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    Artillery lethality......

    I also wish the visual effects would be more realistic. I liked how they did it in Op FP, Dragon Rising. Very nice looking.
  2. lavbo0321

    Collision Lights Won't Turn Off

    So noticed that a flight of aircraft, at night, one aircraft will have it's collision lights one. But as soon as combat starts, they turn off. Why can't the drones lights turn off?
  3. lavbo0321

    What did the updates brake now

    I had to delete all of my mods to get ARMA back to 'normal'. And I still get a dump error when the game starts about a missing cnf file for some type of ammo from a mod I tried years ago, and didn't like. I might have to do a clean uninstall and reinstall. I am old enough to remember all games used to be a struggle to get them to work. No so anymore. But ARMA is 'different'. My Steam never gave me any grief until the update. Now it freezes and loads very very very slooooooooooowly.....
  4. lavbo0321

    Arma 3 AI targeting

    BI plans on fixing the AI in Q427. In other words don't hold you breath. It isn't on their road may anyway. The AI is not what I would call Good. Something less.... Just make the AI pilot playable and do it yourself. You will save a lot of frustration that way. And yes this topic is an old one.
  5. lavbo0321

    Collision Lights Won't Turn Off

    So is that it. You can't turn them off? There is not obvious way to turn them off like in some aircraft. No drop down, no key binding???
  6. The missiles on the drones will only lock on a heated target that is in front of the drone. If you turn and lock onto a target with Ctrl+T or the number pad, the missile will not lock onto it or hit it as it worked before the last upgrade. Unless the target is whiten the missiles cone of view, in front. Dropping bombs works great. You find a target, Ctrl+T, then lase it, and then hit T to get the diamond, and when the bars are solid, drop the bomb. No solid lines and the bomb will miss. Unless I am missing something, please educate me.
  7. So I deleted all mods and addons. BOOM. My AT teams work fine. And now, all my AI units detect and fight normally now. So one of my old mods was messing with my game. However, the drones have to be in a nose dive pointed right at a target to get a lock. This is dumb! and unrealistic. The bombs work great, but you only have 2 on a Sentinel. I can't loiter at a nice safe altitude and rain death from above like before. Just like we do in Pakistan and the middle East. You have to dive down and get a lock before fire a missile off. This needs to be fixed.
  8. Pet Peeve. I can't turn off the collision lights on my drones. Even the new Sentinel. Seems very unrealistic to have our stealthy drones up there lighted like a Christmas Tree...... Is there a way to turn them off I am not aware of. There is noting in the options, or settings........ Thank you in advance.
  9. I did verify. I do get random errors on startup saying I am missing something from some random mod config folder. Tonight, I will do a clean sweep, and reinstall. And, I am not the only one having these issues. Also, I read that Dev post. My game doesn't work like that. When I am lasing a target from a ground or airborne platform, it never works as advertised. I will update once I have a clean game. Most of my mods are old, and I am sure they are somehow degrading my experience.
  10. I turned off all Mods. I am thinking of deleting all of my mods and reinstalling ARMA 3 all together. I just updated all of my drivers. Still no joy.
  11. I was testing this with the armed drones and they will no longer hit what I am pointing at. The OPFOR drones work fine, but the Blue force missiles don't work. They won't hit hot or cold armor. Not so long ago, the missiles would hit what ever you were looking at. Now they just fly off. Also, when they do lock on a target, they miss by a few feet. No kills. Was this supposed to make the game better, because it hasn't. It isn't fun nor 'realistic'. Please take a closer look at this.
  12. lavbo0321

    Enemy Detection and Fighting Stopped

    So I removed units and objects slowly and backtracked trying to find the culprit. Looks like the mission is broken and can't be fixed. I will need to start over. Has anyone else seen this bug?
  13. I put a column of 8 T-100's going down a road in Safe Mode. Cold night. Clearly visible in Thermal mode. I set up four AT teams, 8 launchers. Not one guy fired off a missile. They reacted to the tanks, even put the missiles on their shoulders. They took a knee, sighted in and no one fired. So, no it isn't working and hasn't been working since the Jets DLC came out. UPDATE: I resolved my issues by deleting all of my mods and addons. One of them must have been interfering in my game.
  14. Hello, So Peace has broken out in my ARMA 3! Units won't detect or fight other units. No mods. Using eden editor to create simple missions with High Command.
  15. lavbo0321

    Jets dlc - AG MACER

    The Air Force didn't want to get rid of the A-10. Only corrupt generals who wanted a fat commission for building a replacement did. The A-10 can find/lock/track up to 8 targets simultaneously day/night with radar/IR, from a stand off distance, in 2017. The Wipeout is aptly named, because you will wipe-out!