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  1. mokum

    A-10C for Arma 3

    You can try this one http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm
  2. Will be nice to made Arma 3 Combined.
  3. Be happy that u can setup a Arma 3 military simulator dedicated server whit a good mission. On the forum u can find serious players to play this game on a normal way like in realtime. The players what u see and play whit are find on puplic servers, i did meet them as well on arma2 and now on arma3. But be happy that those players are here, they bring $$ to made this game so that U and me can play as well and pay normal price for this game. Solution for realism gameplay setup a good server for u own or for clan (share the cost) and u will get a good round off gameplay.
  4. Think u mean this line ,, invalid crew TK_soldier_CREW_EP1 in BTR60_TK_EP1 ,, i have the same warning line and its only shows up if Dayz is on. And if i turn Dayz off i dont see the warning line about invalid crew. I have this warning line only whit patch 101480 and 101747 not whit older patches or vanilla arma.
  5. mokum

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    Shuffle way A at class sodat can use static wapons like m119, tow tripod and som athor stuff. If i will place the m119 its not always quik way to put him down you see first the athor wapons but more like shuffle way 3 time tow and 1 time m119 and 6 times the spg-9 and 1 time tow than 2 time metis and 3 times the m119 and so go it on. If a player use the mouse scroll we see a littel list on the left on your screen is a good idea that u see the hole list olos all static wapons to choose whits 1 i will use, can be that the list will be to big but think in gameplay that it be better to play whit the static wapons. And the athor class soldat that can put static wapons down like aa class the same way. And your idea about deploy static wapons it coast points, that the havy wapons coast more points than the litte wapons (the diffrents about a m119 or a sgp-9 that the m119 gif more damage then the sgp) Hope i dont gif you alot off homework :D
  6. mokum

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    POINTS: Is it poseble that the good players that provided the good work whit bring the MHQ and the repair truck som points. If a puplic server s full you see most a smal group that spent the time at MHQ and truck and after the call, MHQ s ready, everbody use it, s nice but before it s in his place you have olso a group thats already attack the next town (s good thats the game for). Have no info how to make scripts and stuff but in gameplay som ideas how make ita bit honest, is it poseble and will it be a nice idea,,, the driving hours in MHQ and truck after som time you get som points for it.
  7. mokum

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    Hello eggbeast all ok I see you have already make som change about gits (tanks to william) and i see olso tox1m on here so you have already help about it. Hope you visit more the puplic server (-=XTRA=- nomod) to see how gits be play Only 1 thing (a question from the admin) if you can make or change somting about the dead bodys that not remove,it gifs the server alot off lag on the end (most the last 4 towns) ps if its already answer on the forum did not read the hole forum section yet. And you runs olso gits and will visit it to see how it play at your side ( think you have no players like william on there) if so can you send a IP and if needed a password so som member can play whit you. If i forget somting i let you fast now and place it on the forum greeted mokum :)
  8. mokum

    Can only ban with player#

    Ok,,,,,and i now press p y see the list off players s the easy way to use kick,,,,,,,but i now it now that ban s the only normal use for remove players. #kick or in the players list or even the servercontroll kick they will return in 1 min back Tanks for the help taxman
  9. mokum

    Can only ban with player#

    I know that, but the kick dont work it all as a normal funtion if i use it #kick why can players reconect at time of 1 min, so i try it like the ban and that work perfect. But to ban all players no needed the kick must work better if i kick som player s better to see the player for 24 hours no more ---------- Post added at 12:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 AM ---------- and i did say i read the wiki whit the commands that can be used http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Server_Commands
  10. mokum

    Can only ban with player#

    If iam corect now #exec ban (number) must work the player didt not come back but the kick i use now #kick (number) and #exec kick (number) dosnt work. Ban is nice but som players that be kickt and came back in 1 min they say srry and play normal so the ban s to hard. I hope maby cet a answer how to use kick on a good way
  11. mokum

    Can only ban with player#

    Hello have olso a comment it, #kick number the players be kickt after 1 min he returns and the #ban number, srry but dont work it all. I see (24 playername ID 1111111 ) i use the first number like (#kick 24 ) is it correct or must put the ID behind #kick or do i somting wrong. After 1 min they return and make a sport whit the admin,srry but the admin will play not playing the game KickOffThatsDontWork its irri. Pls tell me if i do somting wrong or are more admins whit this problem if so BIS fix it, the fun is over in the game for som admins. greeted :d ---------- Post added at 05:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:46 PM ---------- Forget a line And olso read the wiki before i put the comment
  12. mokum

    Evolution bug list - any help?

    hello Yes the server where i play have change it need more points before u total free to use the t funtion and this gameplay i like it more. Great work what you have made Greetz :d
  13. mokum

    Evolution bug list - any help?

    Hello I hope that the t funtion can change a bit. In gameplay you can call allot off times the boms if you need for my feeling you can call to muts. It will be better if you can use the boms (arty or ICBM and athor chooses) not more than 3 times to use in gameplay. Did play this now many hours i have the feeling its to simpel gameplay make it bitt difficult put a limit on about to use it for every count off boms not more than 3 times.