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  1. Fellow fellow mod creators, I am currently seeking a modeler who can import a model for me which i have been stuck with for the longest time 😞 . I purchased this big lady (cutter) a while ago however never have had luck finding someone who can import vessels. If anyone is willing to help me out with importing this big lady along with (if its possible) to get the sea wizz to work as well as if theres a possible way to set it so that rotary aircraft can land on the stern pad and “attach” to it so that the ship can be in motion without risk of collison and “flying” away, id be forever greatful. I understand that in this day and age most people dont like doing work simply because they enjoy it. Inorder to provide “motivation” & incentive , i would be willing to set whoever helps me out as joint authors when i upload it to workshop to share with the public for non-commercial use. If you also require some other means of compensation then , ill be more than happy to discuss that. If you’re interested please do not hesitate to contact me here on forums and/or on discord- Roman Sparkz#1436 below are the details of the model: Geometry - Polygon mesh Polygons - 36,680 Vertices- 39,453 Textures - Yes Materials - No UV Mapping- Yes picture of the cutter- looking forward to hearing from someone soon! - Roman
  2. Hello , One huge feature i really wish bohemia had for the Arma series is more detailed focus towards aquatic life. Though , there is a solution & thats to make my own mod for it. First thing i am trying to get on to my server is a shark. More specifically a Tiger Shark (Ill be leaving link to the exact model i have already purchased). Now sadly, i do not have the slightest idea how to model and add models (especially animals) as i myself am a terrain/map maker. So here i am. Im looking for someone who can get my shark ingame. Id like for the shark to be able to swim around. Obviously i'd also like for the shark to be able to attack a person if they are in the water for too long. I have seen something like this before in this video. Id really appreciate whatever help is offered. Im willing to fullfill whatever conditions of said creator. I understand that this is a big feat for any creator however i am very patient and understand that a lot of work is required to make this a possibility. I also have modelers who are exceptionally talented in their trade and they would be more than willing to assist if needed. Feel free to shoot me a private message and we can discuss everything. Hope to hear you soon! Link to model that ive purchased for this project: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/animals/fish/tiger-185058d9-a4b6-44e2-8f59-1151b3ecdd0a
  3. hi im having issues trying to figure out exactly the proper thread to post what i intend to. I have a question regarding Modeling primarily with configs of a model i am attempting to import (specifically a ship) and im just not entirely sure where the proper location would be for me to ask about 3d models. Any help would be much appreciated 😃
  4. Hello. Im almost complete with my community project. We are a custom hardcore rp community and aim to bring content to which havent been seen before in A3. We currently have roughly 180 members who are all great people who love the game and not the drama that comes from within. we are monetized by bohemia and licensed with dmca and copyrights so content usage/security isnt an issue. We have had quite the journey with development and we are nearly there! The final obsticle we face is the configs and the misson file. basically we have 2 issues that may be quite embarrasing but they are whats stopping from launching. Its been a very difficult journey with many people betraying the our trust or simply filling us with false hope of promises that were never kept and as of result it has been causing numerous delays in development. 1. Our Mission file. It is complete however it was done originally for lakeside. However since then i have began to make a new map and we need to transfer the mission over to my custom map. Which would include renaming the npcs & placing the npcs in correct areas. 2. Configs. Our configs require slight editing of prices for stuff as well as renaming the configs from the name we previously has to the current community name. Now these two (2) tasks will only get my community up and running at a semi functional stage. However, we still are looking for individuals who can further assist us in other ways , as well as creators who are looking for a more permanent residency as a content creator. Compensation will be made available to those who dedicate their time and effort in helping improve our community. positions we currently have open are - Scripters - Animators - texture artist (textures for things such as GUI, vehicles, 3D models , & terrains - Database work If anyone is able to please assist us id be most greatful and would love to show my appreciation in generous ways to the people who can help 😉 . if anyone is interested in helping us with this , then please do not hesitate to message me via discord and/or steam and ill get back to you asap. Discord- Roman Sparkz #1436 steam url- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983100040/ hope to hear from you soon! Thank you! - Roman
  5. thanks alot !much appreciated ❤️
  6. Hi i have two questions id like to ask for anyone that may know the answer to. 1. I have a community and wish to bring in more content creators to join the team. Is there a proper forum thread where i can post an add here on the forums about recruiting content creators? If so what is a proper thread to post in? 2. A little while ago i purchased a model from cgtrader to which i imported into arma. Earlier i found out another individual has purchased the same exact model as well as the same license (royalty free license) , uploaded their model to the workshop & claimed it as they are the owner of it and no one is able to use the model if they are monetized communities. My question is , how does this exactly work? I dont want to get issued a false dmca or have bi yoink my monetization because of some ding dong claiming a model as his. Is it like first come first serve when you import models? Like as in if a person imports a model they can claim ownership because they were the first ones to import it and upload ? Or do i still have rights to use the model under my purchased license? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  7. thank you very much that was a huge help! much appreciated !
  8. who said i "stole" anything? my server isnt even released yet? id appreciate it if you can keep your assumptions to yourself as im just doing as i was told which was ; to come here and ask for assistance.
  9. Im not entirely sure thats why im asking here because for example the Xphone script. Ive had about 15-20 people already claim to me they were the original creators of it. So i want to confirm as to who owns the content and how to contact said people.
  10. Hey guys ! Im in the process of finalizing my modpack for my community. My community is monetized and we are aiming towards doing everything within BI policies and terms. However, the issue i have come across now is the simple fact that i just cant seem to figure out who owns some of these .pbos in order to contact the creator of said mod and request permission to use their content. Ive also heard from other people that some of these mods dont require permission however, id rather be safe than sorry. If anyone can please identify the owners / original creators of these mods so i know who to contact , would be a huge help ! big thanks in advance 🙂 mods to which im looking for permission to use .. MM_buildings.pbo MM_residental.pbo (basically all of “MM_” stuff) catalina_objects.pbo EM_Buildings.pbo Taunus_markierung.pbo (specifically the “stein.p3d” decal) & “plp_.pbo” mods Its just too hard to indicate (atleast for me ) who the true creators / rights holders of these mods are & i greatly appreciate the help in advance if anyone can tell me who and where to find/contact these creators. Thanks ! P.S- appologies if i posted this in the wrong forum section as im not entirely too sure where else to turn to.
  11. Ive recently began working on my latest map. Its been quite a while since ive had to start a project from scratch and would be only my third (3rd) map. How ever i am having a few issues and kindly ask for your input for a possible solution to these problems. 1- My Maps clutter does not seem to be working. I am not entirely sure what the issue may be. The config , doesnt have any errors within and quite frankly im not too sure what else information anyone may need but feel free o shoot me questions and whatnot as im not entirely sure what other information i can provide that would help. 2- For some odd reason the rocks on my map do not seem textured? By this i mean , i can spawn rocks and stuff on xcam and then import to terrain builder. However after it is already in terrain builder, When you repack the .PBO , ingame you will see that the rocks are a blank grey texture. I also while on the subject about rocks... why is it when i spawn like 40-50 rocks , that (ingame) i start generating about 10fps dispite the rock has already been imported into bulldozer? Questions you might ask me : Q: Did you follow pmc A: Yes Q: Did you set up "P" drive using arma3p? A:Yes Q: What do you pack your mods with? PBOproj Q: Can we see a "Pastebin" of your config? Yes, if requested i can provide a config.