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  1. xon2

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The ai vehicle aspect; be it cars, convoys, helos and planes have been left in a desolate place by BI. I consider arma 3 not a single player game anymore because the most basic vehicle tasks cannot reliably be performed by the ai, its aggrevating and frustrating.
  2. Got it to work finally. I don't know, but when copying this from the browser straight to the game apparently sometimes something must be thrown out or formated wrong. But it works now beautifully. In over 2 hours of letting the convoys drive around, not once did break! Absolutely baffling that this is not part of the basegame. Have you approached the devs with this script?
  3. Happy Easter TPW! And thanks for the years long support and betterment of the arma experience. You are outshining even BI in you consistent support (burned by BI's decision to fully abandon ai driving 🙂 ) ...so i take my hat!
  4. xon2

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    And with all those script commands in place, do you experience zero convoy breakups? Thats the most fruatrating thing overall...and playing with some, but not all of your mentioned script commands, did not fix the breakup problem for me.
  5. xon2

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Same for me. This is the major gripe that keeps me holding off from buying the dlc bundle 2 if not steeply discounted. Essentially, we have bought a lot of assets which we cannot properly use outside PVP and or the mosst basic PvE scenarios. Arma 3 has so much potential, all being wasted because those driving and flying mechanics are broken. And when i think about the jets dlc, which i was so excited about to pre-purchase, and still being baffeld that helo-ai can not properly land on the carrier, nor that you can make ai fixed wings takeoff, not even in Eden...i just feel seriously short-changed. I think most of us understand that there are limits as to what the legacy engine can be made to do...but selling dlc and asset pack after asset pack without basic ai vehicle handling mechanics, thats beyknd my good will. I fear the worst for the potentially cmoning 3rd party dlcs.
  6. @bolo861 Yes, of course i searched quite extensively in the workshop, on armaholic and here on the forums. The mod you linked looks a bit off. But, i managed to pull out two good variants from other mods and tweaked the configs so that these pbos run without errors and work on vanilla weapons. Thats good enough for my private use. So case closed i reckon.
  7. Hey, so i really appreciate the "addon" nature of this mod. It's great i can only take and load what i really want without cluttering my loadout lists in the arsenal :) What i am missing though is a laser+light combo attachment. Mods like RHS or SMA offer a AN/PEQ 15 + flashlight combo, but these mods are huge and have tons of weapons and gear, not especially lightweight. Unfortunately i have not found a standalone mod for this laser+light combo, would be really cool if you could add one to the NI Arms core package.
  8. xon2

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Sounds interesting. Be sure to keep us in the loop on your findings...maybe a video once you are happy with a certain procedure or setup. Cheers
  9. xon2

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Could you elaborate a bit on your findings on this variable? Does it help against breaking up of convoys? I have stopped using clnvoys since sooner or later they always break up because at least one vehicle simply stops following, making all succeding vehicles stop also. Setdriveonpath help with this?
  10. Yep just tried it on dev branch. That freedom was nice, but it kinda ruined immersion especially in the prone position. Its good to know your limits and let it be if you can't spend the resources to develop something really superior!
  11. going to switch to dev branch tomorrow or on the weekend to take a look at this myself. From what i have seen in the last posts, i kinda feel the old way is better. Limited, but the new mechanic seems to forfeit the very idea of a real, on the deck bipod. I'll report back once i have test this myself.
  12. @Ivanoff.N ''It appears that the snapping point is now in the pelvis and not in the bipod.'' Hrm...still struggle to grasp the difference to the current implementation. Do you say the bipod would never snap to the ground when lying prone or onto the top side of a rock or wall which you crouch behind and would be freely movable while the pelvis of my character would be snapped/locked to the ground?
  13. Hey guys, i am currently not on dev branch. I'd really appreciate if one of you could make a short showcase video of the new weapon resting system so others can get an idea whats it like compared to what we have had for the past couple of years. Since this seems to be a either or that will stick with us forever in all likelyhood, it'd be good to have a lot more voices give input.
  14. thanks man. Looking forward to it. Take your time.
  15. Hey guys, i kinda wonder whether there's any official info concerning the new enfusion engine in the works right now and whether this engine will generally be able to support ported maps, assets and missions from arma 3. I am 2000 hours in and i feel like i have a couple more thousand hours left before ''maybe'' getting close to being done with arma 3. I really like the setting, the maps and assets and stuff. Since Enfusion will probably be the most extensive overhaul and advancement for BI games from a technical perspective, i fear this old practice of porting over maps and assets from older arma titles might not be feasible anymore. You think Enfusion will be a clean slate and all old stuff will stay with arma 3 'as is', or might we be lucky and be able to get the major part of arma 3 assets ported to whatever future armaresque title BI might throw our way?