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  1. What is the proper usage of diag_exportConfig? I have switched to Dev Branch and using; I get the error; I just want to create a current AIO config dump.
  2. Does anyone have an updated dump?
  3. Nature is a 'coming! Are all 16 crates good? They're not being cunts?
  4. The forceWalk command needs to be run on individual units. // This should work. // NORMAL { _x forceWalk false; } forEach units player; // SLOW { _x forceWalk true; } forEach units player;
  5. Try setDriveOnPath and / or forceFollowRoad.
  6. Maff

    AI interaction

    Possibly... Spyder Addons?
  7. Looks like a moderator moved your post so no need to delete it. How did you get on?
  8. G_Bandanna_sport has 2 hidden selections; the bandana and the glasses. // G_bandanna_sport hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\a3\characters_f_bootcamp\guerrilla\data\headgear_bandmask_blk_co.paa", "\a3\characters_f\heads\glasses\data\sunglasses_sport_4_ca.paa"}; You'll need to retexture sunglasses_sport_4_ca.paa also.
  9. Maff

    Remove Item from Inventory

    There is also removeItems which "Removes all items with given class name from the inventory". // Removes all "ACE_plasmaIV_250" from a unit. this removeItems "ACE_plasmaIV_250"; But if the unit had 7 250mL Plasma IV Bags, for example, and you only wanted to remove 5 of them. You would use: // Removes only 5 "ACE_plasmaIV_250" from the unit. for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { this removeItem "ACE_plasmaIV_250"; };
  10. Is it working / showing up in-game? All the config values for WoB_B_AmmoCrate will come from Box_Syndicate_Ammo_F. I would advise adding a displayName within WoB_B_AmmoCrate as seen in EO's example. This will show you the name of the crate in the editor and if / when you use ACE Cargo. Good going! Now... When is the second crate with 3 Chest Rigs and 7 MTP Carry All's coming?
  11. Maff

    Remove Item from Inventory

    The command removeItem should do the job, even if it is in your uniform, vest or backpack. From your example you aren't using the command right. this removeItem "ACE_plasmaIV_250"; Note the string, or quotes, around the class name. Now. How you use it in this instance depends on a few things. Are you only playing Single Player? Or, Is it Multiplayer? If it's Single Player, you can simply use the following in the On Activation field of your trigger; player removeItem "ACE_plasmaIV_250";
  12. That's is how I read it too. I was typing out loud.
  13. Please post your full config so people can help you further.
  14. CfgVehicles looks good on first look... You are managing to pass the loading screen, so your addon is probably good. I am thinking you're missing something with createVehicle. How are you spawning "WoB_B_AmmoCrate" via the console? _box = "WoB_B_AmmoCrate" createVehicle position player; Have you added your crate to units[]? units[] = {"WoB_B_AmmoCrate"}; Please also share your CfgPatches.
  15. I'm sorry for the delay. I was on another adventure. I don't see anything apparently wrong with the RPT. Did you solve the issue? If not, you could try removing all the mods that you haven't used the X years and see if the issue persists. I am mortified to hear you are no longer rocking the Twin 550's. It's a great card... Just not hip.