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  1. Still did not work...as i said being lefthanded i use my number keys for movement,the radio channel keys are locked in somehow and i can't change them. I'm at a loss as it is very awkward to play with default keys,i need 3 hands :(
  2. There is 2 user configs key files...i changed both. Still no change and both configs edited. My clan mates are no wiser by this too. We have tried everything.
  3. I believe i have tried everything....but it wont hurt re-looking i guess. Will post back tomorow to let you know.
  4. Hi nkey, Don't know if its been mentioned but is there a way to change keys, I am lefthanded and i use my keypad for movement,both vehicles and infantry,so i was wondering if there is a way to change my keys because at the moment my keypad is used for switching channels and its made it very awkward for me. I have tried to change the keys manually in the user config files but it doesn't change it in game. Hope you can help Thnx in advance Squadie
  5. squadie

    Arma 2 - Game Spy Petition

    I have 2 version's of Arma 2,1 is retail,the other is steam,i want to know if my retail will still work as i dont have my steam version installed yet,or vice versa.
  6. squadie

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Ty Spyker and WASP,Went to your server to see,looking forward to updates,Good luck!
  7. squadie

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Just been playing v2.07,Units still fall to thier deaths unfortunately,and gear menu is a pain in the butt. Other than that all seems stable enough,no crashes or lag. Overall im enjoying it.:)
  8. squadie

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Hi derakoren. Thanks for the update,and could you help me try to understand the gear purchase screen,i try to get PCML missiles into my backpack,it takes my money but i don't get the item. Thnx Squadie
  9. squadie

    Can you spawn playable characters?

    In the zeus screen where you get lightening there is also an option for remote,you can jump into the action with that.
  10. squadie

    Can you spawn playable characters?

    With the remote function cant you just switch between different roles as you play?
  11. squadie

    Can you spawn playable characters?

    Just a thought ...why not create a non combatant...civilian as a player and remote into a combatant for missions.
  12. squadie

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Sorry we reloaded the mission..i will give you more info if it happens again. The mission was running for 2 days and when we logged on today the problem was there....we didnt look for npc's though. Btw were on Battlegroup -=XTRA=- server.
  13. squadie

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Thankyou for fast response. Just came across a new bug maybe... It's night time in the map and all the shops have dissapeared.Is that a feature or do we need to restart? Thanks Squadie:eh:
  14. squadie

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Hi Genesis92x First of all thanks for making this mission...its a breath of fresh air in my opinion. Now for some feedback. 1-could you put more help in the starting area as people may be confused as to what there supposed to do i.e how to get weapons and ammo. 2-a little tutorial or info on the settings menu too for new players. 3-this is my main beef....could you add a sector control for capped towns as there constantly under attack from opposing forces,sometimes there are way too many and its impossible to move away from areas(maybe thats me being nooby though)but it also lags like crazy when there is a hell of a lot going on. Thanks in advance :)