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  1. I have the same question.
  2. pescadorr

    Error when bundle a scenario.

    Yes. Everything is supposedly well configured. It works fine but I get that error. I'm bored of having bug after bug breaking my head and I've decided not to use the workbench anymore. I only find problems and more problems and can't find the solution anywhere. it's a pity.
  3. this error appears in the log when bundle a scenario: i dont know how to fixed, I seem to be missing some module but I don't know which one. I think I have loaded the modules that are necessary:
  4. In a script that I found on the internet it shows this code: Print("Faction Manager not found!!", LogLevel.ERROR); I guess you would have to change the log level to the one you want. The log is LogLevel.NORMAL I hope it works for you
  5. Hello everyone, does anyone know of a "gamemode" that configures the game as arma 3, like coop missions, that is, with roles to be chosen by the players at the beginning of the mission, with the playable units placed on the map, etc. I'm looking and haven't found anything. At first I thought that the community would take a short time to make a prefab with this type of "gamemode" that would imitate the operation in part of arma 3. I think that this gamemode would be essential to encourage the creation of missions and make people assiduous to missions arma 3 coop switch to reforger.
  6. I'm unable to log into the workbench with my bohemia account. Someone else is having this problem? If i delete all data and reinstall the tools, workbench appears automatically logged in, I guess with the associated steam account, I'm not sure. But if i try to load a project, its imposible login in my account.
  7. The tool crash all the time, when you open anything, editing a asset, etc, it's very unstable.
  8. pescadorr

    Unable to bundle a proyect

    Thanks for the answer, i tried but it does not work in any directory. What I can do? Can you delete the project in workshop and upload it again updated? This problem is quite frustrating.
  9. I cant bundle a proyect to update in workshop, the error are: DEFAULT : Creating bundle... DEFAULT (E): The specified working dir cannot be used. Please choose a different one. RESOURCES (E): Creating bundle failed It does not matter where I put the project that does not work, right now I had it in this directory: C:\Users\pesca\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforgerWorkbench\addons