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  1. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    We just added vehicle fast travel this week and next week we'll be adding passive income multipliers. So extra cash for doing things like recon an enemy base, defending towns, staying alive for a length of time in a vehicle, etc, etc, etc.
  2. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Fake news, our CTI mission is open to the community. Join server, download mission, extract PBO and it's there.
  3. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    We tried all AI mods and they all have 1 thing in common, you can count on them to either cripple performance or cause even more game breaking bugs that are totally unexpected. In other news, OFPS CTI just released our BETA Finite Resources Project for BECTI where towns now provide limited amount of supply. Come try it with us and give any feedback you want; preferably on Discord since it's where many of us are. Server - Conquer the Island BECTI - OFPS.net : 2302 Discord - https://discord.gg/FzA5bEg Here's how it works
  4. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    AI performance impact to server as well as dumb AI are the reasons I'm not a fan of using them. You have to babysit AI constantly, they drive/fly like crap most of the time and are unpredictable. Why is a tank targeting rifleman when there are 2 AT soldiers firing at him just 10m to the left? Why did that truck decide to try and climb a mountain instead of using the road around him (and setting them to SAFE or AWARE does little). Why can't I tell AI pilots what altitude to stay at and why are AI gunners so bad at detecting targets that are 2+ km out? Once you know their weaknesses, AI are extremely easy to kill. Lets face it, BIS hasn't really done anything to improve AI in any way (performance to server or effectiveness); they behave very similar to OFP days.
  5. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    AI was essential in the original CTI because of the horrible netcode ARMA suffered from. Since late A2 that issue has been mostly resolved and why it's time to adjust the mission flow with the games progress (EUTW is an example of this). PvP / TvT is far more a challenge and more desired by the majority then PvAI.
  6. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I never saw the point of encrypting our mission either, that was more of a team decision. However, last I checked we don't encrypt the mission anymore and have been very open about allowing anyone interested in editing the mission; we've given GITLAB access to anyone who's asked (If you want to update the AI Comm / Squad Leaders be our guest). Also, SF_andy, I tend to agree with you about asking players to download CUP then our OFPS mod packs with the same units in them, it's a bit much. However there's a good reason for that; we do a lot of unit config edits. We tend to fix things like CUP Abrams tanks that could take 30 AT shells or T72s that didn't roll right; so it's a necessary evil. However, now that we have ARMA SERVER on a docker system, our next step is to fix the mission flow and then attempt to apply new themes like HALO CTI and Iron Front CTI; I'm fairly confident I can bring folks back. To be fair though, it's not OFPS CTI that's losing players, it's Arma 3 as a whole; it's an old game now. Let me make something clear about legacy CTI from Arma 2; the bad parts of it need to die. I don't know if it's nostalgia but many of you tend to forget how bad parts of CTI were in the past (Arma and A2). Missions that would never end due to terrible balancing, constant base attack attempts, constant artillery, the NEVER ENDING back and forth in towns; it was a game mode that NEVER ended and was constantly frustrating; not to mention the lack of communication/teamwork in the majority of CTI servers. Yeah I'm changing the mission up a bit and trying new stuff, but i'm only doing it because it needs to be done. CTI has a small player base for a reason, it's a frustrating game mode. However, it's remained alive by hardcore believers such as myself (and you), because we insist on playing through the bugs and frustrating parts of the mission because of the WONDERFUL things the mission does right (open world military shooter + RTS mix) it has all the potential to be a FANTASTIC game mode; the only mode that shows off ARMA in all of its glory. Many have tried extremely hard to "fix" this frustrating itch we call Arma CTI but IMO, all have failed. I define success when the game mode reaches KOTH/Life/Wasteland popularity and still retains the majority of what CTI is (base building, town capturing, commanders, upgrade trees, and complete freedom for any player to choose how he/she wants to contribute to the battle (whether it be recon, assault, defense, etc)). And a note on the CTI Single Player Experience, that's a piece of CTI that frankly very few people use. You guys are the minority of the minority, CTI is best played with other people; the AI is too easy to kill and win against. So if you want to see that fixed, jump on our gitlab and fix it; we won't stop you. Once Benny completes the FINITE town project, we're going to host the beta version of it on our server; join our discord if you want to get an invite for the match; I typically get 30+ players on the server for our rare "scheduled matches". -SS
  7. spanishsurfer


    The AI comm and squad leaders can be turned on for SP by params or a few edits in init_commonconstants. Sorry guys but discord is our main method of communication. No reason to not use it, it's free and has excellent apps for all platforms. Get onboard old men or get left out! ☺
  8. spanishsurfer

