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  1. What's the difference between adding unsafeCVL= 0 or adding createVehicleLocal in CfgDisabledCommands ?
  2. this has no effect (it works in mysql workbench) _query = dbPrepareQuery ["UPDATE players SET playtime=playtime+(((time_to_sec(timediff(NOW(),datelastseen)))/60)/60) WHERE playerid = ?", [279]]; DB_connection dbExecute _query; no error in server logs playtime is a FLOAT (number of hours played on the server) datelastseen is a DATETIME
  3. I tested with the new build and it works great even with a far more complicated inventory thanks 👌
  4. type = TEXT value = [[],[],[],["U_C_Blouson_Noir",[]],[],[],"","",[],["ItemMap","","","","",""]]
  5. Ok so i tried to use that, and it seems to add more quotes than needed ? And on top of that i added the inventory (from getUnitLoadout command) and it doesn't appear in the parsed result.
  6. Bigger problem : dbResultToParsedArray and dbResultToArray _query = dbPrepareQuery ["SELECT steamid, position FROM players WHERE playerid = ?", [279]]; _result = DB_connection dbExecute _query; steamid is a varchar(17) position is a varchar(45) diag_log str ["RESULT",dbResultToArray _result]; will print 19:08:18 "[""RESULT"",[[""7656119807XXXXXXX"",""[8280.25,9981.17,0.00143433]""]]]" // pos is not parsed so i can't use directly the setPos command And diag_log str ["RESULT PARSED",dbResultToParsedArray _result]; will print 19:08:18 "[""RESULT PARSED"",[[7.65612e+016,[8280.25,9981.17,0.00143433]]]]" // i can use setPos, but steamid has been parsed too and i need it as a string (to use with getPlayerUID) So we need a way to choose fields that we want to parse for example in extDB3 : OUTPUT = 1-STRING, 2-STRING, 3, 4
  7. I don't know what's the best solution. But for my personnal usecase, I know that I have many checks like that if !(_groupId isEqualTo "") then { _obj setVariable ["groupId",_groupId,true]; }; to do something for example when a foreign key is not null for certain rows so i'll have to rewrite few files (not a big deal btw but just saying) to replace that with a if(!isNil "_var") then
  8. @Dedmen Just a suggestion, I don't know if it's hard or not to integrate, but extDB3 return empty string for null values so it may be interesting to have a global param in config to choose if you want to get nil or "" with interceptDB that way it would be easier to migrate from one to the other
  9. xjoker_

    Enhanced Movement

    Is there a variable to set, to enable/disable the jumb/climb function dynamically ? for example player setVariable ["unable_to_jump",true];
  10. xjoker_

    Creating Table Dialog

    BIS added recently https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/lnbSetTooltip
  11. Hello. Let's say in my mission, at any time, clients need to get the number of players that have a specific variable assigned. What method is the best (mostly for network traffic) between when players connect, the server assign a random var (A, B, or C) to them using _unit setVariable ["var","A",true]; // A, B or C And clients can get the number of players like that : _nbA = {_x getVariable ["var",""] isEqualTo "A"} count playableUnits; or when players connect, the server increments a variable (and do the opposite when players disconnect) like nbA = nbA + 1; publicVariable "nbA"; nbA = nbA - 1; publicVariable "nbA"; And clients can access the var like that hint str nbA; hint str nbB; hint str nbC;
  12. Yeah my question wasn't really about getting results out of it. I mean if I have to UPDATE players SET a = ? WHERE steam_id = ? ; for each connected players Do i have to make a loop or can i do that in 1 line with many parameters ? Do you think it would make a difference in terms of performance ?
  13. Is it possible to run multiple queries in one call ?
  14. Hello, Let's say I have a database , with like 5k players, 10k vehicles, 5xx groups... And i have to update those very often Is it better to update directly in DB whenever it's needed (for example using extDB3), or to have server variables with a huge number of entries (arrays), and when i want to update something i browse all these arrays, to find some players/objects IDs, update data in those variables, and then update the DB like every X minutes/hours with my variables ? like some sort of "caching system" Is there a limit for what you can store in a variable ?
  15. I tried that on the server but I don't really know how to read the generated file and what the differents lines mean or how it can help me 😞 I'm using parseSimpleArray for that It's actually a good idea I don't know why I didn't try that before