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  1. Hi guys, my ping is not the best in online games and I am trying to improve it a bit. I heard about possibilities to fix TCP communication through some changes in registry on Windows Vista/7. But the question is if it will help to optimize TCP cause I don't know if Arma2 MP is communicating over TCP or over UDP? Who knows this? Thank you!
  2. Hi Guys, please can someone tell me what CPU is good for an arma2 Linux Server. Normally a server has specialized CPU like XEON or Opteron but does this also applies to Arma 2 Server? Exspecially 1. is a XEON 3220 really better than a Core i7-860? 2. is specialized server CPU more important than clock speed? What do you prefer. Actually we are running a Xeon3220 but within warfare we have sometimes less than 3 Frames if 20-30 Players are connected.
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    Which CPU is best for Arma 2 MP

    thx Mosh. I tried to search for such a thread but there were just too much (>500, if you search server, cpu). Thank you for show me this thread :)
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    Which CPU is best for Arma 2 MP

    thank you, this means that higher clock is more important than a specialized server cpu!?