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  1. @dreadpirate if you every get around to a new update could you think about this. like you did with the Variable name now is carried over after the units spawn. This works out great to get a new spawned AI groups to join a pre existing group in the mission Thank you for that. Now for some reason code in the spawned group init does not carrier over as well (maybe I am doing something wrong) But I would like to add Dostop and a setFormDir to a group that will spawn by JEBUS to really be able to setup a close quarter combat in a house with very small triggers throughout the house to allow the units to move again. This works out great with editor placed units but Jebus the units will automatically move back into formation and auto rotate back to the default north position 360. Avibird
  2. I use it before all the updates with Arma and the script it's self. Yes it was very system heavy for my machine with a lot of lag and FPS drop but this new update is great no lag or major FPS drop. The combat is awesome but like I said can't really use it for partols in a mission design with AI running around in combat mode all the time. Hope it could be modified so if no enemy contact after X amount of time units will switch to safe aware and limited speed. ?
  3. That really sucks. AI combat is great but really can't use with design missions only as reinforcements in AO with a trigger. You can't have units running like chickens in a AO that was cleared out. Hope the author would consider in a update with this Script.
  4. Great it was a very nice group of Scripts for sure yay.
  5. Found this old post from 2014 @KC Grimes wrote this code that seems to work I tweeted the the damage numbers in the script to make the units go unconscious after the first hit but able to be revived. Works better good to assisting Urban combat with vehicles as long as you're running an AI revived script works great. { _x addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; _selections = _x getVariable ["selections", []]; _gethit = _x getVariable ["gethit", []]; _selection = _this select 1; _projectile = _this select 4; if !(_selection in _selections) then { _selections set [count _selections, _selection]; _gethit set [count _gethit, 0]; }; _i = _selections find _selection; _olddmg = _gethit select _i; _curdmg = _this select 2; if (_projectile == "") then { _newdmg = _olddmg + (_curdmg - _olddmg) / 70; _gethit set [_i, _newdmg]; _newdmg; } else { _curdmg; }; } ]; } forEach allUnits; The original number was 20; _gethit set
  6. reduce vehicle damage

    Sorry for pulling this old post up but has anyone find a good way to reduce vehicle damage a AI unit will take when hit while walking? I don't want to prevent damage but limited death from the first hit.
  7. Been searching and trying to write a code that will only allow partial damage when hit by a vehicle for all AI units. AI driving is still something to be desired in Urban settings. Working on mission that has multiple Urban AO with a few Patrol Vehicles link to all the AO. There must be a way to set damage to units while hit from a a vehicle to only partial damage that will allow the unit to go unconscious but not die. I have another script that allows AI units to heal unconscious units. Any help would be great.
  8. @dreadpirate I don't know if you played around with T8OO tasks for a new patrol script for jebus it has a lot of functionality that the other patrol scripts don't it could be a great replacement for UPMONS if you every update the script you should look into replacing upman's in a demo with this. GAIA USPS T800s tasks makes for a very nice assortment of Patrol scripts for JEBUS. Like I said I feel having a few different patrol scripts in a mission makes for a more unpredictable environment for sure. Avibird.
  9. @ayoung TY I never DL this because I always thought it was to much like DAC but I was dead wrong. The only issues is setting of different groups is definitely a little more time consuming then DAC with a simple adjustments of # in the parameters. I see how using this as a patrol script with JEBUS can work out very nice. I recently started to fool around with Vcom AI 3.0 and jebus and I am very disappointed that the groups will always stay in combat mode following contact even if no enemy units are in the AO.
  10. Does anyone know how to set the AI back to Safe mode and limited speed if no enemy units with the default 1000 meter AO. AI is great when in a direct firefight but if section is clear looks pretty dumb with the AI running crawling moving to cover the cover. Does not seem to really work for long setup missions only direct combat missions maybe I am missing something here but how and why would you use this in a long multi section Mission design I don't see how this would work.
  11. Adding spawned units to Curator

    This code about is not working for me how can I add spawned units during the mission to ZEUS thank you been searching for a few days and can't find the answer
  12. This code about does not work for me. How can you add spawned in AI groups to ZEUS. I am playing on a host server not dedicated does that make a difference with the script above.
  13. So is this the code I need to add to the Zeus module or a game logic to make it work.
  14. @Grumpy Old Man you are not grumpy you're funny ? I am not into the whole role playing thing life games border patrol from OFP days for players as old me. Just give me a good old-fashioned military assault defend or rescue mission but Arma can be anything that a player wants it to be that's the beauty about the arma engine. A Script Mod like that would be kind of to have a true Hunger Game Maze Runner or Minecraft type of gameplay only if there was random animals/monsters that would attack you as you attempt to gather up your resources ?
  15. @genesis92x I setup a town battle with about 12 vs 12 various Squad groups and a few armor vehicles on both sides lookwith a few static weapon located throughout the town. My first impression was holy shit wow what a epic battle that is taking place with just only placement of groups. Great unit movements flanking finding cover suppressing fire ect. No units took empty static positions that I put around the town! After around 15 minutes or so the blufor side won and then I noticed after around another 1O minutes the remaining blufor units we're still in combat mode moving far away from the original AO in combat mode. No opfor units where left on the map but blufor still in combat mode moving around the map. This was a little puzzling to me. If I am going to use your script/mod in a design mission. I typically make missions that have about three to five sections with different AO when you clear out one section and complete the objectives you move to the next AO. I always have set units in the AO's and random patrols linking all the AO together . So when you completed section and move to the next there can be possibly contact with random units on patrol. Do your units ever go back to Safe aware and limited speed after a set time? Because it looks and will play pretty silly if you are moving to a new AO and before contact is made the enemy units are in combat mode crawling and moving to cover to cover. Has anyone ever stated this before to you. Is there a way to set the units on the map to go back to Safe and limited speed for the new waypoints that are generated when no enemy units are in the area. Just my observation and thoughts.