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  1. Addon Lun-class Ekranoplan (version 1.0) by SovietKot, VenoM218, SoldierEPilot. Ekranoplan has a maximum speed 280 km/h. Lun equipped 6 anti-ship missile SS-N-22 «Sunburn» and support turret with double autocannons GSh-23. Missile SS-N-22 «Sunburn» having maximum range - 6000meters. The addon can be found in the Editor under: >East>Armored>Lun-class Ekranoplan Archive UPDATE!!! Small fix. Download (Yandex Disk). Download (MediaFire). More screenshots: This addon requires: MCAR Scripts last version (MCAR_Engine.pbo) More information about the addon in the archive.
  2. VenoM218

    BRDM-2 pack

    BRDM-2 pack (v1.0) from Manfred and VenoM218 In game adds the following: East>MNF_Vehicles BRDM-2 BRDM-2 (Winter) BRDM-2U BRDM-2RKhB BRDM-2 (Sagger) BRDM-2 (Spigot) SA-9 (Gaskin) Resistance>MNF_Vehicles BRDM-2 Empty>Object Flag 'Danger Infected' BRDM-2 (Wreck) BRDM-2U (Wreck) BRDM-2RKhB (Wreck) BRDM-2 (Sagger) Wreck BRDM-2 (Spigot) Wreck SA-9 (Gaskin) Wreck More screenshots This pack requires: pack Crew from RHS (RHS_Crew.pbo) and MCAR Scripts version 0.9 or above (MCAR_Engine.pbo) More information about the add-on in the archive. Download (Yandex Disk) Download (MediaFire) Original thread on flashpoint.ru (Release of 23.11.2015)
  3. truck ZIL and island Alexia by Alex-J / Faceplant Civilian Pack
  4. Bulldozer by O_lga/Chernobyl Mod
  5. Power shovel by O_lga/ truck MAZ and island Alexia by Alex-J/Faceplant Civilian Pack