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  1. Hello everyone, I don't know why I can't update a scenario that I have in workshop. The error that appears in the console is when I click on "bundle" button and its this: RESOURCES (E): Failed to load metafile of mission config image: DEFAULT (E): Cannot copy image: RESOURCES (E): Creating bundle failed I try with .jpg and .png and I have tried with the same image with which I uploaded my scenario the first time. There a limitacion in imagen size or "typeOf" ?? And my second problem is the same, but i cant load images in the component RespawnBriefingComponent. the workbench crash.
  2. I have created a custom action in an object, I have added the ActionsManagerComponent to the object and i create a custom action that the only thing it does is to consider a task completed. When executing an action of an object that I have created, a task is considered completed, the problem is that it is only considered completed in one player when testing it in multiplayer. This is the typical "locality problem" that in arma 3 I know how to solve easily but in reforger I have no idea how it works. I have seen that there is a component called rplComponent that seems to be in charge of the communication but I am not clear about any of this.
  3. pescadorrr

    Problem with the time module

    Apparently the problem seems to have been resolved with the game updates
  4. I make a custom coop mission and i dont know how to disable the Zeus/Game master for the admin?
  5. I reinstall the program and same problem: Edit: its work
  6. pescadorrr

    [solved] How to delete a item?

    This option gives an error and does not work, thanks anyway This opcion works: IEntity docus = world.FindEntityByName("documentos"); SCR_EntityHelper.DeleteEntityAndChildren( docus ); Thanks for the anwers.
  7. ScenarioId is bad, delete the parentheses. scenarioId: "{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf" DedicatedServerId have a large code, must be empty and the system fills it automatically.
  8. CPU: ryzen 7 5800x GPU: rtx 2070 Ram: 32 GB DDR4 3600 Drives: Samsung 970 Evo plus 500 GB ( windows 11) + Samsung 980 Pro 1 GB ( Arma III + DCS + Reforger) Settings: Resolution: 4k Quality: medium- high FPS: 35-40 100% usage GPU always. (I can't believe it 😂) Load 5 GB of 8 gb gpu
  9. pescadorrr

    Squad/Unit List

    ========================================= Unit Name: GRUPO ARMADOS Timezone/Location : SPAIN // LATAM Gamemode preference: COOP Contact email/method: Website Address: WWW.GRUPOARMADOS.INFO Short Description: Grupo Armados is a Spanish military simulation group founded in 2009 but with history in Armed and Operation Flashpoint. We focused our activity in Coops and MilSim every weeks... Language: Spanish =========================================
  10. I cant chance the hour and time on my mission. I changed the hour and weather in the module TimeandWeatherManager which is inside by default in the world. but when a loading the proyect again, values are reset to default. If I loading a second module in my SubScenes, the first module always put the time. I don't know how to do it. My english is very bad excuse me and thanks for reading me.
  11. I need the code to delete a item. I make a task with a trigger linked him and i need to delete a object when actívate. I have achieved that a second task is activated to the players when finishing the first task and i need delete a object. The code for the second task assigned is this: class pista_Class: SCR_BaseFactionTriggerEntity { override void OnActivate(IEntity ent) { super.OnActivate(ent); BaseWorld world = ent.GetWorld(); IEntity entity = world.FindEntityByName("tarea_2"); SCR_BaseTask task = SCR_BaseTask.Cast(entity); FactionKey m_sAssignedFaction = "US"; Faction targetFaction = GetGame().GetFactionManager().GetFactionByKey(m_sAssignedFaction); task.SetTargetFaction(targetFaction); } }; "Tarea_2" is the name of the second task. Thanks for the help.
  12. I make a mission and i published un workshop. The mission run well in SP or scenarios mode. when i load in dedicated server, the server start without errors but the client crashes. In the server log these errors are shown: Inconsistent item table on Slave connection. Item is missing or different item was loaded in its place. I don't know what could be wrong.
  13. pescadorrr

    Problem with Fog

    I could not discover the error, the ace weather was disabled, I think that since it was an old mission that needed to be updated in the editor, some old config must have remained in the sqm activating the ace weather or forcing it in some way. The funny thing is that the previous versions of this mission work perfectly. I think the only solution I see is to copy all the map objects and paste them in a new mission, I don't feel like fighting with the sqm config. Thanks for replying, I'm a big fan of your work.
  14. Is there some kind of bug in the Bis_fnc_dynamictext command where sometimes it works perfectly on a black screen, either using titleText or BIS_fnc_blackOut / blackIn, and other times the message doesn't come out? On the occasions when the message does not appear, I hit the escape button to remove the black background and the text is reproducing perfectly, however it is covered by the black background. I can't figure out the reason, I've tried different rscLayer but I can't find the reason because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't found the error either on the forum. Sorry for my english!😖
  15. pescadorrr

    Project: Psykers!

    I created a misión TVT . There some Bugs and problems un MP: -The giants dont move. -the dog spawn attached a player visible inverted. Only see the legs. -a script error ocurrs with Ace with the telepath. The scripts are very fun 😋 The players dont know how to use, https://youtu.be/bOXNRFC8lYk the players did not know very well how to use the scripts, I dont stay there to explain it to them. I hope it can serve as feedback.