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  1. I kinda managed to create a simple one []spawn { while {true} do { toWhom move getPos player; toWhom reveal [target, 4]; sleep 10; }; }; i named myself target and the enemy group toWhom (for instance) . this seems to work but only for groundvehicles for some reason. do i need to consider something else for aircrafts/helis?
  2. Hello everyone and happy holidays ! I currently scratching my head because i can't get reveal work. My scenario looks like this: 2 Helis spawn on one side of an island, both are synced to a respawn module from MGI (addon) . I managed (with help from here) that they atleast stalk me with BIS_fnc_stalk . but the issue is they mostly hover over me, they only attack when i shoot them or run over a open field for a while. Same with planes, they just circle around me. (even with SAD and RED behavior) i always come across reveal . but the problem is, even after i looked into this for hours i have no idea how to make it work. for instance the example 3 _soldierOne reveal [_soldierTwo, 1.5]; If im correct, soldierOne should be the AI then? and soldierTwo the player (me)? , the number 1.5 is the knowledge value (what does it do exactly?) where does this script belong? i tried it with a trigger area, into the init from a heli but none makes any effect. can i rename soldierOne/Two? so its like _enemyHeli reveal [_soldierTwo, 1.5]; ? where do i put the soldierOne in the heli (like variable name, init , group)? (also with _ infront or without?) Thanks for any help
  3. What do i need to use instead? i still think that reveal may come handy here but i have no idea how to set it up _soldierOne reveal [_soldierTwo, 1.5]; If this is correct, where do the soldierOne/Two parameters belong? i tried it with the variable name of the player and enemy but it makes no difference, do i need to put the group names in here? also is the 1.5 the range where they spot me? really want to learn it but its kinda difficult with a whole new program language
  4. I use BIS_fnc_stalk right now. It works pretty good so far, but i feel like the enemy heli (for instance) hovers above me for a while. it only attacks when im like run around on a open field (even when i set it to combat and Fire at will in the editor). Is there a good way to make them more aggresiv? so i thought reveal could help here. excuse me if i do some mistakes.. im relatively new to all this
  5. Ah i see what i did wrong. when i put the name into the variable name from the group it works. Gonna test around now also with mulitple groups Also another question now, is there any simple way to reveal myself to the AI or change the behavior to SAD? i guess https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/reveal is correct but what should i do here?
  6. I don't know what im doing wrong but it doesn't want to work Is this the way to change the group names? otherwise i dont know how if i put the example into a trigger , the enemy doesn't even start move . same when i make 2 waypoints into a trigger field for the enemy (they just fly to the 2 waypoint and stop there).
  7. Hello everyone, Since days i try to build up a scenario where a set of enemys (for instance 1 heli, 2 tanks etc) starts on on side of the island while im on the other. for respawns, i already synced everything to a MGI system . But the issue is i have no idea how to make the AI chase me where ever i go. I already tried a script from here, but it only sets a waypoint to my spawn. I always came across the BIS_fnc_stalk https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk . But i have no idea how to build it up. If i use the first example [ _stalking = [BIS_grpStalkers, BIS_grpPlayer] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; ] what do i have to do with it? does it belong into the init from the enemy AI? do i have to change names? Also can i add behavior to SAD or destroy to this? Thanks for any help
  8. ChaIie

    How to loop a script

    Thank you for the reply. I really think that [BIS_fnc_stalk] is what i looking for but i have no idea how to script it correctly. What i wanting to do is this scenario: A set of enemeys (Planes, Heli, tanks and infantery) starting on one side of an Island, they are also synced to a MGI ADVANCED MODULES system so they can respawn. And what i would like to have is that they start chasing me in combat mode (or Seek And Destroy) . But here is the problem, with the first script which doesnt want to work properly, they only go to my spawnposition and stay there. And now with the BIS_fnc_stalk , i have no idea how to make it work. when i use this _stalking = [BIS_grpStalkers, BIS_grpPlayer] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; into the init of the enemy, they dont do anything. What do i have to do else?
  9. Hello, First of all, im a complete newbie to scripts so please understand that i can't write anything by my own. My problem is, i got this script from another topic _null = this spawn { Hunt_players_fnc = { _player = ""; { if (isPlayer _x AND alive _x) then {_player = _x}; } foreach (playableUnits + switchAbleUnits); _wp = _this addWaypoint [getPos _player, (50 + (floor(random 200)))]; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "_null = (group this) spawn Hunt_players_fnc;"]; _wp setWaypointType "SAD"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; }; _null = (group _this) spawn Hunt_players_fnc; }; When i put this into the init from a enemy, they start to go to my position, but only to the spawn position. Mean's when i walk away from my spawn, the enemy just sits on my spawn and doesn't follow me. Is it possible to somehow make the script loop itself so the enemy always gets a new waypoint? or are there any other tricks how to make a enemy (for instance 1 heli) follow/hunts me where ever i go? I also saw some posts about stalker and reveal ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk & https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/reveal ) but i really do not have any idea what to do here with them like the example says " _stalking = [BIS_grpStalkers, BIS_grpPlayer] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; " .. but i dont know what it what and how to make them work. I can't script 😥 Thank's for any help.
  10. @pierremgi OH.. i played a bit with it and it seems like this is the perfect thing i was looking for! I placed some vehicles in editor with AI crew. I gave them a Waypoint (Destroy) on me (via Editor) I synced those vehicles to a Respawn vehicles Module from your Mod. And this works exactly how i wanted the whole time! thank you very much sir o7 @RCA3 Also thank you for help. but i think scripting is still a bit too complicated for me
  11. Thank you very much for the example! I've added an extra line so it looks like this _Spawntarget = Soldier1; while {true} do { private _units = []; for "_i" from 0 to 1 do { private _veh = createVehicle ["RHS_T50_vvs_blueonblue", getMarkerPos "marker_plane2", [], 50, "NONE"]; private _group = createVehicleCrew _veh; _group setBehaviour "COMBAT"; _group setSpeedMode "FULL"; _group setCombatMode "RED"; _units append (units _group); _waypoint =_group addWaypoint [position _Spawntarget, 0]; }; waitUntil {_units select {alive _x} isEqualTo []}; sleep 5; }; So the AI has a waypoint towards me. The only Issue i face is that the group of jets spawn on complete random positions. sometimes they even collide and explode or jump into the sky. What i hopefully understand correctly from another script is that "call BIS_fnc_findSafePos" should prevent this issue. (if yes, where do i have to add it?) Also, is there a good way to controll the group size? sometimes 3, sometimes 4 vehicles spawn. is there something i can do so only 2 spawn? Thanks for any help o7
  12. Hello everyone, Im really new to scripting. I've been looking for days how to create this script The script i want works like this: 2 AI vehicles spawn at a marker. those AI targeting me. when those 2 AI died, 2 new will respawn at marker. The only thing i've done so far is this: while {true} do { _Spawntarget = Soldier1; <--Me _veh = createVehicle ["RHS_T50_vvs_blueonblue", getMarkerPos "marker_plane2", [], 0, "NONE"]; createVehicleCrew _veh; sleep 10; }; How do i make the script so only 2 will spawn and respawn after those 2 died? Also how can i implement those 3 commands to it? setBehaviour "COMBAT"; setSpeedMode "FULL"; setCombatMode "RED"; Im really sorry if the script i poor and probably wrong. I really have no idea how this works 😞 i just want to have fun Thanks for any help