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  1. Hey! Yes. It was solved at the time. You can check my trigger picture to see how I used the code: https://imgur.com/Df1K0Md If I remember correctly I putted the condition code inside a trigger activated by None. I don't remeber right now if I set up some countdown (You can try it if it doesn't work) To work with all enemy infrantry just make sure that the trigger is encircling all of them. Sorry for the late response.
  2. Sorry for the ambiguity, it is actually for as much units as the mission needs. Thanks for that simple solution Larrow, I just had to setUnitTrait for those units I was interested. :)
  3. Thanks for the help riten, I tried this but didn't work :/
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create an addaction code that works only for two specified players (engineer1 and engineer2). I was able to find how does it works for 1 player using: this addAction ["Install radar" , "logistics.sqf",[],1,true,true,"","_this == engineer1 && _this distance container < 5"]; But my mission is going to have more than 1 engineer, so I would like this code to work for engineer1, 2, 3 and so on. I tried this, but didn't work: this addAction ["Install radar" , "logistics.sqf",[],1,true,true,"","((_this == engineer1) or (_this == engineer2)) && _this distance container < 5"]; Any help? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've tested the first two codes but they didn't work. Just to clarify, I put them on the condition box of a trigger activated by none but the trigger activated every time :/ My trigger pic: http://imgur.com/Df1K0Md EDIT: *WORKING*, the problem was with the NONE activation, thank you!!!!! :218: :ok: About the third code, I tried to put this on my init.sqf: counting_var = count (allUnits select {side _x == east && _x inArea trigger01}); and this on my trigger condition box: count ( thisList select { side _x == east } <= 0.1 * counting_var but no success. :( :(
  6. Didn't tested but thanks for the help larrow.This works for 50% right? If I want like 90% of dead enemies this gets a little bit more complicated I think... Do you think that is possible?
  7. Looks like the count value is being overwritten when it goes to the second part: "count (thisList select {side _x == east})" And so, the trigger compare the same values...it's not being stored in one side and compared to the other side value. That's why I think this could only be solved by a script, where some variable sotres the first value and the trigger compares to it's own count.
  8. What is the problem with * 0.5 then? Would be nice to be able to use this with another percentage, like 90% of dead enemies. I must count them, unfortunately :(
  9. Tested and didn't work either, the condition is met only when I kill everyone. About the cleaning script, I think I can disable it without any further issues if the purpose is to make this work. EDIT: A very innocent code idea that I had before 1)Code: count_mytrigger = count (thisList select{not alive _x && side _x == east}) <- Stores the initial enemy count 2)Trigger ({not alive _x && side _x == east} count thisList) >= count_mytrigger
  10. Thanks for your help sarogahtyp That makes sense, I didn't think the way triggers keep checking condition. Also, I don't want to count all enemies every time I create a trigger like this, even to keep the mission funny to me. I thought on creating a little code that stores the initial enemy count inside some trigger and then, the same trigger uses this value to compare with the actual condition, but I don't know if that is possible.
  11. Hi folks, I'm trying to create a trigger that activates when 50% of the enemies are killed. I'm using this, but doesn't seems to work properly: ({alive _x && side _x == east} count thisList) <= ((({alive _x && side _x == east} count thisList))*0.5); What is wrong with this? Thanks!
  12. Hi lala14, I've added RHS_C130J, everything works fine... the lights turns on but they keep flickering and is like they are not well attached to the plane due to it's velocity. Also when I change the game speed on editor the lights changes position either like they were not well attached. Is there anyway to solve this? Thanks!
  13. Hey daphne, what a great work!! I was waiting for something like this for so long, but there is any release date for this? Please don't let this project die like the other one posted by apocalypsex. Thank you!
  14. I did a couple of things that might have fixed it but I'm not quite sure about that. First I reinstalled TADST and tried to open arma3server.exe manually but it didn't work so I created a shortcut of it in my desktop and tried again. When trying via shortcut it opened properly and TADST came back to life. I'm not sure if those steps were significant but...
  15. luks7n

    BMR Insurgency

    Nice update ! Thanks for the CLA Afghan port that map is pretty awesome. :D :D :D But the grid markers doesn't seems to be syncing properly on that map...at least on editor they are not getting red. EDIT: Working fine on dedicated server.