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  1. Hey guys, Mainquestion: where are the ai command functions, which the 'command action menu' executes, stored inside arma 3? Some of you might know about voice control for arma 3, especially for commanding ai. Voice Attack and Articualte come in mind. These are directx key based and translate your spoken commands into virtual keyboard presses which are then send like your real keyboard presses to arma 3. This makes commanding ai way easier than jumping all over your keyboard by hand. It has some drawbacks like keyboard layout and timing issues when the game experiences strong fps variations. The holy grail would be to access the ai commands directly via script completely bypassing directx keys and thus bypassing the key based command action menu. The problem is; we cannot find all commands from the command action menu on the wiki. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 For instance: there is the 'commandmove' script command (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/commandMove), but no such script command for 'commandheal' or 'commandregroup'. So where and in what form are all the commands from the command action menu stored? Are only some of these script based and the rest is somewhere hardcoded and simply cannot be accessed? There must be a way to find out how the command action menu links to the commands. Bypassing the directx keys is already working, but again, we miss many commands that seem to be not on the wiki. Any ideas on how to get access to the commands is greatly appreciated. Best, xon2
  2. Maybe we should setup a discord chat for this endevour. Seems to work quite well for other mods including C2 or hte AH-64 project. Maybe we could even invite Hollywood whos doing the VAICOM project for DCS, he sure could elaborate on how to approach this. @SGCommand What resources or website do you use for your research concerning programming in and VA plugin stuff in particular?
  3. Probably issues related to the last game update 1.78....it bugged a bunch of mods. Wait a couple oft days, i am sure mad_cheese is fixing it soon enough.
  4. Just like in science,...''no result is a result afterall''....no news is better than no news at all :)
  5. Hey kimi, is there a post with an updated list of all the changes made to the weapon systems of the various helos and wipeout (Kimi_Weapons_Helos/Wipeout.pbo) compared to vanilla? Just asking to figure out whether this goes well with running Ace3 in parallel and whether both mods try to change or overlap on some weapons. I know i can simply remove the weapon pbos if i so desire. By the way, i think at least the Blackfoot does not show this, is it feasible to add HUD symbology for the wheelbrake on/off?
  6. Hey, little new project for you :) You may have heard of Feint's sharks addon. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911433699 They have proper behaviour already (hunting, swimming, attacking etc.) but you need to place them in the editor for each mission seperately. Do you think you could do something similar like your civilians module with sharks when the player enters the water swimming or as a diver? Have sharks radomly and in random number spawn in the players vicinity? Underwater immersion 2.0?
  7. Hey lads, just wanted to mention what i have come across at the official DCS forums yesterday. I think at least two aspects might pertain to gripes/limitations you have pointed out when it comes to VA and arma 3. In case you are not familiar with VAICOM for DCS, its been the go-to VA plugin to speak to JTACS and ATCs as well as general AI commanding and ordering your wingman. But since DCS exists as two different versions right now, beta and alpha (big 2.5 merge coming), and a lot fo stuff is changing all the time, there were some issues getting it to work correctly. Keyboard configs, ingame keycommand menu changes etc. It essentially had (if i am not mistaken) the same problem as all VA profiles for arma have, that it depended on window's directx keyboard commands to integrate with the game. It seems VAICOM's dev. Hollywood_315 has been busy rewriting the code to directly integrate with DCS via lua files. Post 728 outlines whats planned for his next big release. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3219532&postcount=728 Second, the same question about ''fluidity of commands'' came up. Atm, VA is not as powerful as the program 'articulate' in this regard, although i have not checked your latest release thouroghly as of yet. If i recall correctly, you mentioned to have made some progress on that front as well. Anyway, apparently VAICAOM 2.5 will have a new algorythm to discern commands from whole phrases. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3226313&postcount=738 Hollywood is a nice enough fellow, so maybe he might share his experience and give you guys a pointer or two how he achieves the direct integration into a game via lua to bypass the virtual windows keyboard and how his algorythm for fluid phrases is set up. Interested what you think of this. Getting both to work for arma as well would really make VA a robust thing for ai commanding. Woofer, you were going through the troubles that happen with arma 3's framerate drops and how this affects VA's keyboard inputs. You were mentioning that direct game integration would be the dream to overcome all kinds of issues. And, different keyboard layouts should not be an issue anymore, too.
  8. New to modding

    Huh...i was totally oblivious to this. When i come to think of it, i can't really recall a mod that ''really touches'' a current arma vehicle concerning the actual model. So all this stuff like a turret added to the Hunter or a refueling boom i have seen for the Ghosthawk are additions made from scratch for these arma 3 assets? These are then probably not 'baked' into the vanilla asset but standalone and when you load the addon, it is 'placed or attached' to the vanilla asset via config i reckon? Is that the way its mostly done?
  9. New to modding

    Along the same lines. I always wished Arma 3's gunships internal cockpits were of higher quality for instance. Exporting these to blender and enhancing these (polys and textures) without rebuilding the entire module from scratch, is that even possible? I read in another post that we don't have the proper p3d files to work with. Is that why you referred the op to arma II assets sample files? I am just trying to gauge whether one has to start from scratch or simply can de-pbo a vanilla arma 3 vehicle and touch things up a bit. Adding proper nuts and bolts and 3d switches and stuff with higher res. textures for the Kajman and Blackfoot for instance.
  10. Got ya. Could easily be solved with a mark as hostile keybinding i reckon. Which of course means you better have no bums on your team falsly marking greens as reds of course!
  11. thx mate. And identifying a unit with a tgp will not 'confirm it as hostile' for me and all datalinked parties? So the script command is the only way i would ever see a read enemy confirmation? Kinda makes not a lot of sense to me. I think its fine that stuff is not automatically confirmed, but if you look at it directly and visually identify it, then there should at least be a keybinding to mark it as hostile.
  12. So i finally read the 'Sensor Overhaul OPREP' and was noticing that i never get those red 'confirmed hostile' symbols on the radar in game. In January Oukej mentioned that ''...IDing targets gameplay was something we tried to emphasize. We've actually got rid of the automatic enemy confirmation.'' and went on to state that ''...Allied (green) are only contacts from the same side. Contacts from a friendly side will still be shown white. Red contacts - and this is still just a plan - are only those that have been "confirmed as hostile" by a script command. This is to allow scenario creators come up with either pre-determined scenario setting and ROE or to come up with a dynamic system for confirmation of enemies.'' So, even if i visually identify an enemy vehicle close up, it is still shown as white atm. Is that the behaviour you guys experience as well or is somehting up with my install? I've looked but did not find the script command to unambigously identify a unit as hostile on the wiki, could someone kindly point me to it?
  13. Thats it, cheers mate. I sure thought it was really called ''slackin'', no idea why google did not reveal to me that its called slack and not slackin.
  14. Hey guys, my slackin access was lost with a complete browser wipe, but now i can't join again. When i try to join with my email address it just says : ''Please Wait!'' but nothing ever happens. No email, nothing. Any idea? Tried it with chrome and firefox.
  15. The laser has been broken for quite some time. If i recall correctly, i got it to lock and track targets a couple of times, but nothing i could reproduce or know why and how. So, it seems to be broken in vanilla as well as with ace. Been really quite around the stand alone, so i wouldn't hold my breath for the time being. Hope this will be fixed some day, cause it is an awesome addon.