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  1. yeah but when I say "yes" to start the batch in admin mode, nothing happens
  2. I tried to use this tool so I checked all the checkboxes in the settings menu, and I still have nothing when I right click on a pbo even after a reboot and I don't have the icon on my files
  3. xjoker_

    Display special chars ?

    yes 😄 but not with the symbol 8383
  4. xjoker_

    Display special chars ?

    It would be out of range with hint but not with diag_log ? 😕 that's strange
  5. Hello guys, do you know if it's possible to display a special char ingame ? When i do diag_log format ["%1", toString [8383]]; I have "₿" in my logs But if I do hint format ["%1", toString [8383]]; I just have an empty space
  6. you should diag_log [_target, _healer]; to check if your parameters are correct
  7. onKeyUp works thank you ! i was not sure because i wanted 1 control to update others, and others to update this one too. But that's fine
  8. Hello, I was wondering if there is a "clean" way to make some kind of OnChange listener on a RscEdit control. So in my dialog, when i'm typing some text in this control, it would automatically update other controls within the same dialog ? I could make a loop which check the current value each X ms but that doesn't seem very optimal. Thanks
  9. What's the difference between adding unsafeCVL= 0 or adding createVehicleLocal in CfgDisabledCommands ?
  10. this has no effect (it works in mysql workbench) _query = dbPrepareQuery ["UPDATE players SET playtime=playtime+(((time_to_sec(timediff(NOW(),datelastseen)))/60)/60) WHERE playerid = ?", [279]]; DB_connection dbExecute _query; no error in server logs playtime is a FLOAT (number of hours played on the server) datelastseen is a DATETIME
  11. I tested with the new build and it works great even with a far more complicated inventory thanks 👌
  12. type = TEXT value = [[],[],[],["U_C_Blouson_Noir",[]],[],[],"","",[],["ItemMap","","","","",""]]
  13. Ok so i tried to use that, and it seems to add more quotes than needed ? And on top of that i added the inventory (from getUnitLoadout command) and it doesn't appear in the parsed result.
  14. Bigger problem : dbResultToParsedArray and dbResultToArray _query = dbPrepareQuery ["SELECT steamid, position FROM players WHERE playerid = ?", [279]]; _result = DB_connection dbExecute _query; steamid is a varchar(17) position is a varchar(45) diag_log str ["RESULT",dbResultToArray _result]; will print 19:08:18 "[""RESULT"",[[""7656119807XXXXXXX"",""[8280.25,9981.17,0.00143433]""]]]" // pos is not parsed so i can't use directly the setPos command And diag_log str ["RESULT PARSED",dbResultToParsedArray _result]; will print 19:08:18 "[""RESULT PARSED"",[[7.65612e+016,[8280.25,9981.17,0.00143433]]]]" // i can use setPos, but steamid has been parsed too and i need it as a string (to use with getPlayerUID) So we need a way to choose fields that we want to parse for example in extDB3 : OUTPUT = 1-STRING, 2-STRING, 3, 4
  15. I don't know what's the best solution. But for my personnal usecase, I know that I have many checks like that if !(_groupId isEqualTo "") then { _obj setVariable ["groupId",_groupId,true]; }; to do something for example when a foreign key is not null for certain rows so i'll have to rewrite few files (not a big deal btw but just saying) to replace that with a if(!isNil "_var") then