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  1. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hrm, todays published roadmap 2018 does not state any specifics about what is planned to be fixed or improved....it just says; ''Even though Arma 3's development is winding down, we're pleased to announce that we still have a bunch of new content lined up. Plus we'll continue to release (smaller) platform updates with fixes and improvements. We currently aim to deliver at least two more significant updates in 2018'' Lets just hope that ai driving is on the internal fixing list! I should think we have made ourselves heard loud enough
  2. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @oukej And did you guys look into why convoys are being broken up by one random vehicle in that convoy? A lot of this driving issues wonld not even come into the fore if convoys would work as intended. All the overtaking issues and being stuck things would happen way seldom if convoys would not break up for no apparent reason.
  3. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    "useAISteeringComponent false"....do i simply paste this in a vehicles init field in the editor to disable the new ai driving mechanic? I did that for individual vehicles and all vehicles in a convoy and i die not see any difference. Didn't test it to thoroughly though. So this command makes an individual vehicle behave and drive like pre 2016, is that correct? @FirstPanic but if the issue was only about community content, it would be annoying but we could actually deal with it on our end. But its not working in plain vanilla neither. Let's hope for the best with the upcoming roadmap anouncenents!
  4. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    did you use hatchback or hatchback (sport)?
  5. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    But thats happening for the sports variant of the hatchback. The normal hatchback is not doing that oscillation stuff. The sports variant can be tamed with the slowest speed. Normal or fast do indeed show these oscillations. Anyway, it really seems to be a lot about vehicle specific values. The new Idap van and its civilian variants simply can't cross any bridges, where as other vehicles cross them just fine. And tracked vehicles on the other hand (especially the big tanks) do not stay properly on the road but change side quite often and go off the road regulary which gets them into trouble with objects and raises hell when encountering other vehicles. And thats the area that needs most improving atm i think. There seems to be an overtaking mechanic in place, but vehicles too often come up to fast behind a slower vehicle and crash into its back which sets off the ''being stuck'' motion, or pushes a vehicle off the road or makes them turn and go backwards. The code for vehicle encounters,...this is where the work needs to begin. Vehicles need to slow down way earlier when approaching vehicles before them or heading towards them. There needs to be a piece of code that clearly negotiates between vehicles which overtakes which and stay on wich side of the road....and all of that at slow speeds. And at the danger of sounding like a broken record.....conboys need a whole lotta fixing. Btw, to look at the diagnostic data, i need to be on dev brack to have the diag64.exe right? EDIT: totally forgot to type up what i meant to write in the first place. So i spent another two hours sending vehicles across Altis as zeus via one waypoint on the other side of the island. And except for the specific vehicles i mentioned above, all where doing really well. All AAF vehicles...no issues when driving by itselves, most civilian vehicles the same. Tracked vehicles have that aforementioned going off raod problem which leads to a whole lotta crashes with wheeled vehicles. It didn't really feel like there where any map data problems at all. The main issues arise when vehicles meet, overtake or convoy. And even a small crash throws the pathfinding off.
  6. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @Grumpy Old Man From todays maitainace patch: CHANGELOG Tweaked: Hatchback vehicle dynamics Tweaked: APC wheels are now more durable Tweaked: Tank tracks are now more durable Tweaked: AI helicopter gunners are now more prone to use DAGRs and Scalpels (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128103) Tweaked: Vehicle fuel loss across multiple scenarios is now better handled Fixed: Commander of the Rhino MGS could clip through the vehicle in some cases (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128035) Fixed: AI will no longer execute incapacitated players in the Revive system Fixed: AA missiles were not effective enough against air targets Fixed: Some of the Tanks DLC assets were missing their Simple Object configuration Try your Altis Airport test-run again!
  7. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @oukej Do i summarize your thoughts on ai driving correctly by stating: AI driving suffers from two main issues. Not perfet PID values for a given vehicles length (turning radius), size and average travel speeds AND ''bad map data'' on which an ai relys when planning its route. Could you elaborate on that a bit more? Do you mean you have gone over all vanilla maps and identified all places that were not ''ai driving friendly'' and have already fixed up half of them? And is there a way to see thoses bad map data in the debugging mode so we can identify where something is wrong? Additionally; whats your best guess for the broken convoys where one random vehicle stops and holds everything behind it back as well? BTW, thx very much for checking in every couple of days even though our frustrated comments must not be the most fun to read
  8. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The actual driving of individual wheeled vehicles on Stratis and Atlis isnt't that bad when you simply send them via one waypoint from one side of the island to the other. But once they hit something they just end up in their endless ''being stuck motion'' until you either pull the driver out and delete the waypoint and put him back inside or reset his attitude (safe, aware....) at least twice. And the other biggy, convoys just are unusable! No matter how often i try it with no mods and game restarts, one unit always simply stops holding the rest of the convoy back. And its just no fun resetting this vehicle again and again to get the convoy moving again. And couple of corners later its another vehicle from the same convoy that does that. And if you let the ''convoy'' drive as individual vehicles with there own respective waypoints, you run into all the overtaking issues wich lead to collisions that result in the ''being stuck motion'' as described at the beginning of this paragraph. I am at my wits end here... Edit; ...and yesterday, i had a single ai (in the civilian version of the idap transport van) drive from Altis airport to pick me up at the ruins on Altis eastcoast. He did not manage to make it over one bridge without incident. I had to ''teleport'' him as zeus over every bridge. Only once did he almost make it, the front wheels reaching the other side of the bridge,...but then he swerved to the right. After a bit of struggling he made it finally over the bridge. But that was an outlier, not the norm.
