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  1. pescadorrr

    Problem with Fog

    I could not discover the error, the ace weather was disabled, I think that since it was an old mission that needed to be updated in the editor, some old config must have remained in the sqm activating the ace weather or forcing it in some way. The funny thing is that the previous versions of this mission work perfectly. I think the only solution I see is to copy all the map objects and paste them in a new mission, I don't feel like fighting with the sqm config. Thanks for replying, I'm a big fan of your work.
  2. Is there some kind of bug in the Bis_fnc_dynamictext command where sometimes it works perfectly on a black screen, either using titleText or BIS_fnc_blackOut / blackIn, and other times the message doesn't come out? On the occasions when the message does not appear, I hit the escape button to remove the black background and the text is reproducing perfectly, however it is covered by the black background. I can't figure out the reason, I've tried different rscLayer but I can't find the reason because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't found the error either on the forum. Sorry for my english!😖
  3. pescadorrr

    Project: Psykers!

    I created a misión TVT . There some Bugs and problems un MP: -The giants dont move. -the dog spawn attached a player visible inverted. Only see the legs. -a script error ocurrs with Ace with the telepath. The scripts are very fun 😋 The players dont know how to use, https://youtu.be/bOXNRFC8lYk the players did not know very well how to use the scripts, I dont stay there to explain it to them. I hope it can serve as feedback.
  4. pescadorrr

    Project: Psykers!

    Hi, I love your work. Can you explain what keys to use for each type of magic? I can not do anything you put in the post. edit: ohh i know, i dont see in the principal post how to use. 😁
  5. pescadorrr

    Problem with Fog

    The same thing happens to me in my mission, I have not found the cause. i use ace + zeus.
  6. pescadorrr

    Low volume problem

    I have the same problem, I solved it by raising the sound level of the source file with sound editing programs like Sony Vegas. its not a perfect solution, but it works.
  7. its posible, you make a adddon first, and then you can use the resources in a mission, its the same than sound. the comand must be: ["directorio\video.ogv",[safeZoneX,safeZoneY,safeZoneW,safeZoneH]] remoteexec ["BIS_fnc_playVideo", -2];
  8. pescadorrr

    Fog problem in MP

    I am editing a mission whose previous version works perfectly. In MP the fog disappears instantly in 15-30 seconds. In the SP editor it works perfectly. And I don't know what happens, it never happened to me, there is nothing that changes the fog, I have deactivated the ACE climate in addons options and I am using the ORIGINAL GAME SYSTEM. I can't find what the problem is, can any addon option cause this? The funny thing is that if I activate the fog by scripts after a few seconds it disappears again. It's frustrating since my old version works perfectly. There is a role of Zeus and I don't know if it can be responsible, I have read something on forums, but in my previous version I also had it, the only thing that has changed from the previous version is that now there are option addons and before I had them for modules. Sorry for mi english, its very bad. A video:
  9. I use this minigame https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/1854946861 for a mission. This addon is made as a self-completed mission and I have edited the code to make it work as part of a mission, in principle with small adjustments it works very well. The problem is that all the default addactions of ammo boxes or vehicles disappear when exiting the mini game. I have reviewed all the functions and I can't find out when it is deleted, I suppose it will be when the mini game is deleted. an alternative that I have thought could be to save all the addactions from the beginning and restore them after exiting the mini mission. But I don't know exactly where to get them. Sorry for my English is very bad.
  10. Thanks for the answer, i found a solution and i finish the addon server-side for test the missions and the performance of server and client. the addon is based on the work done for the ASM.
  11. Hi everyone. I am creating a small serverside addon to test the performance of the server in missions and I have the problem that I do not know how to calculate the server cps. I've been looking like doing it, but I have not found anything at all. haven´t found any functions, neither how it is calculated mathematically. To control the fps of the server there are no problems as there are commands for it, but not for the cps. Excuse for my poor english and thank you for all.
  12. With the latest update, the program no longer generate valid AutoConfigURL. :( Fix it please. thanks for the great work.
  13. pescadorrr

    Delete Fire Effect

    Thanks for the post, with "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig" works fine. But i have tried all ways show on this thread and it doesn't works with "B_IRStrobe". I have to fix it using the command setpos [0,0,0] but I would like to know how to delete the effects. EDIT: I have solved the problem using nearestobject : _obj = nearestObjects [_unit, ["all"], 2]; {if (typeOf _x == "NVG_TargetC") then {deleteVehicle _x}} forEach _obj; object= b_irstrobe_f.p3d object + lights = empty.p3d (typeof "NVG_TargetC") :confused::confused:
  14. pescadorrr

    Headless client + battleye

    I make a profile y accept the terms of battleye, but battleye kick the HC for inactivity. I try all the solutions in this post, any idea?