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  1. Hey everyone. First off, amazing mod. I was wondering if anyone could help me a little bit. I only have ACE, CBA_A3 loaded along with IFA_AIO_A3, the all in one version, and CUP Terrains Core. I keep getting error: Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_CAMP_Armory_Misc_Concrete_Wall' requires addon 'CAMP_Armory_Misc' It's probably something simple but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wulfle

    ACE 3 Explosive jammer

    Interesting. Might use this for my group. Anyway try creating an "off" action and apply this. [{ params ["_unit", "_range", "_explosive", "_fuzeTime", "_triggerItem"]; if (_triggerItem == "ace_cellphone") exitWith { systemChat "Unblocking Cell Phone"; false }; // always block cell phones if (_triggerItem == "ace_m26_clacker") exitWith { _range = _range / 0; private _actualRange = _unit distance _explosive; systemChat format ["Jammer Disabled", _actualRange toFixed 1, _range toFixed 1]; //Don't know if this is needed or if it can be cut. (_actualRange < _range) // return bool }; // allow anything else (like timers / wired clackers) true }] call ace_explosives_fnc_addDetonateHandler; Anyway, I don't have a lot of knowledge of systemchat but I assume that it's the chat menu. Please feel free to correct me. Knowledge is power yo!
  3. Hey VQ. Super cool mod. I was wondering if I'd be able to help with anything here like code or models? Would you be able to tell us what you would need to make a new bomb type?
  4. I've got a warning message on the server that says "Warning Message: Addon 'addon_one' requires addon 'Addon_two" Obviously that's not the real name of the mods but it's a work in progress. I was just wondering if there is any way to straight up by-pass the error messages and force the server to start.
  5. Wulfle

    ASOR Vehicle Selector

    Any chance of getting the autonomous units working?
  6. _Player was supposed to be the local value that is executed client-side. Anyway, it doesn't matter now because you fixed it and I could kiss you! I'm not sure that RemoveAllWeapons works on UAV drones but I have this that is called when the drone becomes alive.
  7. @HazJ A typo?.... ... ... Oh my god... I forgot that sqf doesn't view == and isEqualTo as the same thing! Thank you muchly but I'm still having issues with it. I'll tinker a little more but here is what I have so far. Also, it's throwing the error "Error:If. Type String, expected Bool."
  8. @HazJ Oh, I've alredy gotten to the point that I can attach the launcher to the drone. That's not the problem. The problem is that I cannot seem to get the script to take away the players launcher and give it to the drone.
  9. Interesting problem I know. It probably is something quite simple but I can't figure it out. Now, I'm fairly new to scripting (about six months) so I'm not 100% sure what I should do. The basic premise is that the player has a UAV with an M136 launcher on it. The drone then fires that launcher. Got that part down. I've even got it so that the drone rearms when it goes back to "Home". Now, what I'd like to do is to have the players rearm it in the field. They can have a launcher on their back, bring the drone to them and then attach the launcher onto the drone. The drone has a new launcher and the player looses theirs. Here is the code that I have so far. I know that it must be very simple but any help is very much welcome in advance. For you're consideration, I'm using ACE, CBA, RHS (All four modules) and more quality of life mods. Nothing that would effect scripting in any way.
  10. Posted in wrong thread. Please delete.
  11. That's alright then. Thank you so much for this script!
  12. @beno_83au Not a problem! I love this! The fact that this is just a script blows me away! I was actually wondering if it would be possible to extend this functionality to projected grenades? Any further bug-testing you need, I'll be happy to provide!
  13. For some reason, I cannot lower the range after it has been set. Everything else works great and this adds an extra layer of realism to this game.