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  1. No, not really, I had a similar situation when configuring Frith Factions, also using Drongo's tools., never did find a solution either so just stuck to having separate pbo's for each config and didn't look back. Curious as to why the necessity to have them bundled into one pbo?
  2. Looks like Land_fs_Feed_F uses 6 different destruction effects upon explosion, not sure that will be easy to script into a solution for you.... class CfgVehicles { class House_F; class House_Small_F; class Land_fs_feed_F: House_Small_F { author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; mapSize=0.88999999; class SimpleObject { eden=0; animate[]={}; hide[]={}; verticalOffset=0.82599998; verticalOffsetWorld=0; init="''"; }; editorPreview="\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\Land_fs_feed_F.jpg"; _generalMacro="Land_fs_feed_F"; scope=2; scopeCurator=2; displayName="$STR_A3_CfgVehicles_Land_fs_feed_F1"; model="\A3\Structures_f\Ind\FuelStation_Small\fs_feed_F.p3d"; icon="iconObject_3x2"; editorCategory="EdCat_Structures_Altis"; editorSubcategory="EdSubcat_Services"; vehicleClass="Structures_Commercial"; cost=10000; memoryPointSupply="Refuel_pos"; transportFuel=50000; disableInventory=1; class DestructionEffects { class FuelStationSmk1 { simulation="particles"; type="FuelStationSmk1"; position=""; intensity=0.15000001; interval=1; lifeTime=0.001; }; class Light1 { simulation="light"; type="ObjectDestructionLight"; position="DestructionFire"; intensity=0.001; interval=1; lifeTime=0.5; }; class FuelFire1 { simulation="particles"; type="FuelFire1"; position="DestructionFire"; intensity=0.15000001; interval=1; lifeTime=0.5; }; class FuelDestr { simulation="destroy"; type="FuelStationDestr"; position=""; intensity=1; interval=1; lifeTime=1; }; class FuelSmoke1 { simulation="particles"; type="FuelFire1"; position="ObjectDestructionSmokeFuelS"; intensity=0.15000001; interval=1; lifeTime=0.5; }; class FuelSmoke2 { simulation="particles"; type="ObjectDestructionSmokeFuelS1_2"; position="DestructionFire"; intensity=0.15000001; interval=1; lifeTime=0.5; }; }; }; }; Curious as to what prop your wanting to use?
  3. Try reading the forum guidelines before posting your bile, you've clearly forgotten about the first guideline and your last post certainly invokes the fourth. Embarrassing.
  4. New Update: Tweaked electric sound in idle state. New classnames for all Zodiac/Rescue boats. Added additional support for all FIA and APEX factions. (This update creates the electric Zodiacs as their own asset within the Eden Editor) New Classnames: "B_Boat_Transport_01_E" (NATO) "B_Boat_Transport_02_E" (NATO PACIFIC) "B_Boat_Transport_03_E" (NATO FIA) "B_Lifeboat_E" (NATO) "B_Lifeboat_01_E" (NATO PACIFIC) "O_Boat_Transport_01_E" (CSAT) "O_Boat_Transport_02_E" (CSAT PACIFIC) "O_Boat_Transport_03_E" (CSAT FIA) "O_Lifeboat_E" (CSAT) "O_Lifeboat_01_E" (CSAT PACIFIC) "I_Boat_Transport_01_E" (AAF) "I_Boat_Transport_02_E" (INDP FIA) "I_Boat_Transport_03_E" (INDP Syndikat) "I_Lifeboat_E" (AAF) "C_Rubberboat_E" (CIVILIAN)
  5. Mods: Prilivsko (Flooded), Sullen Skies, Agile Zodiac (Electric Version), ReColor.
  6. An electric version of the Zodiac/Rescue boats. Replaces outboard motor sounds with an electric soundset. Tweaks the Zodiac making it more agile over water: Tighter turning circle. More responsive rudder control. Covers every vanilla faction. (BLUFOR, OPFOR, INDEPENDANT, CIVILIAN) Additional support for all FIA and APEX Factions. Zodiacs crewed by divers instead of soldiers. (NATO, NATO PACIFIC, CSAT, CSAT PACIFIC, AAF) SERVER KEY INCLUDED
  7.  EO


    @Vald77r Yulakia has been updated and is now fully compatible with Ravage.😉
  8.  EO


    @Vald77r Just a heads up, the next update for Yulakia should see full compatibility with Ravage return, just hold tight buddy, Icebreakr is on it.
  9. Good stuff! I tried retexturing/modifying some vehicles when reforger first came out, made some decent progress but the first major platform update completely broke the UAZ-469's I was working on. It also broke my motivation to try and fix it, my own fault for modding while it was in EA, shoulda waited till 1.0, lesson learned. Nice to see you back in and around the forums mate, missed ya!
  10.  EO


    Regarding Yulakia, there's a particular pbo inside the Yulakia mod folder that is causing the conflict with the Ravage Loot module which in turn is stopping it from populating structures on Yulakia with loot, that same pbo is also throwing up an error on start up whether Ravage is loaded or not, I've pointed this out to icebreakr so hopefully he may address it in an update, in the meantime I might upload a temporary fix for Ravage users. Regarding night camps, they still work as intended, even on Yulakia. (tried and tested)
  11. It would help if you provided the config your working from and maybe the error message too. Also, I'm assuming your repacking the mod for your own private use?
  12. Forgive my ignorance on this matter, but given Sullen Skies is map specific, why would you load a Sullen Skies mod if you aren't loading the required compatible terrain? I'm don't quite understand the logic. I'm happy to look into updating them but there's currently over 50 versions on the Workshop...