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  1. Here is a gif showing the very fast strafing speeds of players and how players prefer strafing over taking cover: https://imgur.com/a/Fbyvrk3 Strafing speed should be reduced
  2. Because by the time players get to higher ranks they will prefer using btrs and helicopters instead of going through the trouble of setting up a construction truck and then driving it to a location to build a mg.
  3. I think what makes this game better than Squad is that when players attack a town they have to get there from a spawn point (another town) that is often 1-2 kilometers away. That effort and investment makes firefights more intense because there is more to lose than in Squad. So please do not replicate what Squad has, which is convenient spawns placed by squad leaders and firebases close to the action. Because that turned Squad into an arcade fps game, and the avoidance of that kept Reforger from turning into an arcade shooter. So I would like to suggest to not make spawning close to the action easy or convenient. In the current conflict gamemode there are 2 ways for close spawns which are deployed radios and command trucks. Their availability should be limited more than it is now (or completely removed).
  4. Squad is a fun game however its suppression system is a simplification that relies too much on screen blur and vignette. Vignettes and "color correction" ruins the visuals of a game. And in Reforger players will spend a lot of time in firefights with bullets whizzing by. So the better way to do suppression is: Copy Red Orchestra 2 suppression (the part with the aim twitch). In RO2 when a bullet whizzes past the left of a character, that character's camera view is genty swayed a minimal amount towards the bullet after it passes. It feels like a gentle but firm push on the shoulder pushing it back. It is a very short effect and it just is enough to throw off the character's aim. That would be better than copying what squad has. Because Reforger is good because it avoided a lot of what squad does.
  5. Currently most scopes in the game fill out the entire screen which takes away a lot of the "magic" of picture in picture scopes. Could you add a hotkey to perhaps smoothly (or in steps, or in one step) move the weapon and scope further away from the eyes?
  6. caracal

    Remove Exploding vehicles

    I would like the opposite, the game having less vehicles however simulated at higher detail. Most of the fun from Reforger is based on the low amount of assets (compared to previous arma games) however a much higher quality. For example I like that they put so much animation detail into getting into all the vehicles with their get in animations over having more vehicles with just cloned entry animations or no entry animations at all.
  7. I have noticed in a lot of close combat situations players using the fast strafe speed to dodge enemy fire. it is not as bad as in EFT (because in reforger one is often enough to end the fight) however it is still a bit too fast.
  8. caracal

    Remove Exploding vehicles

    The game already has a very detailed damage model. if you hit a truck with an rpg it accounts for what materials it hits . If the warhead goes through the door it will mostly fragment through empty space in the interior. if the engine block is hit it will be different. in its current state the damage model is WAAAAAY more advanced than any other fps game.
  9. I don't think it would wear off. Night battles are fun because of the extra confusion and all the tracers. If nvg would be added then even price would not be able to balance it, because everyone would just camp in the base until they can afford nvg. Also the game looks very nice at night with the different light sources. And the tactical choices, like using a car to illuminate an area, or using light signals to communicate.
  10. Please allow for more night time battles on the official conflict servers. By that I mean slower time acceleration and more mission starts that are time around dusk or deep in the night. Because Night time offers the tactical choice of keeping your flashlights off or to use tracers to show your friends what you shoot at (with the trade off of the enemy seeing it too) It adds to the gameplay of coordination and teamplay because of the extra effort needed to coordinate among the more disorienting things I would like also like to sugges to NOT make night vision a part of conflict mode, because once they are added to the game it will be like all previous arma games: no one will have a night battle anymore, it will all just be green, and that would then give the developers an incentive to not work on night time graphics or night time gameplay anymore. Also no one would use flares, and no one will even dare go out of base unless they equipped night vision goggles. Reforger is basically the first fps game where dark nights are a solid part of the game and not just a backdrop for a "zero dark thirty" fantasy.
  11. caracal

    First impressions and feedback

    Additonal feedback: Steering rate setting Steering rate setting: Can you add a steering rate setting in options? So the rate of steering can be lowered or increased? I feel like currently I have to very quickly tap A or D to steer and not accidently oversteer. Engines turning off when exiting car: Make turning engines off a toggle, so it does not automatically turn off everytime you quickly want to get out of the car to check something.
  12. Does it mean the game has the underlying logic for it and the mod just enables it, like a hidden feature? Or is the mod sort of a hack to simulate it? I think weapon deployment is an integral feature to a modern realistic fps like this. So it would be great for a dev to confirm it.
  13. caracal

    AI sees too far!

