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  1. Hey there. Up to the 1st of August, 2019, there will be no new Videos, Updates, Changes and/or other similar things surrounding the PMC Sandbox. Why? I need a big break from the crazy and uncomfortable script environment of ArmA. Second, i want to make my functions and/or scripts future-proof and better adaptable so i need a good work-plan for that. SQF is sadly not a nice language to work with. As i told you somewhere: I have workarounds, to make workarounds working that are a workaround for a workaround to make something happen. Wanted to say this since 1 or 2 weeks already. I hope you understand that the closed & open alpha-times will be a bit later then as well. Enjoy the summer, stay crunchy and caw caw.
  2. Hello there. It was to be foreseen but i have to take a vacation from Arma for some time now. Either this week or this whole (rest of the) month. Also i have some bugs to fix. From the start to the last things i did, i worked for 12 - 16 hours straight on arma scripting. Here's the weekly video folks: Have a nice week and caw caw.
  3. Heyho. Today i make it very very short. There is relatively bad news and good news. Enough tippidido, more lookilo: Have a wonderful start in your week and caw caw.
  4. Hey there. It is Monday and i wish you the best possible start in this week. As usually, i put out my roadmap, news and updates video for you: Enjoy and have an awesome week. Stay crunchy and caw caw.
  5. Hey. The following is not working: Function: setDbName Usage : ["setDbName", "newdbname"] call _inidbi; Output : nothing I have this here: private _dbArs = ["new", "Merc Arsenal"] call OO_INIDBI; ["setDbName", "yeahSo"] call _dbArs; If anyone has any clue, that would be neat. The (enormous!) workaround i have to do is ridiculous.
  6. Greetings! Its Monday and its time for our weekly News & Roadmap Video. Enjoy: Stay crunchy and caw caw.
  7. Hello and a wonderful Weekend to you! Today i present you the IED Script which is completely randomised. It has three different settings: Trainings- and Live-Mode as well as Difficulty. Have a nice weekend and caw caw.
  8. Hello there, i bring you a new Video. This time its about the Geneva Convention System. Basically, doing WarCrimes and being seen doing it, is kind of a bad thing. But enough - Video explains it. With a flutter of our wings and a loud caw caw. Stay crunchy.
  9. Hey. I made a screenshot. All i could say, i am pretty astonished that there is still Social Media in 2040. Dang, should've looked around for Witnesses... Run, Vangelis, run... Stay crunchy!
  10. Swoooooosh! Flying in with the newest episode of News, Updates & Roadmap for the week. Stay crunchy and caw caw.
  11. nnnnnYYYOOOMMM! Here comes the episode 02 of the Mission Generator. This time a bit longer to show a little bit more detail how the script works. You have to start somewhere and i added in the first military outpost so you have at least 2 missions now. Enjoy! Update to Episode 02: Stay crunchy and caw caw.
  12. Flutterflutter! Heyho and back with a new Video! Is it Christmas? Nope but the random mission generator is now fully working! Alltogether with a Mission - well, just one for now but its working and you have to start somewhere, right? It generates a Mission randomly on the Map and the first one is a Civilian-Enterprise Mission where you have to deliver a specific item to another person. Since its Civ-Enterprise there may be Enemies. Enough of the words, lets show the result! Enjoy the rest of the week, stay crunchy and caw caw!
  13. Caw Caw! The week begins and it is time for two, yes, two videos. One is about our first class being (kind of) introduced and the second video is our weekly news, updates and roadmap video. I hope you enjoy it and that you're looking forward to play this scenario or at least, see what it will evolve into. This week there may be a couple more videos coming but i would not go all in on that. It depends how quickly i can work my way through a couple of minor problems with the mission generator. ENOUGH, no more words, let the videos Speak! Feature 08: CyTec Specialist's main ability: News, Updates & Roadmap Episode 05: Have a great time and a motivating caw caw to you!
  14. Just a small Information. (No Pics? No Video? Shame! Shame! Shame! Our (small) masking scripts, no matter if for vehicles and/or personel, are now in the skilled hands of "CyTec Specialist"-Operators. With a firm look towards the "Infantry of the Future" we belive that future conflicts are often and/or as well with and/or within cyber-technologies (Intranet, Internet, Satelite Systems and so on) fought. Those future conflicts are often fought by CyTec Specialists which at least will or would be integrated to the general military forces. A future look into "Masking" "The Mask" is purely electronic and is overwatched by the armed forces communication & satelite network of the respective military force (East, West, in Arma's case). Because of that, every war participant of those military forces, at least the CyTec Specialists and higher ranked Officers, know always when/where/why something is as it is. That means, in short, you just cant overtake an enemy vehicle and use it to "hide" yourself as those forces. The crew before you will most likely have sent a signal by themselfes and/or automatically that the vehicle is 'destroyed/overtaken' and/or similar. This makes "vehicle stealth" impossible without a CyTec Specialist. Those decrypt the intern vehicle codes and re-send them into the satelite-network of the enemy faction to mask the identity of themselfs and mark them as a general vehicle of those enemy forces and can now be used for espionage, intelligence and/or surprise first-strike. The maskFramework is mostly done and the first function is already in testing. A Video of this feature will be out most likely on monday or i will say a word about it in the weekly roadmap/news/update video when we can expect this feature to be presented. Well, have a great friday and caw caw.
  15. Hey there. I uploaded this weeks news & updates episode 04 with, as usual, another roadmap for this weeks as well as a update for feature 07: shooting house/platform which are now configurable to some degree. Enjoy your awesome week and have a great time. News and Update Video Episode 04: Update: Feature 07 - Shooting Platforms: Stay awesome and caw caw!