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  1. Which function? Have you changed any MP settings or onPlayerRespawn.sqf? I was getting that error too. That is why I suggested that you type the group names rather than copy paste.
  2. Maybe. I don't have a lot of time to spare right now to recheck but I'm sure I spotted Independent units in the mission scripts. I am not sure if they were part of the hunter force or what. Are you using copy & paste? I've noticed scripts error if I paste from the forums even if it is something I have typed. Try to type BIS_grpMain_1 / BIS_grpMain_2 instead of pastinging.
  3. Yes. Have a look at initServer.sqf - Line 291: // Mission fail if everyone is dead [] spawn { sleep 300; waitUntil {sleep 5; {alive _x} count ((units BIS_grpMain_1) + (units BIS_grpMain_2)) > 0}; waitUntil {sleep 5; {alive _x} count ((units BIS_grpMain_1) + (units BIS_grpMain_2)) == 0}; ["objEscape", "Failed"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_taskSetState",east,true]; ["Loser", false] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_endMission",east,true]; }; So, copy and paste BIS_grpMain. Open up the group leaders in the editor and replace BIS_grpMain = group this; with BIS_grpMain_1 = group this; and BIS_grpMain_2 = group this; I have not tested this but it should work. No. Player equipment is assigned based on the playable units class name. To change player faction, or player class names would break equipment assignment.
  4. [ETR] Operations. 2016 - 2017 I am feeling nostalgic. @3cb, @RDS, @Sangin, @Reshmaan.
  5. [ETR] Operation Aid. 22/11/2015 @3cb, @Kunduz
  6. Maff

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Well done, ArmaFiend. Well bloody done! The curtains are a brilliant touch. I think curtains would be an amazing addition to buildings. On the subject of buildings... Does the the ship have building positions defined?
  7. Why would you want to escape Malden? Anyway. I conducted a quick and dirty check... It seems the entire mission relies on BIS_grpMain being alive. To solve headaches, try grouping your Alpha 1-2 group to Alpha 1-1 so they are in one big group.
  8. I haven't done much testing but, It appears to be just PRR headset on the Mk7 helmet. I am running ACE and 3CB mods and I don't see any entry for "ace_hearing_protection" or "ace_hearing_lowerVolume" on "UK3CB_BAF_H_Mk7_Camo_A". Have a look at the ACE3 Hearing Framework if you are looking to add hearing protection.
  9. Still no joy. @Dedmen @killzone_kid Apologies for the summons... Any ideas?
  10. Maff

    Disable interactions

    Hang on. Are trying to remove all player actions so they cannot get in vehicles or pick up items off the ground? You might have to post in ARMA 3 - ADDONS - CONFIGS & SCRIPTING. I may be wrong, but your ask cannot be done with scripting.
  11. Have a look at these: Limit player's vehicle speed fnc_speedLimiter.sqf
  12. Vehicle supplies are determined by the config value. To return the value, use one of the following depending on Ammo, Fuel or Repair. // Vanilla ArmA 1.90 values. // BLUFOR HEMTTs. getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Truck_01_ammo_F" >> "transportAmmo") // 1e+012 or 1000000000000! getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Truck_01_fuel_F" >> "transportFuel") // 1e+012 or 1000000000000! getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Truck_01_Repair_F" >> "transportRepair") // 1e+012 or 1000000000000! To change those values with scripting, use the relevant command to limit the supplies. setAmmoCargo setFuelCargo setRepairCargo _truck setAmmoCargo 0.5; // Limit the supply amount to 50% of the config value. _truck setAmmoCargo 0.25; // Limit the supply amount to 25% of the config value. _truck setAmmoCargo 0.1; // Limit the supply amount to 10% of the config value. That's a little too much math for me. So... Have fun.
  13. You have the code in your script already and have used it in your previous script creation. I am not 100% sure if say3D will play a sound if _target is dead. You MAY need to use player. Give it a test.
  14. Unfortunately, nearEntities doesn't detect rockets, shells, or missiles. There are other ways to increase performance in your scripts. If you haven't already, have a read through Code Optimisation. Line 13 - 15 jumped out at me. Your nearObjects typeName is an array. I wasn't sure if this was correct or nor, so I run a test in the Debug Console and I couldn't detect any incoming artillery. I have amended it for reference. _rondas = _radarpos nearObjects ["ShellBase", _rango]; // Removed square brackets and added semicolon. _rondas = _rondas + (_radarpos nearObjects ["RocketBase", _rango]); // Removed square brackets. _rondas = _rondas + (_radarpos nearObjects ["MissileBase", _rango]); // Removed square brackets and end of block comment error. I wish I could help more but it is late here. Buena suerte.