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  1. Tldr: as the Title says. Long description: I've got a "Killed" eventhandler on several of my script-spawned units, some of them in vehicles. I'm trying to substract scores and kills, so that the scoreboard always shows zero (to add a custom score later). This works absolutely fantastic when killing infantry. But here's the catch: Sometimes, when killing vehicles, the EH returns me a NULL-Object as killed unit. How in the hell can the killed unit be Null if the EH itself fired fine on it? Is there any other way to somehow get the unit where the EH was attached to? It seems to happen to some of the units inside, the vehicle itself gets returned. (The killer and instigator get reported fine at the same time as the killed is null) Am using ACE3, if that matters.
  2. Just awesome. It was never that easy to debug and improve the performance of missions and functions, thank you very much! One of the most useful tools for Arma right now.
  3. auge103

    ASR AI 3

    Let me guess - it says that you need filepatching enabled in order to load the skill config file? just add -filePatching to your start parameters...
  4. auge103

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Well, I have no words for this... It seems like the ai clearly has no idea how to use tracked vehicles nor do they see any obstacles or streets, despite being set to safe.
  5. auge103

    ASR AI 3

    You are right, it does. 20% skill equals about 45° rocket spread, 100% skill about 10°.
  6. Well ok, thanks guys. So convoys (and ai driving) is broken in general and nothing can fix it soon, damn. At least I can stop wasting my time on trying to fix the mission then.
  7. I've got some issues with vehicles in convoys and need a way to debug them. Short question: How can I access the functions shown in this picture by BI: (source: https://dev.arma3.com/post/ai-path-following-improvements) I'm mainly interested in the vehicle path, but the speed and steering graphs would be nice as well. Long question: My main problem are randomly stopping vehicles. I set up a mission with a convoy, which has a defined start- and endpoint. The vehicles get spawned at the startpoint, start to move as a convoy and get despawned at the endpoint. So far so good, the script is working fine. But somewhere on their way some of the vehicles just stop and won't move any further except for the leader. The leader then reduces its speed for the other vehicles to catch up, which never happens. The stopped vehicles wait for about 1 minute and then even shut off their engine, as if they had no destination. When the leader reaches its destination and gets despawned, some of the stopped vehicles start moving again and the same thing repeats itself until every vehicle got to its destination (which takes hours). To debug this behavior, I need some kind of debug function that shows me why they are stopping. Thus the question how I can show the vehicle path from the provided picture.
  8. auge103

    ASR AI 3

    When using AsrAi in combination with the RHS mods, the rocket artillery starts spreading rockets like a water fountain. Video to show this issue This behaviour stops when I disable Asr - is there anything I can fix/reconfigure myself or is this a real bug? This makes rocket artillery pretty useless... Tested locally in editor, mods were asr/ace/rhs. Unit in test was "RHS_BM21_VV_01". Just place a fire mission waypoint and watch the fountain.
  9. I could reproduce it, removing all parameters but the modlist and the .cfg changed nothing (didn't test the performace). At this point, I'm out of ideas.
  10. I've got a little problem with my dedicated server and probably need a small hint on how to fix it. This is the starting situation: - Windows Server 2016 - running A3 stable dedicated x64 - with the mission Domination!A3 3.90 from Xeno - having a headless client connected - and with the ACE3 and RHS mods as well as ASR AI 3. - Important part of the startparameters: " -maxMem=8192 -cpuCount=8 -enableHT -hugepages -filePatching -bandwidthAlg=2 " So all in all, nothing out of the ordinary. However, this is my problem: Whenever I start the dedicated server and the mission, the servers ram fills up in the following hours - ignoring the "maxMem" parameter - until my virtual machine reaches its maximum (Arma3 is at 35GB at this point), then fills the pagefile until the system comes to a complete halt and gets unresponsive. This is the ram filling up over time (and manual Arma shutdown at the very end): The strange thing is that the mission is absolutely playable until the very end when the host runs out of ram. I can conntect to it, I can play on it and nothing is lagging at all. My question for now is: How can I find out the reason for this behaviour and how to stop it. Is there any tool / script / resource to see what exactly is filling up the ram? Or is it only possible to unload the mods one by one and see which may be the cause for this mess (if at all) ? That probably would take days, because the ram is filling up too slow for a quick test. I already talked to the mission creator and he mentioned that maybe one of the mods could be the problem. But as I just said, testing this could take days, if its mod related.
  11. //solved Just if someone is looking for this: store.bistudio.com DLC's for Arma II have an activation limit for different systems - you cant install the DLC again after you used all activations until the support resets it.