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  1. No problem, I will update and push the updated mod keys and sigs to Steam Workshop first thing.
  2. Need to post your config
  3. swtx

    Can't launch

    Sounds like the A3.exe is corrupt. Open Steam go to Library and right click on Arma 3 and select properties. From properties select local files and check file integrity and game files. Steam will check the integrity of the A3.exe and re-download what is missing or corrupt.
  4. swtx

    Arma lags too much, pelase help

    Get you a good solid state HD and follow the guide above and your problems will go away. Scott out!
  5. swtx

    Arma lags too much, pelase help

    What kind of HD do you have? Need the brand and whether it's mechanical (7200 RPM) or Solid State.
  6. swtx

    Arma lags too much, pelase help

    It's more than likely your HD. If you are running a mechanical HD I would strongly urge you to upgrade to a Solid State HD. That will eliminate that lag problem. Whats happing is, A3 is outrunning your mechanical HD. Basically, it can't keep up. Try this guide to increase your FPS and overall game performance. It's the best one out there. Be sure to follow the Nvidia guide in the description to get the most out of your card.
  7. This will get you started. https://www.gameservers.com/game_servers/arma3.php
  8. swtx

    Struggle to get over 60fps

    You need to optimize your settings. Follow this guide including and the link in the description to get the most out of your PC.
  9. Glad you got it! Happy gaming :) Scott Out!
  10. Strange... Are you overclocking either your CPU or GPU or both? Even if you are not overclocking, I would uninstall A3 and reinstall the game and all mods. Not quite sure why you are getting an FPS drop in all games though. In my mind, it seems like it would be temperature related or caused by a heat damaged CPU or GPU. Truthfully, problems like this are very hard to diagnose. Scott
  11. I want you to try this for me. With your computer running @ the win 10 desktop, slap the side of the case with the back of your hand kinda hard. If your PC reboots then your motherboard needs to be replaced. It could be overheating. Try monitoring your CPU temps with Intel Extreme Tuning utility. make sure your temps aren't running high. Use the utility to run a benchmark test and see if it reboots while running the program. Could be as simple as a bad motherboard or you may need to add a really good CPU thermal paste between the CPU and the heat sink. Scott Out!
  12. swtx


    Go to My Documents, Arma 3 and open Arma3.cfg with notepad and change the default settings to the ones below. refresh=240; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; See if that helps
  13. swtx


    No, that is not the reason at all. You need to optimize your settings. Follow this guide, it's the best on the topic. Be sure to follow the Nvidia guide in the description as well. I'm running a 4GB Nvidia card and I get 60 -80 FPS with these settings.
  14. swtx

    Undefined Base Class in config.cpp

    it's a bracket issue. You will need to use a program like Notepad ++ or Visual Studio Code to match up your brackets all the way down the config to make sure you either have enough closing brackets for major class or if you have too many. It's a very big config so it's going to be tedious and take some time. Need to check bracket pairs all the way down. Hope this helps