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  1. Hello. Let's say in my mission, at any time, clients need to get the number of players that have a specific variable assigned. What method is the best (mostly for network traffic) between when players connect, the server assign a random var (A, B, or C) to them using _unit setVariable ["var","A",true]; // A, B or C And clients can get the number of players like that : _nbA = {_x getVariable ["var",""] isEqualTo "A"} count playableUnits; or when players connect, the server increments a variable (and do the opposite when players disconnect) like nbA = nbA + 1; publicVariable "nbA"; nbA = nbA - 1; publicVariable "nbA"; And clients can access the var like that hint str nbA; hint str nbB; hint str nbC;
  2. Yeah my question wasn't really about getting results out of it. I mean if I have to UPDATE players SET a = ? WHERE steam_id = ? ; for each connected players Do i have to make a loop or can i do that in 1 line with many parameters ? Do you think it would make a difference in terms of performance ?
  3. Is it possible to run multiple queries in one call ?
  4. Hello, Let's say I have a database , with like 5k players, 10k vehicles, 5xx groups... And i have to update those very often Is it better to update directly in DB whenever it's needed (for example using extDB3), or to have server variables with a huge number of entries (arrays), and when i want to update something i browse all these arrays, to find some players/objects IDs, update data in those variables, and then update the DB like every X minutes/hours with my variables ? like some sort of "caching system" Is there a limit for what you can store in a variable ?
  5. I tried that on the server but I don't really know how to read the generated file and what the differents lines mean or how it can help me 😞 I'm using parseSimpleArray for that It's actually a good idea I don't know why I didn't try that before
  6. Hello. I'm asking your help to find out what can cause FPS issues on my server. Server specs : Logs with players < 20 Logs with players > 95 There is no AI in this mission. Only players, vehicles, objects in mission.sqm (buildings / addActions / modules to hide objects ... ), and (many ?) sql queries (using extDB3). The command https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/diag_activeSQFScripts shows nothing special on the server except 2-3 loops that are sleeping and save vehicles every 15min I don't think that I will find a more powerfull CPU than this one for Arma. So i'm looking for an efficient way to find out why he's running at 100% and the server goes < 10 FPS with many players. Some servers can host 150-200 players without problems, and with many mods enabled ... I tried to edit the basic.cfg file to "optimize" the network, using the guide on this forum, it had no effect I tried to move all the vehicles on a HC using setOwner, it was worse (desync). So I don't know. What is strange though, is that as you can see on my logs , the server needs less than 1 second to save 18 players - 332 vehicles but more than 40 seconds to save 99 players - 394 vehicles
  7. You don't need to remoteExec to the server if you already are on the server
  8. If you only need the player object and not his local variables, HandleDisconnect works great (it has to be executed on the server) I'm using it in my mission. That's a solution but if the server crash for whatever reason, nothing will be saved
  9. I'm not even sure that BIS is aware of this I confirm that using a custom script to set the loadout fix the issue. Problem "solved" .
  10. Someone told me that it comes from setUnitLoadout which seems to create a broken backpack and that i should use addBackpack instead... So i guess i'll have to make my own version of setUnitLoadout 😑
  11. Hello. I have a problem on my server. So here is a video : What does it show : I'm totally naked, no items I execute this code locally player setUnitLoadout [[],[],[],["U_C_Poloshirt_redwhite",[]],[],["B_Carryall_oli",[["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",3,7]]],"","",[],["","","","","",""]]; I execute this code globally (civ_6 is the player) _who = if(isDedicated) then {"SERVER"} else {"PLAYER"}; diag_log format["%1 || inventory : %2",_who,(getMagazineCargo backpackContainer civ_6)]; At this point, both client and server logs show 3 mags in my backpack I drop 3 mags on the floor I diag_log again Now client logs show nothing (empty array) which is normal, but the server logs still show 3 mags in the backpack. Note : i used getMagazineCargo backpackContainer, but I have the same results with other commands like getUnitLoadout . Note2 : If I execute player setUnitLoadout getUnitLoadout player The server is updated with the right values. Why it's a problem : Because I save the loadout of players in a database, using the onPlayerDisconnected event which is executed on the server. So if the server isn't synchronized as it should, I save the wrong gear and people usually spawns with it when they reconnects...
  12. xjoker_

    Enhanced Movement

    Hi guys, Do you know if there is a way to disable the "Use" key in settings ? (see screenshot) Because players are able to open doors which I locked in 3den
  13. Hello. I have an addon which i made years ago with addon builder in this addon , there is an image with an accent in its name, let's say "ééé.paa" I never had any problem before when building that. But recently i bought a new HDD (the old one died), reinstalled everything And since, when I build this addon with Addon Builder, this specific file isn't in the generated pbo. I have an error in my logs saying something like "~^d&lm.paa" not found When I give the same folder to my friends, they don"t have the problem with Addon Builder. So is there a config somewhere, or a parameter to edit, to deal with accents in filenames ? PS : I know that it's a bad practice to put an accent in a filename, but this file is used everywhere in other pbos / scripts so i can't easily change that
  14. xjoker_

    MrSanchez' Headlamps

    @MrSanchez If you drive a vehicle, then go on the passenger seat, you can see the light floating in the air do you know how to fix this ? https://i.imgur.com/dp9W0ze.png other way to do that, enter the vehicle as passenger, then turn off the lamp
  15. xjoker_

    problem with ctrlShow

    _btn = (_d displayCtrl 2545); diag_log format["shown : %1",ctrlShown _btn]; _btn ctrlShow false; diag_log format["shown : %1",ctrlShown _btn]; result : But he's still visible just tried with ctrlCommit, same issue :/