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Looking for modeler to help import a vessel (ship)

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Fellow fellow mod creators, 

I am currently seeking a modeler who can import a model for me which i have been stuck with for the longest time 😞 . I purchased this big lady (cutter) a while ago however never have had luck finding someone who can import vessels. If anyone is willing to help me out with importing this big lady along with (if its possible) to get the sea wizz to work as well as if theres a possible way to set it so that rotary aircraft can land on the stern pad and “attach” to it so that the ship can be in motion without risk of collison and “flying” away, id be forever greatful. 

I understand that in this day and age most people dont like doing work simply because they enjoy it. Inorder to provide “motivation” & incentive , i would be willing to set whoever helps me out as joint authors when i upload it to workshop to share with the public for non-commercial use. If you also require some other means of compensation then , ill be more than happy to discuss that. If you’re interested please do not hesitate to contact me here on forums and/or on discord- Roman Sparkz#1436


below are the details of the model: 


Geometry - Polygon mesh

Polygons - 36,680

Vertices-  39,453

Textures - Yes

Materials - No

UV Mapping- Yes

picture of the cutter- 



looking forward to hearing from someone soon! 
- Roman 

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I'm the creator of the HSSV 72 fast logistics trimaran.


I could help you with importing this ship.... but...

Consider that if the ship is longer than 72 meters it will have colission problems..



Just PM me if you are interested...

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