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  1. CPT Hounddog

    Multiple textures to one model

  2. How can I add multiple textures to one model in Blender, then export the model as a p3d and open it up in Object Builder, then make the pbo for the new model? Note: config and model files are good to go, with the config file calling the same model in one class with one texture and another class with the same model but a different texture.
  3. CPT Hounddog

    SOCOM Gear

    Gear from the '70s and '80s ,and today, of the US Special Operations Command! This mod currently features berets and shoulder patches. More SOCOM Gear from the US SOCOM of the 70s and 80s and today is coming soon. All items are historically accurate. Check it out on Steam!
  4. How does one go about keying a specific mod for use by a specific user only, while all other users aren't allowed to use that specific mod?
  5. Rangers Lead The Way! We are Task Force Ranger, a unit consisting of the 3rd Ranger Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment and the 353rd Special Operations Group of the USAF! Task Force Ranger is a new concept featuring multiple different unit types, all working together. We are looking for new soldiers, pilots and airmen to join us on the battlefield. We offer a laid back style of game-play, unit cohesion, custom campaigns, and training. As a new unit, we have our own dedicated ARMA 3 server and Discord server. What we do: Liberation campaigns (Killah Potatoes/GREUH) Custom Missions Secondary Missions Training Exercises Advanced Medical practices Who we are looking for: Dedicated players interested in growing a new unit Mature players who want to have fun Players who enjoy long campaigns and missions Creative players who offer new ideas Rangers (3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment) Pararescumen (353rd Spec. Ops. Group) Pilots (160th SOAR/USAF 353rd SOG) Interested? Awesome! Contact Hounddog on Discord #1130 or put an application in at https://units.arma3.com/unit/tfr375 Rangers Lead The Way! Hounddog
  6. The path could be off for your hiddenSelectionsTextures property. Also I would try updating the hiddenSelections property too, and see if that works. If neither of these work, I would re-convert your .paa files from their original format back to .paa.
  7. I am just curious: What other mods are you running, while running UNSUNG?
  8. The above quoted text is the crux to joining our team. We take great attitudes over excellent experience. From what I have read in your post, Ethridge, it seems to me you might have some bad experiences and cannot understand where we are coming from. I have spent over 100 hours of my time working on things, learning the code syntax, interfacing with the fellas, while they have spent thousands of hours developing this wonderful modification. Are we protective of our work? Of course we are. But we also do this for the community, and are willing to help anyone and listen to anyone who has suggestions. All we ask is for people to simply respect our ToS, seek us out for ideas/improvements, and go from there. I certainly hope you find the gaming experience you are looking for.
  9. CPT Hounddog

    Arma3 Videos

    Hey guys, I posted another overview video of Arma3 helicopters. It is a bit long. As always, feedback is welcome! Thanks, Hounddog75
  10. CPT Hounddog

    Arma3 Overview - Helicopters

    Thank you for being respectful I will move this over to the video thread.
  11. CPT Hounddog

    Arma3 Overview - Helicopters

    No I am not made of porcelain. At all. But I also do not believe in being rude to people, either. You seem to be a rude type of person. I am ending this conversation, and won't respond any further.
  12. CPT Hounddog

    Arma3 Overview - Helicopters

    Go back and read your initial reply to my post. It smacks of a arrogant attitude. Again, if you are re-directing, or informing someone of an error, then do it nicely. You could have written the following: "Hey Hounddog, for future reference could you post your video links to the following forum, next time?" Savy?
  13. CPT Hounddog

    Arma3 Overview - Helicopters

    Ok, Thank you for the heads, but you don't have to be so arrogant about re-directing someone. Sometimes, it is all in how you say things ;)
  14. CPT Hounddog

    Arma3 Overview - Helicopters

    Hey guys, I posted another overview video of Arma3 helicopters. As always, feedback is welcome! Thanks, Hounddog75
  15. Hey All! I posted a video on YouTube of some servers I have played on. It's about 10 mikes long, and any feedback is welcome! TTFN! Hounddog75