on the front page coz this calibration will certainly help everybody deliver accurate shots :) I included all the ammo parameters (claimed & actual BC, MV, Caliber, Length, Mass. etc) so everybody can just plug them into the AtragMX, let it come up with some super-accurate firing solution, and then send some dead-on shots to the target ;) Worth noting that: 1. I was running Arma 3 v1.36, Advanced Ballistics v3.1.1, & VTS Simple Weapon Resting while calibrating those projectiles (No AGM, CSE, Von Quest, SpookWar, etc) 2. I calibrated those projectiles only in Altis at sea level (1013.25 hpa, 21 C, 50% humidity), didn't calibrate them in low-pressure/high altitude area like ClAfghan but i'm pretty sure it'll work just fine in any area 3. I only used Vanilla & Trixie's guns, didn't calibrate them with other weapon mods 4. I zeroed all the guns at 100 m only to minimize the Zero Point of Impact Error (500 m zero is too far for me) & i highly recommend you to do the same :) 5. I obtained the Actual (in-game) BC's of those projectiles using Calibration Tool provided by a reliable ballistics app called Exterior Ballistics Calculator 6. I managed to test the obtained BC's by shooting them at 100 m - Max effective range in order to prove them right (it seriously took a lot of my time :cryy: ) and yeah this calibration totally worked perfectly awesome. :bounce3: if you guys are not satisfied with my calibration, you can actually calibrate the BC yourself by doing these: 1. Make sure you've input all the parameters correctly 2. Set up a target at your bullet max effective range (e.g., M118LR at 800 m, .338 LM at 1500 m, .408 CT at 2100 m, etc) 3. Shoot some rounds at the target 4. Find the difference between where you aimed (current elevation adjustment) and where your bullets actually hit (the actual bullet drop). 5. True or change the BC in the solver to match the results of what you just shot. There are 2 ways: A) Old school - If it's low, you lower the BC. If it's high, you higher the BC. you keep tweaking the BC until your solver matches the actual bullet drop. B) New school - you can use Ballistics Calibration/Truing tool through some apps like EBC, Applied Ballistics, StrelokPro, etc. they're all really accurate. 6. After you come up with the new BC, test it out at uprange and midrange to check if it works for all ranges. 7. After getting the actual BC, please share it with us all in this thread May dear God in Heaven bless you all! -Rex-
  7. TiborasaurusRex

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    this gonna be a good feature, it'd feel like we really dial the knob :) Totally agree with you. The magnification of LRPS is obviously not 18-75x but more like 10-25x :) You can see it clearly from the size of the Mildot reticle. Here's some picture of Mildot scope magnification (10x 14x 25x)
  8. TiborasaurusRex

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Hi Ruthberg, take a look at this magnificent PiP scope made by someone called Bad Benson \m/ :bounce3: \m/ It's not yet released afaik but Bad Benson already gave the config to the AGM team Will it be working for Advanced Ballistic as well? It'd be extremely badass if you could ask Benson to implement this scope into Advanced Ballistics :D
  9. TiborasaurusRex


    To become a real badass Long Range Precision Shooter or Sniper, just install Advanced Ballistics mod and subscribe to series on youtube ;)
  10. @Bez: you're lagging, dude? no offense but you must be running a crappy PC lol XD with all due respect, ain't no doubt about it...
  11. TiborasaurusRex

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    where to download this mod? Please tell me! :bounce3: Hey BI, we want this included in the Marksman DLC!!!!!
  12. TiborasaurusRex

    Which faction do you prefer to play as

    NATO all the way coz the guns are way better :P but imho CSAT outfit is so much more badass \m/
  13. TiborasaurusRex

    why BI is IMO one of the best companies out there

    BI's Arma 3 is the only game/simulator which has the capability to simulate the most realistic Firearms Ballistics & Projectile Trajectory (thanks to the Advanced Ballistics mod for sure). Afaik there's no other game able to achieve this. This is totally a breakthrough especially for Long Range Precision Shooter community :D Arma 3 (with Advanced Ballistics) is truly a great tool for precision shooter to learn all the fundamentals before going to actual firing range ;) and BI sells this awesome shooting simulator for only $60 :D Thank you so much BI for creating a wonderful software like this :')
  14. BI is hands down the greatest game developer and publisher of all time! nuff said!
  15. TiborasaurusRex

    Petition: Add a 'Rant'' sub-forum, or make use of existing

    Rant forum would be a very good idea since venting frustration & depression is the best way to keep us sane :D Should we hire some psychologists and counselors too? lol :bounce3: