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  1. Nice. I was suggesting the same thing.
  2. Maff

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    You need to use animateDoor. The name of the doors are; "doors_1","doors_2","doors_3".
  3. @Persian MO I pulled this from a mission template I created a year or two ago. I have not tested it since, and testing was not extensive... Use at your own risk. { /* Remove all HandleDamage Event Handlers. This should disable ACE Medical on the players group - INCLUDING the player. It is possible to have player use ACE Medical. */ _x removeAllEventHandlers "HandleDamage"; _x addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_source", "_projectile", "_hitIndex", "_instigator", "_hitPoint"]; _isFriendlyFire = side group _instigator isEqualTo side group _unit; if (_isFriendlyFire) then { _damage = 0; }; // IGNORE BELOW LINE! //if (_isFriendlyFire) then { _damage = 0; } else { _damage = _damage * 2; }; _damage } ]; } forEach units group player; A friend recently created something similar. I'm not 100% sure of his method but I'll ask him if he can respond here also.
  4. This should get you started. Not tested! player addAction [ "GTFO!", { { moveOut _x; unassignVehicle _x; } forEach (fullCrew [vehicle player, "cargo"]); } ];
  5. Just change _huntGroup to XYZ_huntGroup. It's good practice to give global variables a tag, such as ABC_, XYZ_, or BIS_.
  6. You're using attachTo to do this, @BlackbirdSD? Impossible! You'd be better to use createMarker on the radio tower's final position and setting the marker position with BIS_fnc_randomPos.
  7. _huntGroup is a local variable, that's why the units in the group are not being deleted. Not tested. But this should work. // No idea if you have changed anything from the original example... XYZ_huntGroup = [markerPos "MARKER2", EAST, 50] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; XYZ_huntGroup setCombatMode "RED"; XYZ_huntGroup setSpeedMode "FULL"; _isHunting = [XYZ_huntGroup, group player] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; // In your trigger: { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach units XYZ_huntGroup;
  8. Does the mission not complete when the player leaves the area in the helicopter? That can depend on how you have designed your mission. I suggest your share your mission so people can make better suggestions on how to achieve what you need.
  9. Should that not be !(isNull objectParent player) to return true when in vehicle?
  10. Maff

    Satchels Only

    This should do the damage. _radioTower addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_source", "_projectile", "_hitIndex", "_instigator", "_hitPoint"]; if (toLower _projectile isEqualTo "satchelcharge_remote_ammo") then {1} else {0}; } ];
  11. No. The vehicle will have crew already mounted based on the classname config. You can configure a group containing both vehicles and infantry. See my Motorized example, which I copied from the base config. The vehicle will already have a crew, and your infantry will be dismounted. What do you mean? 🤣
  12. I haven't created a cfgGroup in a long time. I have tested and it works. It should get you started with adding Mechanized and Armoured groups. Edit: Apologies for the crap formatting.
  13. My suggestion was to modify the script to set enableSimulationGlobal to true. I've never used createSimpleObject but reading the BIKI entry, created objects do not handle damage.
  14. @mrakos2005 I haven't tried out the script, have you tried enabling simulation? Change _simpletree enableSimulationGlobal false; to _simpletree enableSimulationGlobal true;