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  1. GrogNog-e8af91c06399c530

    Detect Players with Main Wepons in area

    I mean multiplayer
  2. Hi, i am fairly new to coding and i am wondering is there a way to detect if a player inside of a zone designated by a trigger has a weapon out or equipped and if so change the relation between indie and blufore, so far I am using this; this && !(currentWeapon player isEqualTo "AssaultRifle"); resistance setFriend [west, 0]; west setFriend [resistance,
  3. GrogNog-e8af91c06399c530

    Getting An Issue with Drive Load Error

    Hello I don't know how to format this and i am experiencing an error when i load the game i get this Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1072) and i uninstalled and reinstalled battleye, restarted computer and it still didnt fix it any ideas?