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  1. TomMack

    Jet DLC showcase

    Having recently been able to get inside that showcase, it has all the hallmarks of a BIS mission.
  2. TomMack

    Updates on all branches

    I'm blind.... you know, I just assumed that thread wasnt updated anymore. Thank you so much!
  3. TomMack

    Updates on all branches

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was, or maybe their should be, a place where all the updates pushed to all the branches are given a thread showing what has changed. I understand the we have OPREPs, SITREPs etc. But on DEV-BRANCH we get so many updates, and often big (>1GB) updates that I cant find any info on. Is there an existing thread that I've been blind to or maybe one should be started, just a simple changelog or quick description would be great to see. Thanks, Tom
  4. As I mentioned in a different thread - here is a modified version of the script to handle ammo boxes. This modified version saves specific ammoboxes, in an area which can be defined with a radius, to the profile namespace. This makes it very useful for persistent missions. This version remove compatibility with multiplayer and Dedicated servers however. saveAmmobox.sqf : https://pastebin.com/7Z5M37hp loadAmmobox.sqf : https://pastebin.com/UBDjKLGq As mentioned in the comments of the scripts; do add different types of ammobox, you cant go to this link (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_Equipment) and "find" (ctrl+f "Ammo") the different ammobox classnames, alternatively, you can right click the ammobox in 3DEN editor and Log > Classnames. Thanks so much to XBWB for the basis of the script and helping me to produce this version. P.s. My additions to the script have been commented.
  5. Alrighty. Thanks so so much! I've made some additions so it handles ammobox's. It may be very useful for you to see too. I'll make a reply to your scripts thread instead tho. Once again, thanks both of you. Tom
  6. This worked perfectly, thank you.
  7. I created an array called "_ammoBoxClass" which contained the classes of the ammo boxes I wanted saved and changed the ForEach to the array I'd made. However i get this error... In the saveVehicle.sqf I added... _ammoBoxClass = ["Box_IND_AmmoOrd_F","Box_IND_Wps_F"]; ...line after the "SURV_VehiclesLoaded" = false; line then changed the ForEach line to say.. } forEach _ammoBoxClass; Any ideas? Having an array of the classes I want saved would be very useful indeed. Thanks.
  8. Can this be modified to only save ammo crates within a certain area?
  9. Never mind, seemed to work having tried it a second time, many thanks. I suppose for ammo crates and/or units, i can create an array of object classes and stick that array name into the nearEntities function? or even better the ID names of the objects.
  10. thanks, While it didnt return any errors, the code didnt work.
  11. Thanks for the response, I'm not using this on a server and while I understand that the base code will still work... filtering through the server side stuff on the GitHib link is really difficult. For example; I dont understand how it can get the variable for the position or the direction (it just gets a variable, which isnt defined in that script). Obviously you can use "position" and "direction", but it isn't explained. I want a way to check if the unit is alive too and most importantly, be able to carry the cargo from inside a container across. Something like this :: "all vehicles in this area/trigger" get pos, direction, health and save to namespace save to namespace "content of all ammo crates in this area/trigger" //buddy if (alive buddy) then {buddy-alive = true} <--- save this variable to namespace (this can be checked in the next mission and if true, then he will be visible.)
  12. Hi all, I need to save certain objects, like vehicles, weapon crates (and their contents) as well as units. Also, for destroyed vehicles and killed units to not be saved to the namespace. How would I do this? Currently I have been able to load and save a units loadout to the namespace (using get/setUnitLoadout), but have not been able to get further. Thanks, Tom
  13. Thanks for the response. I have sorted now... I was calling the already assigned task as succeeded before cancelling the other task. The reason it showed as assigned was because the notification was queued from that task being the next in line to be assigned.