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Good to see discussion about CTI here. Just to clear up some debate on AI and CTI versions, OFPS doesn't do any work an AI commander. We like to keep the focus on PVP / Team vs Team. While we still use a ton of AI (Town Resistance and Town Occupation, Base Defenses, Up to 10 Player Controlled AI) we don't like the idea of AI taking Command; they do a piss poor job. I would like to comment that we are working on some new stuff. Coming soon we're going to try out Finite Resources and vehicle fast travel (to cut down on transit time, I hate it too but in order to stay popular this has to be tried out). Regarding FINITE RESOURCES, because BECTI is in fact an RTS mixed with a military FPS, BECTI has always had outrageous mission length time, sometimes going for 14-20 hours, because resources are INFINITELY feed to a team once they capture towns (supply and cash). After about 3-4 hours, most players who started a match want it to end but are unable to do so because of stalemates on both sides. It's hard to win against an opponent that never runs out of resources and has a very well defended base; you NEVER see this happen in any RTS out there (you always have to chase after resources because they run out). So I decided to contact BENNY and ask for help. He has been helping me implement the idea all week and we will soon schedule a match and try out a beta version of this idea. Here's how it works. Team captures a town worth 60 SV (supply value) Every minute, that town feeds 60 supply to the Commander making it worth about 3,600 supply (60SV*60min) After 60 minutes, that town is now worth 0/60, meaning it gives no more supply. Even if captured, it gives nothing to the enemy team. Base Factories now consume supply every minute. In a full base, that's about 16 buildings. In order for them to work, they need supply. If team supply falls below 0, the factories begin to lose health until they crumble; takes about 15 min or so. After all factories are down, team loses and match is over. As you can see this idea forces a team to continue to capture towns and feed the base with supplies; otherwise they lose. It's a similar idea to how Battlefield has used tickets to determine winners and losers for over a decade. This way attacking a base is not the only way to win. The other concept is vehicle fast travel. Which is going to be very limited and here's how it's going to work. Vehicle Fast Travel will require a new building (like a portal or something I don't know yet) or just an upgrade requirement. You will only be able to fast travel from base to a friendly town. The town must have all camps as friendly. Fast travel will consume player cash (10% of unit value) and friendly town supply. (If you fast travel a $50,000 tank, it will consume 5 town tickets, 1SV for every $10,000) The Commander must approve the fast travel (since it consumes supply) It will be limited by a cool down of 10 min. When used, your vehicle will appear over the town with a parachute at 200m Vehicle fast travel is still an idea and not implemented but the whole concept is to speed up the game and allow players to get into battle faster w/out allowing for spam or abuse. The fact that supplies will be limited and fast travel will use up supplies is a big deal. Anyway, just wanted to pop in here and say that OFPS is still working hard at tweaking CTI; glad to see so many other versions out there!
  9. Hi guys/gals! Our small gaming community is looking for help to make some changes to our mission (BECTI). Many of us are dads/moms with little time to dig in and make the changes we want on our mission. Anyone here want to make a few hundred $$$ by helping us out? We'd pay you via Paypal. We have a gitlab and a pretty robust dev process we've matured over the years, problem is we lost most of our coders and the 1 that's left just had his 2nd child, which has essentially taken all his time. We already have a plan on what we want done we just need someone with the time and talent to get it working; anyone interested join our discord: https://discord.gg/GfD2CU3 Thanks!
  10. Long awaited and your definitive guide into being a BOSS COMM in Capture the Island, the TRUE Arma experience. Enjoy! -SS
  11. We actually want to shorten the range. Is there anything in the configs for editing the artillery computer? They are set distances, they must be in there.
  12. Like the title says, I'm looking to see if anyone has seen or done this type of edit. Our CTI server is trying to find a solution to heavy artillery use on the server and before I begin messing with configs (which I'm a noob), I'm curious to see if it's already been done. Thanks for any tips/help!
  13. spanishsurfer

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    OFPS is having major signature issues with JSRS sound mod. It's my fav mod hands down and unfortunately we had to pull the keys for the main mod and enhanced movement due to an error that comes up in the Arma Launcher that says "Server can't transmit all data; some allowed mods might be missing or their signatures not recognized" as soon as we pull the keys, it shows green on the launcher....we add them back in, it shows red and the error comes up. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  14. spanishsurfer

    Whats happened to this community

    Some of the comments on steam catering to the young and immature are just not accurate. Within our community Steam has made it easy for older folks who are not IT savy to find our server, download and keep mods updated and play with us on a daily basis. Sure, some clowns make it on the server but we have admins to deal with them. Id rather gain new folks via Steam and filter out the immature folks then go back to the old system that frankly sucked. I'm speaking as an admin, without Steam we would have never been able to host a public server that requires 10GB of custom maps and content and survive for an extended period of time. I think it was already mentioned, some are confusing Steam discussions (which are toxic) with the distribution system/platform.
  15. spanishsurfer

    Favourite/Least Favourite Aspects of Warfare/CTI?

    So we do allow the use of the service menu at town centers however 2 caveats. First, a team must have the Forward Logistics 3 Upgrade (Not quickly obtained) and second there is an increased cost to use that option away from bases, a convience tax. So there is incentive for logistics. As for your comments on AA, we recently implemented BIS' uav statics from Jets DLC and they are extremely deadly. We are literally making changes and tweaks to our mission on a weekly basis.