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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    We need a Tron Mod in Arma. With working light cycles. Maybe, the mod can even JUST BE the light cycles. We don't really need anything else because we already have the VR Neon objects and other stuff in the base game, plus we have other mods with neon plasma guns. Would be cool to see light biking come to the game, and it could also start a community of players who would run their own Tron servers just for biking.
  2. Whoops, sorry. I'll make sure to repost this there. I'll also have this post deleted. Thanks for reminding me Jackal326.
  3. I am not a mod developer by any standard of measure. It's just that I believe that out of all the mods that Arma 3 has in its dedicated workshop, there is no mod that provides anything related to Tron. Now I am not suggesting that there be an entire game conversion mod with functional derezzing and new Grid maps because most of the stuff needed for Tron is already in the base game. We have, for example: - The VR Map, which can be played on like the Tron Grid. - VR Neon Suits, which look like the neon circuitry on the characters of the Tron franchise. - VR Neon objects like walls and gates and ramps, etc. I'm just saying that maybe we don't need to have everything. Maybe we can just try to add in the basic elements from the films and try to replicate them. Now about the light cycles: I'm not confident enough in Arma-3's game engine for it to run a full-on liquid simulation of light trails emitting from a glowing leaning crashable motorcycle with blue headlights. The light cycles that I think would actually be possible in the game, would be the light cycles from the 1982 Tron film. They emit light trails, and they turn left and right exactly 90 degrees all the time. That kind of simplicity would be perfect for Arma's game engine, and it wouldn't cost so much performance loss on single-player missions and on multiplayer servers. I've been, rather ludicrously I may add, begging mod devs around Discord to at least create a functional light cycle. I once even tried to make my own script for a light cycle using a white Yamaha racing motorcycle mod, and the VR Gate objects, eventually arriving at a disappointing failure of a script. So if any of you mod developers, scripters, or editors want to come together and finally think about the possibilities of Tron in Arma, and how much players would love to see their digital dreams come to life, please say so. I'd love to get a team going and finally get this done. By the way, my Discord is Dog#7148. You can contact me there if you want.