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  1.  EO


    It's the Apocalypse man, there's no outboard, just 3 dudes paddling like a motherf*****!!
  2.  EO


    When travelling through the Apocalypse one must find new and innovative ways to get there... @johnnyboy dude, your longboat script is awesome.
  3. Here's hoping the DMCA will be removed, even with sub-standard ground textures these are still really great maps to have in A3. I'm still trying to get my head around a DMCA claim for work that is sourced from the ToH Data License package.
  4.  EO

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    If that's the case I'm really sorry to hear about that.
  5. I can't help you any further beyond this point, my question just seemed the most obvious considering your balaclava is not picking up a new texture through hiddenselections. Have you asked on the Arma 3 Discord, you might get more immediate help there.
  6. Had a blast flying around Seattle last night, thank you for your work...
  7.  EO


    This post has a template for adding your own custom soundtrack via the Ravage Atmosphere module. Welcome to the thread buddy!
  8.  EO

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    Unless you have specific evidence that your work is being uploaded, I don't see the drama here, why can't two similar projects share the same forum/workshop space. It's no different than, for example, the various versions of Chernarus(Redux, Isles, 2035) that co-habit the Workshop. From what I can see both projects have differing feature sets.
  9.  EO

    Arma 3 Sound files .ogg to big

    This is a neat little tool from KK, drag and drop your .ogg files and it generates a CfgMusic config. http://killzonekid.com/tracks2config-and-sound_duration/
  10.  EO


    Now I like the sound of that. ^^ Speaking of dreams, I once dreamed about "Bob"....no really it's true, we both travelled to East City Downs Racetrack on a dangerous mission to release some of his autonomous friends from Bandit slave masters who controlled and made money from these passive bots, making them participate in illegal drone racing.... ....wait, maybe it wasn't a dream after all.
  11.  EO


    Seems wrong to "like" your last post, considering the reference to lost data, that's a real bummer for sure man, sorry to hear about that. ^^