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  1. Not this has been asked, but are there currently any other more buildings being remodelled in progress?
  2. I concur, and this is the result from porting reloads from RHS and NIA: But all good if there are no new FAL reloads in the works any time soon. Besides, anyone can do this, and they should for their preference.
  3. Hey all, I'd like to share my first mod, a audio mod for CUP that ports most of the weapon sounds from ARMA 2 into CUP. Video Demonstration: Features currently include: - Nearly all firearms have their audio replaced by their ARMA 2 counterparts. - Firing, and foley sounds are in accordance to their ArmA2-counterparts (or, at least so). The mod has been active for awhile now on armaholic, but I thought I just share it here too as well. Download link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34736 Enjoy.
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    NIArms Release Thread

    @Bartosz Jur If you are using the All-In-One version, only CBA is required to run. Only run NIA core if you are using the individual weapon packs.
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    All The Weapons

    Hey can you PM it? Thanks.