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  1. Yes im still German ^^ that i why my english sucks as well ;) i give you guys right its nice to share scripts and i share and help other how i can. But i still mean it sucks that some one edit his name in it and says its my one. Or when i sitting here to make a nice texture vor a car that some on steal it and made it public with this name. That is why i wand encrypt it. So that no one can steal my things. And can use only that what im sharing.
  2. Hi, im new at this Forum. I have used the search function but dident find anything what is helping me. I ask me if it gives a way to encrypt the .pbo file. That just People that i wand can open it. I wand to encrypt them to safe my work. It gives things then skins or scripts that i dident wand sharing. And normal each user ther gomes on the server downloading the mission file, and he can open it. I wand to encrypt them that the user diden`t can open it. Gives it a way to encrypt the .pbo or is there no way? I hope you understand me and sry for my ba english
  3. Rene-k

    SQF Encryptor

    Hi, i found this thread over google But first the Zip. download link is dead :( can some one re upping it. Then i have question to this encyptor. It just Encrypt 1 sqf file? Or gives it a way to Encrypt the complet .pbo? I ask becaus some of my work i diden`t wand share. So it was be nice to Encrypt the .pbo file Need this for Arma 3