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  1. yes of course how can i know if a player have a different version of the map ? i have verifySignatures = 2; in the server config edit : i was wrong. The netId is the same on every player. But for some reason at a random moment some players (~5/100) don't have any variable on the house. Just like if they e'xecuted locally something like {_house setVariable [_x, nil]} foreach allVariables _house; edit2 : i created a ticket on the feedback tracker : https://feedback.bistudio.com/T170985
  2. Hello. According to the wiki, the command netID is used to get a unique ID of an object, and it's supposed to be the same for every players. But sometimes, (randomly ?), some players have different netID when looking at buildings placed on the map. That means they don't see the same object as everyone else, which means if you have set some variables on the building with the setVariable command, those players can't see these variables and their values. The question is, is there anything that these players can do to be syncronized with everyone ? (Disconnecting / reconnecting doesn't solve the problem).
  3. yeah but when I say "yes" to start the batch in admin mode, nothing happens
  4. I tried to use this tool so I checked all the checkboxes in the settings menu, and I still have nothing when I right click on a pbo even after a reboot and I don't have the icon on my files
  5. xjoker_

    Display special chars ?

    yes 😄 but not with the symbol 8383
  6. xjoker_

    Display special chars ?

    It would be out of range with hint but not with diag_log ? 😕 that's strange
  7. Hello guys, do you know if it's possible to display a special char ingame ? When i do diag_log format ["%1", toString [8383]]; I have "₿" in my logs But if I do hint format ["%1", toString [8383]]; I just have an empty space
  8. you should diag_log [_target, _healer]; to check if your parameters are correct
  9. onKeyUp works thank you ! i was not sure because i wanted 1 control to update others, and others to update this one too. But that's fine
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there is a "clean" way to make some kind of OnChange listener on a RscEdit control. So in my dialog, when i'm typing some text in this control, it would automatically update other controls within the same dialog ? I could make a loop which check the current value each X ms but that doesn't seem very optimal. Thanks
  11. What's the difference between adding unsafeCVL= 0 or adding createVehicleLocal in CfgDisabledCommands ?
  12. this has no effect (it works in mysql workbench) _query = dbPrepareQuery ["UPDATE players SET playtime=playtime+(((time_to_sec(timediff(NOW(),datelastseen)))/60)/60) WHERE playerid = ?", [279]]; DB_connection dbExecute _query; no error in server logs playtime is a FLOAT (number of hours played on the server) datelastseen is a DATETIME
  13. I tested with the new build and it works great even with a far more complicated inventory thanks 👌
  14. type = TEXT value = [[],[],[],["U_C_Blouson_Noir",[]],[],[],"","",[],["ItemMap","","","","",""]]
  15. Ok so i tried to use that, and it seems to add more quotes than needed ? And on top of that i added the inventory (from getUnitLoadout command) and it doesn't appear in the parsed result.