    I would disagree. There should be situations where the AI is aware of players before the players see them. Or the game would just be a target shooting exercise.
  14. Just played the game for an hour (tutorial) and this is a list of feedback from the experience I have so far. First the things I would like to see improved or changed: The character automatically enables and disables the safety when lowering or raising the gun. This should be detached from this action, so there is more gameplay granularity. Operating the safety should be separate and something the player could do while the gun is raised or lowered without changing the weapon stance. Also it would remove that annoying delay when lowering the weapon where the character first appears to not respond to it because he is enabling the safety. Note: Delays are good in this game for animations. Just in this particular case it would be mroe responsive if the player could skip the safety operation. Also for roleplaying and practical purposes sometimes I just want to lower the gun quickly without operting the safety switch. Players currently can not put their rifle on the back and be unarmed. At least I assume that because I found no way to do it. For role play purposes it should be possible to switch to unarmed and put the rifle on the back Please add a walk toggle, currently there is only a hold. I would like to walk most of the time, because it damages immersion if I am in an rea where I want to move slow (for roleplay purposes, or when in a tense situation with my rifle still lowered) Can you smooth out the camera transitition when getting out of vehicles so there is no more violent snap between the players orientation and the end of the get out animation? Note: It is fantastic that your game allows for players to still move their view in these canned animations, it takes out a lot of stiffness out of it. Do not change that, this is great. Just smooth out the end of the animation so the view does not snap. Gear shifting: Can you please add the option for manual gear shifting. Driving is a lot of fun, however the game shifting for me in the wrong moment is irritating. Also it would enhance gameplya if I had total control over RPM and when to shift. Currently, when driving the willy's jeep, in slow turns (almost walking speed), there is an excessive amount of shifting going on which a normal driver would not do. Gear shifting sounds are great, however the engine sound of a jeep would be a lot noisier and slightly overpower that sound with an open interior like this. Can you add a mouse invert for zeus please? Interior vehicle 1p views would be nicer with some camera inertia. Like you have on the compass, forces acing on the camera causing a slight bank in sharp turns. Because when driving large trucks, it feels like you are driving a ship because of how smooth and level the camera view is. Which is a good thing compared to previous arma games. However adding realistic inertia would make it more realistic. The US supply truck, is there really this much squeaking audible when driving it? The M14 sounds a bit to high pitched, as if it has the same muzzle energy as the M16. However a .308 has 2-3 more energy, so it should have a beefier firing sound, more lower frequencies. There should be a noticeable gap between calibers. Overcast weather: When the weather is slightly overcast, the shadows disappear from terrain and the game looks as bad as arma2. In real life slightly overcast weather still has sun shadows, there are just more diffuse. Mousewheeling It is great that you removed it in many areas. Like interacting with doors. However when interacting with the rear of a supply truck, there is an excessive amount of mousewheeling required. Suggestion: When standing at the rear of a truck, the available actions should be arranged in 3d over the rear end of the truck, so the player can pick the action he wants by small changes in camera view, like the way you can "look" for the ignition key in a car to turn it on, and for other switches. That should be a priority thing, because mousewheeling in arma games has always been the devil. It should be removed as much as possible. The same for radios, when shifting radio frequencies, perhaps adding a small inventory screen-ish UI where the player can use the mouse to click up down on a frequency dial, similar to the TFAR radios. It could be complementary and not replace the existing functionaltiy with the mousewheel. Now I would like to list the stuff I really like: I was positively surprised by the animation fluidity when walking in 3p, and how smooth it felt to walk and switch directions in 1p. Your animators managed to make it realistically slow and feel real, while at the same time smoothing out the camera view in 1p. It is great that your animators added that small delay when firing weapons. You can hear it on the PKM, when you press fire, there is a SHHHH before the bang happens. Because the interior mechanism of the trigger has to work first and then the bolt starts moving. It really feels like you are working the mechanism of the weapon. I was very surprised on how good driving with a jeep felt. In the tutorial where it asks to exit the car to skip the driving, I drove it all the way. It has good inertia, the controls of the steering are slow enough (although adding a setting for it would be great to make it a bit slower). And the noises while driving sounded great.
  15. I have questions related to features of Arma3 and Dayz. Does Reforger have the following features currently: stick shift driving like in dayz Weapon bipod deployment and weapon deployment without bipod, weapon resting (when close to solid things) - This was part of the arma3 marksman dlc If it does not have that, is it planned or confirmed to not be in the game. I am going to assume a "we do not know yet" means never. Not trying to be mean, I just find these 2 things very important for the gameplay experience. It is sort of critical to know for me on whether to get it. Because if these features are not coming, then the game would feel a bit too dumbed down for consoles. If a dev could answer these questions it would be very helpful