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  1. Hi guys, my ping is not the best in online games and I am trying to improve it a bit. I heard about possibilities to fix TCP communication through some changes in registry on Windows Vista/7. But the question is if it will help to optimize TCP cause I don't know if Arma2 MP is communicating over TCP or over UDP? Who knows this? Thank you!
  2. Alibaba327

    Which CPU is best for Arma 2 MP

    thx Mosh. I tried to search for such a thread but there were just too much (>500, if you search server, cpu). Thank you for show me this thread :)
  3. Alibaba327

    Which CPU is best for Arma 2 MP

    thank you, this means that higher clock is more important than a specialized server cpu!?
  4. Hi Guys, please can someone tell me what CPU is good for an arma2 Linux Server. Normally a server has specialized CPU like XEON or Opteron but does this also applies to Arma 2 Server? Exspecially 1. is a XEON 3220 really better than a Core i7-860? 2. is specialized server CPU more important than clock speed? What do you prefer. Actually we are running a Xeon3220 but within warfare we have sometimes less than 3 Frames if 20-30 Players are connected.