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  1. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    So I noticed that the 6B43 vest has been in the mod for a while, but just the empty version. Are y'all gonna add versions with different loadouts (rifleman, grenadier, team leader, PKM, SVD, medic, etc)? Its really a great looking vest, I love the high neck protection.
  2. Dallas Medina


    Well, I was confused because the zombies are on the purple civilian list in the editor. I've just got VCOM AI, ACE3, and OPTRE (the halo mod). My AI teammates will only fire at zombies if I point my cursor at the individual zombie and order them to attack, they aren't shooting them on their own. I did place some zombies down, group them to a CSAT soldier, then deleted the CSAT soldier (to make the zombies OPFOR) and my teammates engaged them on sight like normal. This still doesn't solve the issue of module-spawned zombies being purple and my AI won't shoot them unless I explicitly tell them to (giving individual attack commands on every single individual zombie)
  3. Dallas Medina


    Why are the zombies on the civilian side? And how can I get the zombies spawned from the module to be on the OPFOR side? I dunno if it's because I'm using VCOM AI, but friendly AI troops aren't shooting zombies because they are on the civilian side.
  4. So it's multiplayer only? AI won't be able to use it?
  5. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That T-14 looks sick. I'm curious, could you use the existing T-14 interior from the tanks DLC for it, or is that legally not possible?
  6. Dallas Medina

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    I played around with the demo missions last night, I found the AI accuracy to be very high. I also tried the location one, with the enemy chopper. I took a pot shot at the chopper on the ground and the crew and paratroops got out. It never dropped paratroopers on my pos. Also a huge bug (imo) is the enemy artillery will fire on my last known pos while an enemy squad is also rushing to my last known pos. I watched the enemy mortar friendly-fire kill 4 of their own dudes.
  7. Dallas Medina

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    I'll definitely be trying this out. It sounds like fun. As someone who only plays Arma by myself against AI, I'm always looking for new things to improve AI and make them more challenging as opponents and useful as allies. Question: are all of the AI features you've listed (reinforcements, artillery, etc) configurable in the editor using modules or do I have to make scripts for it?
  8. Dallas Medina

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I'm loving these uniforms the the accessories you've made for them. Very high quality and tons of variations to choose from. The pistol holster/belt is fantastic and works very well with other uniforms too, namely the vanilla A3 pilot uniform. Could you possibly add the leather GI gloves to the NVG slot?
  9. Could you add an option to your planes (in the unit attributes) so we can set the different insignia in the editor, instead of having to stop the plane at an airport. It would be nice to have AI controlled jets already at the mission start with custom insignia. As of right now, only human players can do it in-game.
  10. Dallas Medina

    Project injury reaction

    This really is an amazing mod. Totally worth ditching the clunky and annoying ace medical system. Thank you so much for this. The immersion is intense. I no longer feel like I'm fighting mindless robots but actual humans lol. Have you thought about implementing some form of the injury reaction to tank and vehicle crews? Perhaps if a tank is damaged and a penetrating shot injures the crew, they bail out and instead of running away, they limp or crawl. And for unarmored vehicles, maybe they can be injured and go unconscious and need to be dragged out of their seats. Just some ideas.
  11. Dallas Medina

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello folks, I'm looking for any gear mods that add ammunition pouches and ammo belts to the backpack slot. I'm doing this for the Halo 3 marines in the OPTRE mod. I already have the TAC vests mod which has 2 options, but I'm looking for more. Thanks.
  12. Dallas Medina

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Please don't let this awesome mod die!
  13. So, as I understand it, to utilize the mortars in ACE, you used to have to set down a module to enable handling of ammo. Now it's in the addon settings in the pause menu. The problem I'm having is I can open the mortar crates, but can't pick the shells up.
  14. Dallas Medina

    Best place for Arma 4 proposals?

    Here's what you do to make Arma 4 pefect: Keep everything about Arma 3 except the physics. I think the Euphoria engine used in Grand Theft Auto 5 would be perfect for soldier movement. Obviously, retain all of the special shooting positions and crouch/prone variations in A3. That's literally the only complaint I have about this series. The character movement is pretty cheesy and clunky. Oh, and a realistic armor penetration/deflection system like World of Tanks or something.
  15. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I agree with this. The Russian gear and uniforms are stuck in the 90s. At the very least, the current uniform models need varients with gloves and kneepads or something.