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  1. Converts the VR map into a flat frozen landscape. Try out every asset Arma 3 has to offer in the "Frozen Arsenal" "Frozen Arsenal" can be found under the Virtual Arsenal in the Tutorial Section. Features: Snow system. Ambient Birds. Character footsteps. Weather and Cloud system. Breath fog. (courtesy of Haleks) Credits: @haleks for allowing me to include his breath fog function. @Dedmen for his advice on the forum. @CUP for the snow system. ❄️ Steam Workshop. ❄️
  2. @icebreakr, since Panthera/Winthera utilizes CUP Core, the following code added to the Winthera config will replace rain particles for snow.
  3.  EO


    @Donnie_Plays, use DeRap from Mikero tools. 😉
  4.  EO


    If it's for something small scale you can add additional equipment by editing single zombie units straight from the editor, dress them up as you would like then add the following code to the zombies init... this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false]
  5. Hey man, your more than welcome to include any of my mods.
  6. Some make mods for realism, some make mods for fun, I make mods for fun....isn't that the beauty of Arma?
  7. Having already published the "Deserted VR" map, which converts the VR map into a flat deserted landscape, my next goal is to publish a "Frozen VR" map, which surprise, surprise converts the VR map into a frozen landscape. Any changes made to the VR map through configuration also carry over into the Virtual Arsenal which leads me to a problem I have.... One of the features I've added is replacing rain particles with the snow particles from CUP Core, everything works just fine and as intended when you open the Frozen VR map through the Editor. Howevr what I'd really like is snow to fall when you open the Virtual Arsenal, but the official A3 scenario that loads you into the VA has benign weather settings, meaning Overcast is set to 0%...this means when I load into the VA there is no snowfall. 😞 As you can see here I have already pulled the official VA mission file and edited the weather values to 60% Overcast... This leads me to 2 questions I have... TL;DR Can I publish an edited version of the official Virtual Arsenal scenario that changes the weather settings? If this is even allowed, is it then possible to repackage this scenario with my mod in such a way that when it's loaded it overwrites the official VA scenario? Any help with this would be much appreciated. ☺️
  8.  EO


    @ContheJon Enjoy! ❄️
  9.  EO


    Just recently updated, no mod requirements. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1935595359
  10.  EO


    By any chance is this request for Napf Winter?...If so, I have a patch for Napf Winter that converts rain for snow it's currently private but I'd be happy to publish it if it's useful. ☺️
  11.  EO


    I think v161 is the build your after, that was the stable version around October 2018, v162 was released late November 2018. Sent you a PM. ☺️