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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm super excited to play with the T-90MS. That thing looks so damn sexy.
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    RHS T-55 and MiG-21 when? (I know CUP has the ported T-55, and it looks like garbage)
  3. I'm having a few major issues in the latest version: commaning AI is useless. In combat mode, they don't listen at all. When I tell them to regroup, it instead says "join group". When I have infantry following me on foot while I'm in a vehicle, they will not listen to the stop or move command, they just keep following, and when combat begins, they get in my way. They also refuse to switch to aware when I order them to, if they are in combat mode. Another issue: If your character dies and you swiitch to another guy in the group to command the squad, they absolutely will not follow orders, but on top of this, a few seem to get stuck in some radio glitch where they say the same thing on the radio over and over and over again. And I hate to say this, but the explosives glitch is still not fixed: if carrying mines, explosives, etc, your character will lay them down without you wanting to. Sometime, it does the mine laying animation when you don't have anything.
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    When you look at the T-series tanks in the garage there's camo schemes listed as 1 thru 5, but they are just solid bright colors like white, blue, etc. What's that about?
  5. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd love to see someone make some Syrian Air Force MiGs, specifically the MiG-21 and MiG-23. I know theres a MiG-21 mod on steam, but its very outdated. Then theres the awesome MiG-21s in the UNSUNG mod, but the NVA paint scheme just doesn't fit :( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Air_Force
  6. How can I disable the uniform randomization? It's overwriting my custom compositions I made in the arsenal. I put this in a trigger "missionNameSpace setVariable ["VME_SR" = FALSE];" and it won't work.
  7. Yeah, me neither. Vanilla and RHS units don't do it. This mod is in major need of an update. It's throwing up all kinds of script errors. Also, any AI unit that has an explosive or mine will place it on the ground and usually detonate it, killing themselves and friendlies. I hope this isn't abandoned...
  8. Help building USS Liberty Template and NWU Type I

    So..... when's that release coming???
  9. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Does this work with ACE 3?
  10. I'm using ACE 3 and VCOM AI, and it's a real pain. AI don't help themselves. They never rearm, just constantly scream on the radio about being out of ammo. And medics? Forget it. They don't do anything, even when ordered to heal.
  11. "script damageReduction.sqf not found" This is why I hate scripts and don't mess with them. They are ridiculously complicated and never work. I need a code that I can place in the init field of the unit. Better yet the guys that made Star Wars Opposition just update the damn thing.......... I'll ask again, and this time more clearly: what code can I place in an AI UNITS INIT FIELD TO INCREASE THE BALLISTIC AND EXPLOSIVE RESISTANCE OF THEIR HELMET, VEST, AND UNIFORM? There's gotta be something, like "this setVestArmor 10" or "this setHelmetResist 5" or whatever. I've been searching all over steam and these forums and can't find anything.
  12. That seems like it will effect every single unit (which is bad, because the UNSC troops in the OPTRE mod already have maxed-out ballistic and explosive values for their helmets and vests), or just the player. Either way, I have an AI squad of Stormtroopers. They literally die in a single shot because the uniform and vest that makes up the stormtrooper armor has ZERO ballistic or explosive resistance, due to the laziness of the people that made SWOP. I need a code I can place in the init field of the AI, not a script. I tried this addEventhandler ["HandleDamage",{ params ["_unit","_selection","_damage"]; _damage * 0.3; }]; and they were still killed by a single chest shot, even a leg shot. I tried it again with a value of 0.01, same result. Instant death from a single gunshot. Again, I am using ACE3 if that matters.
  13. Ok... I don't get it. That's a whole lot of code. One seems to be a script, the other is seemingly placed in the units init. I would like one that's placed in the init, so I can copy and paste it to a custom composition I made of stormtroopers. Both seem vastly different. Which one is the correct one that will work? Better yet, I might as well de-PBO the Opposition mod and try to add ballistic and explosive resistance values to all the different armors, since that mod is horribly outdated and seems abandoned. Would that be easier?
  14. I can't find anything on it. Just a bunch of old stuff from 2016. Those don't work anymore.
  15. Currently, I'm using the Star Wars Opposition mod and the Operation TREBUCHET mod, along with ACE3. Just for shits n giggles I'm having the Empire fight the UNSC. Problem is, NONE of the Star Wars units have ANY armor rating on their equipment, whereas the UNSC armor values for their helmets and vests are almost maxed out. I was blasting away at 4 UNSC troops with a DLT-19 at about 150 meters and they were absorbing 10-15 hits before death. Stromtroopers go down with a single 7.62 shot. How can I increase the armor values of a units helmet and vest? I'm assuming theres some code to write in the init field. EDIT I should clarify: I specifically want to increase the ballistic AND explosive resistance of the helmets and vests for stormtroopers, clonetroopers, etc.