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  1. Inna Woods


    "Just turn down the realism"
  2. Inna Woods


    No ones forcing you to turn up your view distance, its a limit, not mandatory.
  3. Inna Woods


    *For official servers
  4. Inna Woods


    Suggestion to turn off the fog / increase view distance?
  5. heres a few i managed to upload on pastebin https://pastebin.com/UY1Sw8Yn, https://pastebin.com/5ykFp8Bg https://pastebin.com/jwYF6jCq
  6. My game has been constantly crashing for weeks at random, with these 2 errors happening every single time. Dont know how to read these logs so I cant find the issue. where can I upload the logs? I dont see a way to do it here