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  1. Hi Maff! Thanks for replying me! 1. There is the file I sent here first: https://www.dropbox.com/t/n9ZtwUPysFJzS3UL (works to 25th September). Actually, it seems the mod doesn't launch, because Arma says the mod isn't owned, installed and available (have some problems sending a log, sorry). 2. I haven't found the backpack classname, so I had to take the name somewhere (i don't remember). 3. I'll test it now! Thanks! Edit: I tried it, but it doesn't still work.
  2. Hi everyone! I have a problem that my addon doesn't work: i tried to increase the weight carry amount, but nothing changed. What do i do wrong? My addon: https://www.dropbox.com/t/98zXWfXbPp8e7dlo My file picture: https://pastenow.ru/361495cce6a36db107a4a5668288fe93
  3. br_ac_army

    Apex Protocol File Location

    So... I found it in Arma 3\Argo\Addons\missions_f_patrol.pbo. I think the topic is closed. Thank you for answering me!
  4. Hi everyone! I can't find where the files of Apex Protocol mission are located. I have looked in "mission_f.pbo", "mission_f_beta.pbo", "mission_f_gamma.pbo", "mission_f_warlords.pbo", "mission_f_epa.pbo", etc, but I didn't find them. Can you please say where are they?