  9. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @oukej And with BI's official roadmap finished and no more feature enriching planned, will you guys look at going into ''fix and polish, so it can rest in happiness mode''?
  10. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I mean there is a little glimmer of hope i should think: now that the last official roadmap is finished and done, one can only hope that the ''resources'' bi is willing to devote to arma 3 over the next couple of years will go into fixing the most glaring issues. And in my book the ai driving and handling of waypoints and routes is the most troublesome area in the whole of arma 3. They pretty much fixed performance with x64 for what can be reasonably expected from arma 3 at this point, and if that ai driving thing got to a state where it is actually usable, i would be happy to have arma 3 stay the way it is from there onewards. I actually welcome the idea of finally reaching a point of stability where i can actually go back to playing the game instead of learning how all the changes alter this and that or go bug hunting cause the latest dlc and mechanics change broke this and that mod feature or such. Its just a pitty when the very dependet variable in the game, that everything else requires in the first place, is broken forfeiting all the rest! And ai driving is not just a thing for SP guys, it would equally benefit all multiplayer scenarios that are not purely pvp focused. Image what missions would be possbile if convoys where a reliable thing. If zeus could really place units down, add waypoints and don't worry aboue micro-managing every single unit. So i hope BI won't devote all there resources on the 3rd party dlc strategy to bring ''more shiny new things'' but really go....''what do we need to fix to let arma 3 be a functional, working enjoyable expereince''!
  11. haha i am going to stay away from the Far Cry franchise! That is actually one for ubis franchises that i don't regret in cutting away from my list of game series that entice me. I picked up Wildlands on sale with my brother and a friend and that delivers for some easy to digest sniper and stealth fun when doing it properly. Nothing of the freedom and vehicular combined arms stuff in there, bu a easy to go and forget adventure. Great you intend to look into the other shark mod. Again, i think less is more in this case. I feel there should never be more than 2 within your viewing distance so that the Great White stays a bit special compared to the other sharks, and it cuts down on hte likely hood of being attacked in case the mod author does not rework that behaviour a bit.
  12. Dude, really loving the sharks when diving! A job well done. Which makes me wish for even more variety when submerged in meditteranean waters. The only other mod i could find is THA-Sharks by B@Co, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1231094504 It includes feints animal behaviour (hunting etc.) from feint's shark mod, although the THA-Shark GreatWhiteShark is way more inclined to freakin eat you alive. There is a 'man-eater' variant, but even the other two are pretty likely to attack you if you come too close. Does your feint's shark mod implementation alter hunting behaviour or is your code only doing the de/spawing stuff? Because they never seem to attack you, which i think is really good so you have them as animal background but can go on doing your mission or thing. I feel THA-Sharks just too likely to get into your hair atm, so i am not sure whether it would really be practical. Could you take a look whether these can be spawned alongside Sam and Diane albeit in way lower numbers (its a Great white shark afterall)?
  13. Dualshock Confusion

    Reposting my latest brain fart from the feedback tracker: So, what you guys can try; the tool DIView (http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=page&id=12 or just google it) allows to view all axes of all game controllers and change saturation, deadzone and min/centre/max values for each axes of each device individually. It automatically saves those changed values in the windows registry for each device, thus you don't need to start or run DIView or a service each time you want to play. For my particular problem: both TFRP toe brakes reportead at 100% and with some fiddling around i could get them to report at 50% or as neutral. I actually had to set them to its max value so they report at 50%. Quite goofy! Anyway, neither Arma 3 nor HITMAN take offense anymore. Still, this needs to be fixed so that arma 3 only adds an axis when it is actively moved over, lets say 1 second or such. I think update 1.44 from 5th may 2015 changed the controller axes input detection, but i dind't find anything concerning this in the changelogs though. Entire feedback thread sure is a fun read! https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82394#1675741
  14. Again concerning the gunships in SP. How can one reliably; as the pilot; attack something like military towers with Scapels/DARGS? As far as i can see it, the actual target aquisition of the ai gunner is not directly on that part of the building that you aimed/looked at yourself when targeting, but is placed in the centre, which is fine for most buildings. Problem with those green military towers (and solar towers when attacked from the front is that the laser goes through the openings of the steel skeleton below the actual housing structure. Before the TOP flight profile, the missle would ''accidentally'' hit the tower and impact the tower on its straight path on route to the laser spot which was some distance behind the tower depending on the angle (shallow angle offsets the laser spot quite far behind). For instance, i tried a Scalpel aimed at a solar tower on Altis and the solar tower is correctly recognized by the gunner and the laser (which i turned on but didn't lock to be sure were the gunners is looking at) placed in its centre. But the actual laser goes through the opening in the middle of the solar tower and impacts way beyond it. It works if you approach the solar tower from the side when the centre of is closed from you point of view. The green military towers are open from all sides. I guess the ai aiming point is calculated by finding the intersection of the halfway points of the x and y axes of a building. If this coordinate is not a closed surface the laser goes right through and the TOP mode sends the missle way above it to impact at the ''correct'' laser point, which is obviously way behind the intended target. Is it possible to adjust the centre aiming point for the ai for those buildings?
  15. Thx for the info, thats a pitty. Hrm, this makes the laser kinda pretty useless, even for two human players, keeping that laser spot on when the gunship moves is very hard. Yes, there is manual guidance mode for the standard loadouts of both gunships. And adding the laser to the pilots camera when you take manual control? Just like it is now in all jets?